Plants vs. Zombies HD: Puzzles

Our Plants Vs. Zombies Walkthrough is the essential almanac for raising zombie fighting flora that can withstand the hordes attacking your home. We've made sure to include everything the budding zombie fighter will need including detailed information on the types of plants and zombies you'll encounter as well as videos and strategies for each and every level.

Vasebreaker Puzzles


Check out Level 4-5 video. This is just one wave.

To the Left

You have left shooting plants so plant them to the right

Third Vase

There is a Dancing Zombie in this level along with left-shooting plants.

Chain Reaaction

Lots of Jack in the Box Zombies which give you more plants

M is for Metal

Football Zombies and Bucket Zombies on this level.  You will get a few Magnets.

Scary Potter

There are a few Threepeaters so leave room for those.  Football and Polevaulting Zombies.

Hokey Pokey

No shooters on this level.  You will get Squash, Wall-Nuts, and Spikeweed.  Plant Wall-Nuts in 2nd column and Spikeweed just to the right

Another Chain Reaction

Jack in the Box and Pogo Zombies


I, Zombie

Use regular zombies in rows with sunflowers and squash only AND rows where only one peashooter is in the first or second square

Regular for rows where squash is in the first or second square

Use Buckethead for rows with two regular peashooters anywhere

Use Football zombie for rows with Snowpeas or more than 3 shooters


I, Zombie Too

Use Screendoors for double snowpeas

Buckets for rows with 2 spikeweeds or 3 shooters


Can You Dig It?

Regular zombies for Potato Mines in first square or second square after a sunflower if only one pea shooter behind

Buckets for everything else

Digger only if you have a row with more than 3 shooters oand no split peas