Hero of the Kingdom II: Trecila Village, Jeopardy Cliff, Hidden Lagoon

Our Hero of the Kingdom II Walkthrough is loaded with helpful information and screen shots to guide you through the quest of a lifetime in this exciting adventure game including detailed information on where to find all your important quest items! Hurry, your sister needs you!


  • Wants Dark Star from Hidden Lagoon
  • Go to Lagoon and rest
  • Kill the crocodile
  • 3 mercenaries, spear, poison, 3 healing ptions, 15 strength
  • (Go kill the crocodile at Castaway Beach if you haven't already)
  • Enter cave
  • Examine pile of junk and pick lock
  • Return to Baron with Dark Star
Stock Keeper
  • Wants 12 rum
  • Wants 3 bread, 3 meat
  • Find brother Gaude
  • You'll find him later
Local Merchant
  • Needs 4 knives, 5 rope, 3 barrels, 2 fishing rods, 10 dry flies
Fisherman Reginald
  • Wants 12 gold starfish (random, and sometimes you won't find them all until later in the game)
  • Return and you'll be able to collect pearls

Reginalds' Wife

  • Needs 2 juicy berries
  • You can rest for 15 gold for 15 strength
  • Talk to him
  • You can go to Lonely Island
  • Later he wants you to repair the sapphire Mine
Fight the Baron and his gang
  • 5 mercenaries, 3 soldiers, 8 healing poitions, sabre, 12 strength



  • Talk with Fisherman Fabien
  • Pick up 3 wood
  • Make camp and sleep
  • Fish with net 3 times
  • Open barrel for torch
  • Kill 2 spiders
  • Search in mine
  • Build the raft 
  • Poor Fabien
  • Return to square with King's daughter
Repair Sapphire mine
  • Kill spider
  • 2 mercenaries, spear, shield, 2 torches, 2 healting ptoions, 15 strength
  • Repair mine
  • 2 workers, hammer, saw, 2 boards, 2 nails, 10 strength
  • 3 workers, shovel, hammer, saw, 3 boards, 3 nails, 2 rope, 10 strength
  • After repairing, return to Mayor and then return to Jeopardy Cliff
  • Need 4 mercenaris, 10 torch, 6 picks, 6 shovels
  • Buy one sapphire only


  • Speak to ghost 3 times; he wants to be buried
  • There is a monk in the Square; go get him and return
  • Give monk to 2 ale
  • Bury bones
  • Return monk to cemetery
Trecila Village
Hero of the Kingdom II Trecila Village
Jeopardy Cliff
Hero of the Kingdom II Jeopardy Cliff
Hidden Lagoon
Hero of the Kingdom II Hidden Lagoon
Trecila Village Cave
Hero of the Kingdom II Trecila Village Cave
Hidden Lagoon Cave
Hero of the Kingdom II Hidden Lagoon Cave