Hero of the Kingdom II: Mercenary Stronghold, West Forest, Forbidden Coast

Our Hero of the Kingdom II Walkthrough is loaded with helpful information and screen shots to guide you through the quest of a lifetime in this exciting adventure game including detailed information on where to find all your important quest items! Hurry, your sister needs you!


Help Humbert the hunter find his son
  • Buy a dagger to kill the wolf 
  • Enter the cave and exit
  • Enter through the well in the fort (need a rope)
  • talk to boy
  • Need a torch to check the rest of the cave out to pick up goodies
  • Talk to Humbert
  • You can now pick up eggs


Learn to hunt in the West Forest
  • Brent will teach you to hunt when you have 80 fame and 3 wolf skins
  • 1.  One at the farm
  • 2.  Wolf outside of cave at mercenary stronghold
  • 3.  Reward for fixing cart in the cemetary
  • Return; you now need bow and arrows, which you can buy to the right
Increase production at the sawmill
  • Need 2 workers, saw, hammer, 2 nails, 2 boards, 10 strength
  • Workers are available to hire in the slum
  • After fixing, foreman wants a sawblade
  • Talk to the blacksmith in the stronghold
  • He needs his tools; one set is along the lower side of the path to the right of the signpost above the rocks.
  • The other set is in the slum just above the lamppost at the top right
  • Receive the sawblade and return to the foreman
  • You can now make a board out of one wood rather than two
Help the Woodcutter
  • Return with a saw and 10 strength
  • Later he wants you to find the gold medallion
  • To open the cave, learn to hunt and then talk to Norbert the hunter who wants two ale (from the square)
  • Return and the cave will open (plus you can now make poison, which you can sell in the church basement)
  • Enter the cave and kill 3 spiders plus pick up goodies
  • Return to the woodcutter and then talk to the woodseller, who will sell wood much cheaper



Help young adventurer find his sabre
  • Give him yours
  • Kill the snake by the pool later and you will find it
Check out the hole in the ground at the Forbidden Coast
Treasure buried in the sand

Mercenary Stronghold

Hero of the Kingdom II Mercenary Stronghold


West Forest

Hero of the Kingdom II West Forest


Forbidden Coast

Hero of the Kingdom II Forbidden Coast


Mercenary Stronghold Cave

Hero of the Kingdom II Mercenary Stronghold Cave


West Forest Cave

Hero of the Kingdom II West Forest Cave


Forbidden Coast Caves

Hero of the Kingdom II Forbidden Coast Caves