Hero of the Kingdom II: Lonely Island, Salamander Village, Volcano

Our Hero of the Kingdom II Walkthrough is loaded with helpful information and screen shots to guide you through the quest of a lifetime in this exciting adventure game including detailed information on where to find all your important quest items! Hurry, your sister needs you!


Lonely Island
  • After giving Percy's wife the letter, return to Percy at Forbidden Coast
  • He tells you of a treasure buried on Lonely Island
  • Dig up treasure where the wood cross is in the same
  • Return to his wife in the slum
  • Examine watch tower
  • Hobson needs 180 fame, 5 bread, 5 meat, 2 health ptoions
  • Talk to him to continue
  • Later return with telescope; you need to go to the Wizard's Tower where you will need to collect
  • Rim of Duty, 8 sapphires, 4 leaf of friendship, 4 royal pearls
  • Talk to King and then repair the sapphire mine
  • Return to Wizard's Tower to repair the crown
Travel on to Black Isle
  • Need 2 sails, 4 ropes, 10 bread, 10 meat, 8 water, 5 healing potions


Crab soup
  • You can make crab soup with 1 crab, 2 eggs, 1 bowl
  • Wants Gold Armor
  • Triangle stone in water near crab soup lady
  • Another in front of chief
  • Round stone in cave near volcano
  • Last behind the guard (try picking it up)
  • Click on ruins (needs 2 stone balls and 2 stone triangles)
  • Enter ruins and kill 3 snakes
  • Pick up one treasure and open one locked chest
  • Repair elevator with 1 hammer, 1 oil, 4 strength and click
  • Need one torch to see
  • Click on 3 pedastals
  • Receive the Golden Armor and return to Cyprian
  • Speak with Chief. 
  • Need 200 fame, 2 treasures, 1 spear
Leaf of Friendship (last one)
  • Dig up Ancient Ruins 
  • Wants necklace (in the water at the stern of the ship)
  • Needs Imp's Horn
  • Go up
  • Fight imp
  • Need 2 mercenaries, sabre, shield, 1 water, 2 healing potions, 15 strength
  • Return imp horn and get last crown part


Imp's Horn
  • Fight the imp
  • 2 mercenaries, sabre, shield, water, 2 health potions, 15 strength
  • Enter cave, kill snake, and pick up stone ball
  • Kill imp to get a horn
  • Return to village

Hero of the Kingdom II Lonely Island



Hero of the Kingdom II Salamander Village



Hero of the Kingdom II Volcano



Hero of the Kingdom II Volcano Cave