Surface: The Soaring City: Chapter Eight: The View Near Jeremy’s Tower

Allow our Surface: The Soaring City Walkthrough to be your companion as you race to save your kidnapped brother. It’s been years since you and your little brother, Jeremy, have been able to see each other, so when he invites you to attend an airshow where he’ll be unveiling his self-proclaimed greatest invention it’s the perfect excuse for a reunion. Instead of a happy meeting, though, you find tragedy when you discover Jeremy has been kidnapped. Use our insider tips, step-by-step instructions, and custom screenshots to help you uncover who has kidnapped Jeremy and why.


  • Examine the fireplace; collect the wrench.
  • Examine the grid; collect the 1 /3 weather vanes.
  • Read the note.
  • Move down four times.


  • Examine the pipe.
  • Use the wrench to remove the weather vane.
  • Collect the 2/ 3 weather vanes and the cross.
  • Go forward four times.


  • Examine the drain; insert the cross.
  • Read the note.
  • Collect the 3 /3 weather vanes.


  • Examine the window; insert the 3 weather vanes.
  • A mini-game will trigger.
  • To solve the puzzle click the weather vanes as follows: B – C – D – E – D – C – E.
  • Go forward.


  • Examine the fishing gear; collect the palette knife.
  • Move down two times.


  • Examine the poster.
  • Use the palette knife to dislodge the brick.
  • Collect the brick and the star.
  • Go forward two times.


  • Examine the chest.
  • Read the note.
  • Place the brick on top of the lock.
  • A mini-game will trigger.
  • To solve this puzzle move the symbols around so they all relate to the tool category.
  • Read the note.
  • Collect the valve wheel and the 1/ 2 mirror.
  • Play the hidden objects area.


  • Collect the star from the inventory.
  • Place it into the constellation and collect the Ursa Minor.
  • Collect the compressor gauge.
  • Move down three times.


  • Examine the elevator.
  • Insert the valve wheel; click the valve.
  • Go into the elevator and go down.


  • Examine the device.
  • Replace the broken compressor; collect the coin and the captain’s badge.
  • Move down once.


  • Examine the vending machine and insert the coin.
  • Collect the chewing gum.
  • Go into the elevator and go down.


  • Examine the device; cover the hole using the gum.
  • Click the handle.


  • Examine the panel; collect the belt.
  • Read the note.
  • Move down once and go forward twice.


  • Examine the grid.
  • Attach the belt to the mechanism.
  • Place the bolt into the pitchfork and collect the pitchfork.
  • Collect the jar of flowers.
  • Move down four times and go left.


  • Examine the bush.
  • Use the pitchfork to remove the hay.
  • Collect the claw and the hook.
  • Move down once, go through the gate and go forward four times.


  • Examine the robot.
  • Place down Ivanhoe the butterfly and the claw; collect the robot.
  • Move down three times and go down the elevator.

old robot

  • Switch the old robot with the new robot.
  • Examine the right compartment; collect the spring.
  • Examine the left compartment; remove the spring and insert the new spring.
  • Collect the reel.
  • Move down once and go forward three times.


  • Examine the fishing gear.
  • Attach the hook and the reel.
  • Collect the fishing rod.
  • Move down four times.


  • Examine the abyss.
  • Use the fishing rod to get the umbrella.
  • Go forward and go down the elevator.


  • Insert the umbrella.
  • Examine the control panel; place the joy stick down.
  • A mini-game will trigger.

Robot Puzzle

  • Guide the robot to the illuminated icons to solve this puzzle.

Robot 2

  • Examine the robot; collect the emerald.
  • Examine the left compartment; place down the emerald.
  • Examine the right compartment; place down the jar of flowers.
  • Examine the panel; click the button.
  • Collect the throttle lever.
  • Move down one time.


  • Examine the lift; place the throttle lever down.
  • Click the lever.


  • Examine the cabinet; insert the captain’s badge.
  • Click the buttons (1-5); collect the pedal.


  • Examine the bin; place down the pedal.
  • Click the pedal and collect the screwdriver.
  • Examine the mirror.
  • Use the screwdriver to remove the screws.
  • Collect the 2/ 2 mirrors.
  • Move down once, go to the dome and go forward.

Paper Bag

  • Examine the fireplace.
  • Place the paper bag down.
  • Collect the ashes.
  • Move down two times and move to the Wheelhouse.


  • Examine the security system.
  • Place the ashes down and the 2 mirrors.
  • Go forward.


  • Examine the control panel; click the key.


  • Examine the device; collect the tesla coil.
  • Examine the machine; insert the tesla coil.
  • A mini-game will trigger.


  • Click the shapes to reveal the picture.
  • Solve as shown.


  • Examine the steering wheel.
  • Insert the city medallion.
  • Click the medallion; collect the key.
  • Examine the machine; insert the key and click it.