Plants vs. Zombies HD: Zombies in Plants vs. Zombies

Our Plants Vs. Zombies Walkthrough is the essential almanac for raising zombie fighting flora that can withstand the hordes attacking your home. We've made sure to include everything the budding zombie fighter will need including detailed information on the types of plants and zombies you'll encounter as well as videos and strategies for each and every level.


Zombie--Takes 10 shots of peas to kill; dies over 3 squares with single shots being fired
Flag Zombie--Takes 10 shots of peas to kill; leads each wave of zombies; moves faster than a regular zombie. 
Conehead Zombie--Takes 28 shots, drops cone at 10 shots left to go, drops in 3 squares with double shots
Pole Vaulting Zombie--Takes 17 shots, runs fast and jumps over first plant and then slows down.  Hint: Plant something cheap for him to jump over if you have nothing or only one plant between him and your first shooting plant.
Buckethead Zombie--Takes 65 normal damage shots
Newspaper Zombie--Take 10 shots to take down; will run fast after 5 shots when he loses his newspaper
Screen Door Zombie--The screen door is his shield. Only a Fume-Shroom will penetrate through it or you can get rid of the screen door with a Magnet-Shroom.
Football Zombie--Super fast and resilient with helmet; the Helmet can take 70 peas.  Remove the helmet with a Magnet-Shroom.
Dancing Zombie--Takes 17 shots of peas to kill; spawns 4 Backup Dancers and will continue to do so as they die off. 
Backup Dancer--Takes 10 shots to kill.
Ducky Tube Zombie--Appears in the pool; takes 10 shots to kill those without hats, 28 shots for coneheads, and kelp heads are the strongest. 
Snorkel Zombie--Appears in the pool; takes 10 shots to kill but it won't get hit until it stops to eat a plant
Zomboni--Lays out ice on which you then can't plant, followed by 4 bobsled zombies sliding in.  Hint:  You want to knock it out as soon as possible, using an instant kill like Squash, Jalapeno, or later SpikeWeed.
Zombie Bobsled Team--Four zombies slide in on a bobsled to the end of the ice path; each takes 10 shots to kill.
Dolphin Rider Zombie--Jumps over the first plant, like Pole Vaulter; Tangle Kelp will pull it under before it jumps.
Jack-in-the-Box Zombie--Takes 17 shots; will explode and kill all the plants in the area.
Balloon Zombie--Floats above everything; shoot down with Cactus or Cattail and then hit with 10 shots unless he is over water, in which he'll drown.  Also can be blown away by Blover; you can hear the sound of a balloon blowing up off in the fog.
Digger Zombie--Tunnels under all the plants, pops up at the end and eats the plants from left to right; you can get it with a Split Pea but why not just use an instant kill (Squash, etc)after he eats the 1st Sun plant.  Prevent tunneling with a Magnet-shroom. 
Pogo Zombie--Takes 17 shots but it hops over all the plants.  Stop with a Tall-Nut or taking his pogo away with a Magnet-shroom; kill with an instant kill or Chomper.
Bungee Zombie--Drops down from sky either taking a plant or leaving a zombie.  You will see a target where it's going to drop.  It pauses for a moment and you can get him with a Chomper or instant kill; but it's easier to replant
Ladder Zombie--Takes 42 damage; moves quickly and until it uses the ladder (over Wall-Nut, Tall-Nut, or Pumpkin), then normal speed. Magnet-shroom will take away the ladder.  Leave behind the ladder for others to go over.  
Catapult Zombie--Damages plants in the back row; kill with instant kill plants including Squash.
Gargantuar--Need to hit with 2 instant kills.  I use Squash first and then Jalapeno if available.  He will throw the Imp after first kill.  Smashes everything in it's path, but Squash.
Imp--Thrown into your plants in the same lane by Gargantuar; he is weak and fast. He does a lot of damage because he's thrown past the first line of defense.  Using Jalapeno works well after he is thrown because it gets both Imp and Gargantuar.
Dr. Zomboss--Boss battle zombie on level 5-10.  Visit the walkthrough for that level for more information.
Zombie Yeti--First found on level 4-10 playing the 2nd time through.