Surface: The Soaring City: Chapter Three: Welcome to the Soaring City

Allow our Surface: The Soaring City Walkthrough to be your companion as you race to save your kidnapped brother. It’s been years since you and your little brother, Jeremy, have been able to see each other, so when he invites you to attend an airshow where he’ll be unveiling his self-proclaimed greatest invention it’s the perfect excuse for a reunion. Instead of a happy meeting, though, you find tragedy when you discover Jeremy has been kidnapped. Use our insider tips, step-by-step instructions, and custom screenshots to help you uncover who has kidnapped Jeremy and why.


  • Use the hamster to cut through the ropes.
  • Collect the bulb.
  • Examine the flame; click the lever.
  • Collect the piece of cloth.
  • Examine the head; collect the skeleton hand.
  • Go forward.

Traffic Light

  • Examine the traffic light.
  • Remove the broken bulb using the piece of cloth.
  • Replace the bulb.
  • Examine the poster; click it.
  • Collect the doll dress and the 1/ 3 part of an amulet.
  • Go forward.


  • Examine the pipe.
  • Collect the cutting pliers.
  • Move down one time.


  • Examine the pipe.
  • Use the cutting pliers to cut the wires.
  • Collect the pipe blocker.
  • Go forward.


  • Examine the pipe.
  • Place the pipe blocker into the gap.
  • Examine the skeleton.
  • Attach the skeleton hand to the skeleton.
  • Collect the dagger and the stone eye.
  • Read the note.
  • Move down one time.


  • Examine the net.
  • Use the dagger to cut the net and collect it.
  • You will automatically collect the stone ear.
  • Go forward.


  • Examine the propeller.
  • Cast the net at the propeller.
  • Collect the clock face and the emergency mallet.
  • Play the hidden objects area.

Hidden Object Area 1

  • Collect the doll dress from the inventory; place it onto the doll.
  • Collect the dressed doll.
  • Collect the crank from the inventory; place it into the slot.
  • Collect the apple and the amulet piece.
  • Collect the2 /3 part of an amulet.
  • Move down one time.


  • Examine the clock.
  • Place down the clock face.
  • Click the clock hands to display 11:55; collect the spring.
  • Go forward.


  • Examine the machine; insert the spring into the niche.
  • Collect the manual propeller.
  • Move down two times.


  • Examine the lamp; hold the manual propeller next to it.
  • Shatter the glass using the emergency mallet.
  • Collect the 3/ 3 part of an amulet.
  • Go forward.


  • Examine the door.
  • Insert the 3 parts of an amulet; collect the shield.
  • Collect the stone nose.
  • Move down one time.


  • Examine the head.
  • Insert the stone eye, the stone ear and the stone nose into the niches.
  • Collect the diamond.
  • Go forward.

Diamond Door

  • Examine the door.
  • Place the diamond down to delay the mechanism.
  • A mini-game will be triggered.
  • To solve the puzzle move the gears to create rows and columns of 3 or more groups of similar gears.
  • Do this until the ball reaches the top of the bar.
  • Go forward.


  • Examine the wagon; collect the weight.
  • Examine the sack; collect the soap.
  • Open the sack; collect the grain.
  • Examine the weights; place down the weight.


  • Place down the grain; collect the brass feather.
  • Examine the electric trapdoor.
  • Place down the brass feather to trigger a mini game.
  • To solve this puzzle click the suns in the following order:
    • A: 1x
    • B: 2x’s
    • C: 1x
  • Move down.


  • Examine the grid; collect the test tube.
  • Examine the statue.
  • Hold down the test tube.
  • Collect the test tube with acid.
  • Examine the hamster and collect the folder.
  • Collect the knife blade underneath the folder.
  • Move down once.


  • Examine the wagon.
  • Use the knife to cut the free glove; collect the glove.
  • Examine the gate.
  • Use the test tube with acid to remove the rust from the lock.
  • Go forward.


  • Examine the vehicle.
  • Collect the pack of nuts and the 1/ 4 spark plug.
  • Go forward.