Surface: The Soaring City: Chapter One: Into Jeremy’s House

Allow our Surface: The Soaring City Walkthrough to be your companion as you race to save your kidnapped brother. It’s been years since you and your little brother, Jeremy, have been able to see each other, so when he invites you to attend an airshow where he’ll be unveiling his self-proclaimed greatest invention it’s the perfect excuse for a reunion. Instead of a happy meeting, though, you find tragedy when you discover Jeremy has been kidnapped. Use our insider tips, step-by-step instructions, and custom screenshots to help you uncover who has kidnapped Jeremy and why.


  • Examine the drain; collect the handle.
  • Examine the trapdoor; collect the 1 /2 bolt.
  • Examine the mailbox; collect the pruners.
  • Examine the vines.
  • Cut the vines using the pruners; collect the flower.
  • Play the hidden objects area.


  • Place the flower from your inventory into the vase; collect the vase with flower.
  • Collect the mailbox key.


  • Examine the mailbox; insert the mailbox key and click it one time.
  • Collect the 2 /2 bolt.
  • Open the present.
  • Collect the screwdriver.
  • Examine the trapdoor.
  • Place the handle down; insert the 2 bolts and use the screwdriver to tighten them.
  • Click the trapdoor; collect the 1/ 4 bird.
  • Collect the gear.


  • Examine the door; insert the gear.
  • Go forward.


  • Examine the shelf; collect the 2 /4 bird and the bottle of water.
  • Look at the photo.
  • Examine the floor; collect the pinwheel and the leaf decoration.


  • Examine the drawer; collect the letter.
  • Move down once.

Bottled Water

  • Examine the drain.
  • Pour the bottle of water down the drain.
  • Collect the wooden detail.
  • Move ahead.


  • Examine the chest; insert the wooden detail.
  • A mini- game will trigger.
  • To solve switch the puzzle parts to create the correct picture.
  • Collect the duster and remove the saw blade.


  • Examine the drawer.
  • Use the duster to clear the cobwebs.
  • Insert the leaf decoration into the niche.
  • Read the newspaper.
  • Click the leaves as follows: Left – Up – Down –Right.
  • Collect the saw blade and the 3 / 4 bird.
  • Examine the chest.
  • Attach the saw blade and handle; collect the saw.
  • Move down once time.


  • Examine the mailbox.
  • Use the saw to cut the wooden beam.
  • Collect the chain.
  • Go forward.


  • Examine the panel.
  • Attach the chain and the hook.
  • A mini-game will trigger.
  • To solve, click and drag the icons to the correct height.
  • Go into the backyard.

Solar Panel

  • Examine the solar panel; collect the rubber band.
  • Examine the wheel; collect the wheel.
  • Examine the swing; collect the compass leg and the wet sponge.
  • Read the book.
  • Examine the coat; collect the little wings.
  • Click the piece of coat.
  • Move down once.


  • Examine the shelf.
  • Attach the compass leg to the other half of the compass.
  • Collect the compass.
  • Move to the backyard.


  • Examine the coat; insert the compass into the slot.
  • Collect the 4 /4 bird.
  • Open and read the note.
  • Examine the solar panel.
  • Use the wet sponge to clean the solar panel.
  • Move down once.


  • Examine the floor.
  • Insert the 4 birds and the little wings.
  • Examine the floating island.
  • Attach the rubber band and the switch; collect the clamp.
  • Move to the backyard.


  • Examine the fence.
  • Attach the clamp to the wires.
  • Examine the solar panel; click the lever.


  • Examine the motorcycle.
  • Collect the spade and read the note.
  • Move down two times.


  • Examine the trapdoor.
  • Use the spade to remove the sand.
  • Collect the cocktail umbrellas and the seat.
  • Go to the backyard.


  • Examine the motorcycle.
  • Place down the wheel and the seat.
  • Start the motorcycle to leave this area.