Hero of the Kingdom II: Square, Cemetery, Slum

Our Hero of the Kingdom II Walkthrough is loaded with helpful information and screen shots to guide you through the quest of a lifetime in this exciting adventure game including detailed information on where to find all your important quest items! Hurry, your sister needs you!


Lady in green dress wants her green fan
  • You will find it in the 2nd screen of the sewers
  • Find the green fan on the ground as you enter the second sewer section
Barfly needs a couple rounds of drinks
  • Buy from merchant and return (twice)
  • He tells you about Trecila Village
Citizen wants silver goblet back
  • You will get it after you learn to pick locks
Cook wants a barrel of fish
  • Go to Wizard's Tower and talk to fisherman who needs 12 dry flies
  • Go to fishing village and purchase
  • Return with flies and receive fish
  • Return to cook and you can now sell food
Monk in square wants a beer
  • Remember he's here when you need to perform a funeral


Kill three zombies in the cemetery
  • Do this after you clear the sewers to save some money
Fix merchant's cart in cemetery
  • Return when you have 1 hammer, 1 nail, 1 board, 6 strength
  • Receive a wolf's pelt
Help Felisia (behind the church)
  • Find the earl just in side the gates at the Wizard's Tower
  • Return to Felisia
  • Find her ring on the ground (see image)
  • Return to the earl
Help the priest in the church 
  • Need 100 fame and sun solution (buy at the square)
  • Meet the priest in the catacombs
  • Need a mace, poison, and strength to kill the necromancer plus snake and spider
  • You can make poison in the West Forest
  • After killing the necromancer, return to the church and the priest will give you some magic 
Magic potion.
  • You can buy the potion from the priest, but you should be able to find enough magic mushrooms to make enough for your needs
  • Go to the basement and make magic potion
Help the smuggler's in their hideaway
  • Clear the sewers of the zombies and return Mark's brother
  • You will need a mace and lots of magic potion 
  • You will need to help the priest first to get the magic potion
Remove zombies from the sewers
  • Enter the sewers from the docks
  • Kill snakes and then a big spider
  • You will need two mercenaries, spear, shield, 2 torches, 2 healing ptions, 15 strength
  • You can make healing potion at the beach
  • Also return to all dark areas and look for magic mushrooms, you'll need lots of them
  • Kill the spiders and go to the upstairs room for magic mushrooms and treasure
  • You will find Mark's brother past the first zombie; keep going
  • Find the green fan on the ground as you enter the second sewer section
  • Clear to the ladder and you can get into the square
  • Clear to the stairs and you will be up in the cemetery basement
  • Speak to Mark and to the Leader
  • Kill the spiders and snakes and go to the lower level of the sewers
  • Work your way through to the catacombs
  • Kill the 3 zombies in the cemetery
  • If you run out of mushrooms for magic potion, be sure you picked the locks in the first screen of the sewers
Learn to pick locks
  • You must kill all the sewer zombies first
  • Buy lock picks at the seller in the basement
  • You will receive a silver goblet to return to man in the square
  • Return to all the dark areas and even a few that aren't dark to look for locks to pick
Frightened woman wants her blue scarf
  • It is inside the cemetery on the ground



Boy wants hay
  • Buy 2 hay at the farm and return
Alba wants to find her husband; near the Forbidden Coast
  • Find a shoe on the cliff (right side) at the Forbidden Coast
  • Return to Alba in the Slum; she asks for you to search some more
  • Return to Forbidden Coast and examine the cave on the right
  • Go ahead and examine the other cave
  • You need two ropes and strength
  • In the left hole there is a snake for you to find and some goodies to pick up
  • Enter the right cave and find Alba's husband
  • Use a healing potion and pick up magic mushrooms and treasure (need a pick)
  • Return to Alba for reward
Fix the lighthouse
  • Fix the lighthouse with 2 workers, 2 ropes, 1 board, 2 stones, 1 hammer, 12 strength (twice)
  • Light the lighthouse for the ghost with ax, wood, oil, torch and 4 strength
  • Speak with the scared woman who gives you 2 crab soup (one can go for a donation)
Hero of the Kingdom II Square
Hero of the Kingdom II Cemetery
Hero of the Kingdom II Slum
Hero of the Kingdom II Catacombs