Surface: The Soaring City: Chapter Six: Entering the Palace

Allow our Surface: The Soaring City Walkthrough to be your companion as you race to save your kidnapped brother. It’s been years since you and your little brother, Jeremy, have been able to see each other, so when he invites you to attend an airshow where he’ll be unveiling his self-proclaimed greatest invention it’s the perfect excuse for a reunion. Instead of a happy meeting, though, you find tragedy when you discover Jeremy has been kidnapped. Use our insider tips, step-by-step instructions, and custom screenshots to help you uncover who has kidnapped Jeremy and why.


  • Shoot the net pistol toward the guard.



  • Examine the window; collect the chisel.
  • Examine the fountain; place the chisel down and collect the sculptor’s set.
  • Examine Ivanhoe.
  • Collect the Ivanhoe butterfly, the radio and the hand key.



  • Examine the statue.
  • Use the sculptor’s set to remove the plaster.
  • Insert the hand key into the lock; collect the ancient hammer.
  • Examine the gate.
  • Remove the bolt using the ancient hammer.
  • Go into the ballroom.



  • Examine the table.
  • Collect the mallet, the piano key and the balloon.
  • Go into the conference hall.



  • Examine the archives.
  • Collect the photo fragment and the film.
  • Read the book.
  • Move down two times.



  • Examine the fountain.
  • Clean the faucet using the brush.
  • Place the balloon into the water; collect the water balloon.
  • Move forward.



  • Throw the water balloon at the piano.
  • Examine the piano.
  • Collect the 2/ 2 copper dog handle and the hex wrench.
  • Go forward.



  • Examine the TV.
  • Place the hex wrench into the slots; collect the hat badge.
  • Examine the stand; insert the hat badge into the slot.
  • Place down the 2 dog copper handles and collect the rapier.
  • Move down once.



  • Examine the tapestry.
  • Use the rapier to remove the tapestry.
  • A mini-game will trigger.
  • To solve this puzzle, click and drag the pieces to create a picture.
  • Collect the throne room key.



  • Examine the door; insert the throne room key.
  • Go into the throne room.



  • Examine the shelf.
  • Collect the fuse and the ladder rung.
  • Move down once and go forward.


TV Set

  • Examine the TV.
  • Remove the broken diode; insert the fuse.
  • A mini-game will trigger.
  • To solve this puzzle connect the crystals in the order (A-H).
  • Place the film into the slot.
  • Collect the battery.
  • Move down two times.



  • Examine Ivanhoe; place the batteries into the slot.
  • Collect the shocker.
  • Go forward and turn left.



  • Examine the stairs.
  • Overcharge the device by using the shocker.
  • Examine the throne.
  • Read the letter and insert the locket into the slot.
  • Collect the remote control.



  • Pull down the cradle using the remote control.
  • Move down twice.



  • Examine the window.
  • Attach the ladder rung to the ladder; collect the ladder.
  • Go forward.



  • Place the ladder down.
  • Examine the balcony; collect the diaper.
  • Go left.



  • Examine the cradle.
  • Place the diaper on wind; collect Wind.



  • Give Wind to the woman.



  • Examine the table; collect the bomb.
  • Throw the bomb at Thunder.



  • Examine Thunder.
  • Collect the city medallion and the airplane wing.
  • Play the hidden objects area.


Hidden Object Area 1

  • Collect the airplane wing from the inventory.
  • Place it onto the plane; collect the plane.
  • Collect the photo half from the inventory.
  • Place it with the other photo half; collect the photo.
  • Collect the parachute.



  • Examine the window.
  • Give Chester the parachute.
  • Go forward.