Hero of the Kingdom II: Fishing Village, Castaway Beach, Mill

Our Hero of the Kingdom II Walkthrough is loaded with helpful information and screen shots to guide you through the quest of a lifetime in this exciting adventure game including detailed information on where to find all your important quest items! Hurry, your sister needs you!

Fishing Village

Help Sevrin
  • 3 bundles of branches on ground (sleep as needed)
  • Deliver fishing tools to Buselin at the beach
Help Fabien
  • Repair nets
Sister wants shells for necklace
  • 4 shells in Fishing Village
  • 6 shells in Castaway Beach
  • Return to sister
  • Wait and return again for the necklace
Buy from the merchant
  • Sell all the crabs
Help Miller's Wife
  • Go to the mill
  • Talk to the miller twice
Help after pirate attack
  • Talk to merchant
  • Repair store
  • Check on injured men; need two healing potions
  • Go to Medicaster on Castaway Beach
  • Return and give healing potion to two men
  • Talk to merchant
Find treasure in Fishing Village
  • Fish off the shipwreck to get the map
  • Open crate near cave by the Mill to get a shovel
  • Dig at x on the island near the fishing village


Castaway Beach

Learn to fish
  • Need 1 flour and 15 fame first
  • Return when you have the items
  • Buy fishing rod and extra dry flies
Learn to crab
  • Talk to Buselin's wife
  • Pick up two crabs on beach
  • Pick up the rest of the crabs on the beach and fishing village
  • Later she will give you crab soup
Help odd man
  • Click a few times.  How can you help?
  • Give odd man the sun solution when you get it
  • Return when you have found the clothes in the crate near the Wizard's Tower
  • He will now become your friend too (also there is a new crate in the water near the shipwreck)
Help Haquin
  • Pick up 4 crates
  • Return
  • Pick up barrels and crates
Medicaster needs 3 healing berries
  • There are two healing berries by the mill and another by the fishing village
  • Baskets in barrel in Fishing Village
  • Return with berries
  • Receive Sun Solution
  • You can now make healing potions from 1 healing berries and 1 honey flower
Check out cave near beach
  • There is a torch in the mill cave in crate
  • There is a crocodile to kill later after you get past the mercenary stronghold
  • and several items to pick up
  • Kill crocodile
  • Pick up goodies
  • Go up the stairs and kill a snake
  • Open chest 
  • Go upstairs and you are at the mill
Find Treasure in Castaway Beach
  • Pick up a treasure map in the sewers
  • Dig at the X



Help the Miller
  • Find 5 grain on the ground
  • Go into cave
  • Talk to Miller
  • Return to cave; you can fight or give 5 fish
  • After learning to fish, return with fish
  • Return to miller
  • Process one bag of grain to flour
Deliver fish to the baker
  • Talk to old man in fishing village
  • Go to baker
  • Go back to fishing village 
Clear way to farm
  • Talk to baker
  • Talk to troll who wants 25 bread
  • Finish helping miller with grain
  • Trade 2 flour for 10 bread
  • Buy the rest of the bread (sell crabs and fish to get the money)
Help laborer
  • Needs hammer and 4 wood
  • Pick up two piles of wood
  • Return to laborer; he gives you five edible mushrooms
Learn to mushroom
  • Talk to landowner; you might need extra fame to interact with him
  • Sell him your mushrooms
  • He wants 12 more
  • Find 3 patches of mushrooms and return
  • You can now sell mushrooms to him (but only sell the edible mushrooms)
Help miller's wife
  • She needs a sickle
  • Open a crate at Wizard's Tower
  • Return with the sickle 
  • SHe will teach you how to gather herbs plus she will buy them
  • You do not want to sell any back to her
Fishing Village
Hero of the Kingdom II Fishing Village
Castaway Beach
Hero of the Kingdom II Castaway Beach
Hero of the Kingdom II Mill
Castaway Beach Cave
Hero of the Kingdom II Castaway Beach Cave
Mill Cave
Hero of the Kingdom II Mill CaveMill