Surface: The Soaring City: Bonus Chapter

Allow our Surface: The Soaring City Walkthrough to be your companion as you race to save your kidnapped brother. It’s been years since you and your little brother, Jeremy, have been able to see each other, so when he invites you to attend an airshow where he’ll be unveiling his self-proclaimed greatest invention it’s the perfect excuse for a reunion. Instead of a happy meeting, though, you find tragedy when you discover Jeremy has been kidnapped. Use our insider tips, step-by-step instructions, and custom screenshots to help you uncover who has kidnapped Jeremy and why.


  • Examine the chest; collect the solvent.
  • Examine the monitor; collect Jeremy’s glasses.
  • Examine the table; pour the solvent onto the glue.
  • Collect the button and the medallion.
  • Read the note.

Chest Slot

  • Examine the chest; insert the medallion.
  • Click the chest open and read the note; play the mini-game.
  • Move the balls into the color matched cells to solve this game.
  • Place down Jeremy’s glasses.
  • Collect the access card.


  • Examine the monitor; insert the access card.
  • Go forward.


  • Examine the drill; collect the plaster flower.
  • Examine the tool box; collect the rake.
  • Read the note.
  • Go forward.


  • Examine the sand; collect the bulb.
  • Read the note.
  • Examine the stretcher; collect the lifesaver’s badge.
  • Examine the lantern; collect the can opener.
  • Move down two times.


  • Examine the table.
  • Open the can using the can opener.
  • Collect the fish.
  • Go forward.
  • Play the hidden objects area.


  • Collect the fish form the inventory; give it to the kitten.
  • Collect the sleeping kitten.
  • Collect the button form the inventory; place it onto the teddy.
  • Collect the teddy bear.
  • Collect the bulb from the inventory; place it onto the garland.
  • Collect the garland.
  • Collect the wind-up key.
  • Move down one time.


  • Examine the vehicle; insert the lifesaver’s badge.
  • Open the box and collect the disk saw.
  • Go forward two times.


  • Examine the sand.
  • Rake the sand.
  • Collect the handle.
  • Move down once.


  • Examine the toolbox; attach the disk saw, the wind-up key and the handle with the broken saw.
  • Click the key; collect the saw disk.
  • Go forward.


  • Examine the lantern.
  • Use the saw disk to cut the metal bar.
  • Go forward.


  • Examine the bag; collect the picture.
  • Collect Jeremy’s signet, the rocket and the grindstone.
  • Examine the roots; collect the lever.
  • Examine the door; insert Jeremy’s signet.
  • Play the mini-game.

Button Game

  • Solve this puzzle by using this pattern:
    • A: 3 x’s
    • B: 1 x
  • Move to the ruined part of the city.
  • Bonus-14-Grindstone
  • Examine the box; place down the grindstone.
  • Use it to sharpen the axe; collect the axe.
  • Collect the watering can.
  • Go forward.


  • Examine the table; collect the cork.
  • Read the newspaper.
  • Examine the front of the car; collect the sad mask.
  • Move down two times.


  • Examine the roots.
  • Use the axe to remove the roots.
  • Collect the spade.
  • Move down two times.

Drill 2

  • Examine the drill.
  • Use the spade to dig out the drill.
  • Collect the drill.
  • Go forward two times.


  • Examine the machine.
  • Place down the drill, the lever and the cork.
  • Click the lever.
  • Go into the cave.


  • Examine the oven; collect the gear half.
  • Examine the door; collect the plunger.
  • Examine the chamber; collect the yin.
  • Move down one time and go left.
  • Play the hidden objects area.


  • Collect the plunger from the inventory; collect the arrow using it.
  • Collect the yin from the inventory; place it into the amulet.
  • Collect the yin-yang amulet.
  • Collect the plaster flower from the inventory; insert it into the slot and collect the shell.
  • Collect the arrow.
  • Move down one time and go into the cave.


  • Examine the chamber; place the arrow down.
  • Click the arrow; a mini-game will trigger.
  • Guide the balls into the holes (1-7).
  • Click the arrow.
  • Move down one time.

Watering Can

  • Examine the statue.
  • Place the watering can under the water; collect the watering can with water.
  • Collect the crate handle.
  • Examine the backpack.
  • Read the note.
  • Collect the hoisting jack handle and the bandage.
  • Examine Jeremy.
  • Read the note.
  • Collect the hard hat.
  • Move down two times, go left and move forward.

Car back

  • Examine the back of the car.
  • Attach the hoisting jack handle to the jack; collect the hoisting jack.
  • Move down once.


  • Examine the crate; place the crate handle onto it.
  • Collect the bell and the staples.
  • Move down four times.


  • Examine the table.
  • Place the staples into the stapler; collect the stapler.
  • Go forward.


  • Examine the dark cave.
  • Place down the hard hat; collect the machete handle.
  • Go forward two times, go into the cave and go down.


  • Examine Jeremy; place down the hoisting jack.
  • Use the jack to dislodge the big rock.
  • Attach the machete handle and the blade; collect the machete.
  • Move down one time.


  • Examine the door; insert the bell.
  • Click the button.
  • Go into the emerald mine.


  • Examine the emeralds; collect the boards.
  • Examine the desk.
  • Attach the gear halves and collect the gear.
  • Collect the feather duster.
  • Collect the rope ladder.
  • Read the book.
  • Move down and go down to Jeremy.


  • Examine Jeremy.
  • Use the boards to fix his leg along with the bandage.
  • Move down five times.


  • Use the machete to cut out a piece of cloth.
  • Collect the cloth.
  • Go forward two times.


  • Examine the stretcher; place down the cloth.
  • Use the stapler to fix the cloth; collect the stretcher.
  • Go forward, go into the cave and go down.


  • Examine Jeremy; place him onto the stretcher.
  • Collect Jeremy.
  • Move down five times.


  • Examine the vehicle; place Jeremy down.
  • Collect the key.
  • Go forward three times. Go into the cave and go down.


  • Examine the box; insert the key.
  • Collect the iron fist.
  • Move down once and go into the emerald mine.


  • Examine the grinding machine.
  • Read the journal.
  • Place the gear and the iron fist down.
  • Play the mini-game.


  • Click the fist until it stops inside the green bar.

Rope Ladder

  • Place down the rope ladder.
  • Move down.


  • Examine the box.
  • Read the note.
  • Collect the crystal record.
  • Examine the runes; collect the brush.


  • Examine the gramophone.
  • Use the feather duster to remove the shards.
  • Place the crystal record down and click the lever.
  • Collect the scales badge.
  • Examine the box; insert the scales badge.
  • Collect the pearl, the ruby, the crown and the royal banner.
  • Move down five times.


  • Examine the small cave; insert the pearl.
  • Collect the 1/ 4 statuettes.
  • Go forward two times.


  • Examine the roots; insert the royal banner.
  • Collect the 2 /4 statuettes.
  • Go into the cave and go down.


  • Examine the backpack; insert the crown.
  • Collect the 3/ 4 statuettes.
  • Move down one time, go into the emerald mine.


  • Examine the desk; insert the ruby.
  • Collect the 4/ 4 statuettes.
  • Move down the ladder.


  • Examine the table; place down the 4 statuettes.
  • Play the mini-game.
  • Arrange the figures to defeat all the enemies at one time to solve this puzzle.


  • Examine the device; collect the spear and the flask.
  • Move down three times.

Small Door

  • Examine the small door.
  • Open the door using the spear.
  • Move upstairs.

Pruner Part

  • Collect the pruner’s part and the pickax.
  • Move down one time and go down.


  • Examine the statue; connect the pruner’s parts.
  • Collect the pruners.
  • Move down and go upstairs.


  • Examine the flowers.
  • Collect the flat ball.
  • Water the flowers using the watering can with water.
  • Use the pruners to cut the flowers.
  • Collect the flowers and the pan lid.
  • Play the hidden objects area.


  • Collect the pan lid from the inventory; place it onto the pan.
  • Collect the pan with lid.
  • Collect the sad mask from the inventory.
  • Place it next to the happiness mask; collect the theatre masks.
  • Collect the brush from the inventory; use it to clean the teapot.
  • Collect the clean teapot.
  • Collect the pan.
  • Move down once and go down.


  • Examine the statue.
  • Place the pan beneath the water; collect the pan with water.
  • Move down once and go into the emerald mine.


  • Examine the emeralds.
  • Break the emeralds using the pickax.
  • Collect the emeralds.
  • Move down two times and go forward twice.


  • Examine the table.
  • Place the emeralds into the coffee grinder.
  • Collect the ground emeralds.
  • Move down two times and go into the cave.


  • Examine the oven; place the pan down.
  • Place the flowers and the ground emeralds into the pan.
  • Place the flask into the pan; collect the solution.
  • Move to the stabilizer.


  • Examine the device; pour the solution into the funnel.


  • Examine the stone; collect the book and the battery.
  • Move down three times and move upstairs.


  • Examine the gate; place the battery down.
  • Collect the blowtorch.
  • Move down two times go left and move forward.

Car Front

  • Examine the car front.
  • Open the hood using the blowtorch.
  • Collect the pump.
  • Move to the keeper’s hall.

Flat Ball

  • Examine the rune stones.
  • Place the flat ball into the crack.
  • Inflate the ball using the pump.
  • Place the rocket into the flare gun; collect the flare gun, the bowling ball and the hammer.
  • Move down three times and go left.


  • Place the bowling ball into the catapult.
  • Examine the panel to access a mini-game.

Bowl Game

  • Hit the bell with the bowling ball three times to solve this game.


  • Examine the bell; collect the bell.
  • Move to the stabilizer.


  • Place the bell down and hit it with the hammer.
  • Shoot the flare gun towards the core.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Surface: The Soaring City Collector’s Edition!