Hero of the Kingdom II: Farm, Wizard's Tower, City Docks

Our Hero of the Kingdom II Walkthrough is loaded with helpful information and screen shots to guide you through the quest of a lifetime in this exciting adventure game including detailed information on where to find all your important quest items! Hurry, your sister needs you!


Help Farmwife Rose 
  • Find her missing daughter on the rock near the camp
  • Sleep at the camp and you'll get a rope
  • Return to woman
  • Saw wood for farmer
  • Need saw and 6 strength
  • Farmwife now wants you to kill a wolf
  • Need a dagger and strength; receive a wolf pelt
  • Repair the roof; need a friend, hammer, wood, 4 hay, 10 strength
Help the peasant and son
  • Talk to son
  • Click on 7 hay bales and return
  • Talk to peasant who needs help; return when you have 30 strength
  • You are given 3 grain and you can buy grain and hay
  • Buy a couple hay
  • Talk to son and he becomes your friend
  • Return in a bit and there will be a hole in the field; 
  • you need a rope (which you can buy in the Fishing Village or...)
  • Enter the hole
  • You will find magic mushrooms (very important) and a snake you can't fight yet
  • Return when you have a shield
Charitable gifts (for more fame)
  • Monk at shrine
  • 5 gold
  • 1 bread
  • 1 meat

Wizard's Tower

Enter the city
  • You need 55 fame
  • You can earn 54 fame and then the other guard can be bribed with 30 gold for 5 fame
  • Get the money by selling fish, crabs, brown mushrooms, and/or  bread

City Docks

Build Ship to Get to Trecila Village 
  • Return to docks and talk to the officer
  • He needs 100 gold
  • Then he needs an Official concesion from the king
  • Go to the square and try to talk with the king; return when you have 90 fame
  • Return with concession
  • Need officer, needs shipbuilder, 10 workesr, 4 carpenters
  • Speak to the Carpenter who needs to find 3 sons (One near cemetetery talking to girl, one at the square at table, another next to jeweller in the square)
  • Shipbuilder wants 120 gold
  • Carpenter 140 gold
  • THEN 8 boards, 4 nails, 4 ropes, 3 saws, 3 axes, 3 hammers
  • You can visit the king to get 1200 gold to help with expenses
  • THEN 12 boards, 8 nails, 4 ropes
  • THEN 16 boards, 12 nails, 4 rope, 120 gold
  • THEN 10 cannons, 6 sails, 15 ropes, 6 oil
  • Then need crew 5 friends, 5 workers
  • Then need 20 cannonballs, 2 gunpowder, 5 healing potions, 10 bread, 10 meat, 8 water
  • Return to king and return to Docks
  • Speak with Turquan
Make 2 gunpowder
  • Talk to the Alchemist (need 140 fame)
  • 2 empty barrels, 1 sulfur (next door), 1 charcoal, 3 manure (at the farm), 25 gold
Find 10 cannons
  • Speak with the Dock Officer
  • Return to shipwreck at Castaway Bay and examine ship
  • Return to shipwreck at Forbidden Coast and examine ship
  • Receive a letter for the Percy's wife
  • Go to slum and give the letter
  • Go to Mercenary Stronghold and speak to stock seller who wants 12 meet for a cannon
  • Then return to City Docks
  • Speak to the Docks Officer and receive the last 2 cannons


Hero of the Kingdom II Farm
Wizard's Tower
Hero of the Kingdom II Wizard Tower
City Docks
Hero of the Kingdom II City Docks
Sewers 1
Hero of the Kingdom II Sewers 1
Sewers 2
Hero of the Kingdom II Sewers 2
Sewers 3
Hero of the Kingdom II Sewers 3