Plants vs. Zombies HD: Mini Games

Our Plants Vs. Zombies Walkthrough is the essential almanac for raising zombie fighting flora that can withstand the hordes attacking your home. We've made sure to include everything the budding zombie fighter will need including detailed information on the types of plants and zombies you'll encounter as well as videos and strategies for each and every level.

Mini-Games on the iPad are purchased with 50,000 coins. On the PC/Mac, they are unlocked as you progress through the game.

Here in the order presented on the iPad are your Mini Games:


Slot Machine

  • Each pull of the slot machine costs 25 sun
  • Leave the left column for Sunflowers and start planting
  • You can stop pulling when you have 5-6 Sunflowers and 3 columns of shooters



  • The goal is collect 1000 sun to buy the gold trophy
  • You feed the zombies brains which cost 5 sun
  • They turn green when they get hungry
  • Buy a total of 6
  • At 1000 sun, buy the trophy


Portal Combat

  • At the start the Portals to the right will receive any shots and send them through the portals to the left
  • Place two shooters of any type in those rows and then place two shooters in the other three rows
  • Drop down Wall-nuts in the 5th column or so
  • You will get a warning that the portals are relocating so be ready with a Cherry Bomb if need be.
  • At some points, some of the zombies will start coming through portals and those on the far left are very susceptible because there aren't enough shooters to get them before they get to the far left
  • You need a cactus in each lane; hold one back in case the portals shift in a way that you need to dig up and replant a cactus to pop a Balloon zombie


Beghouled Twist

  • Plants will be twisted in a clockwise direction
  • Just keep clicking on them


Wall-Nut Bowling

  • Shoot for money
  • Save those Explode-a-Nuts for emergencies
  • Wait until you see a second column of zombies so you can maximize your rebound for coins



  • This version is very fast
  • Use the potato mines, grave buster, and freeze shroom and go crazy
  • You can you 3 middle fingers


Big Trouble, Little Zombie

  • Plant peashooters to the left and wall-nuts in the middle
  • Save Cherry Bombs until the zombies are bunched up behind a Wall-Nut



  • This is not timed, so take it slow and easy.
  • The green vases have plants in them
  • Break the right-most column and plant in the rows where zombies occur
  • Three waves


Buttered Popcorn

  • Only on iPad
  • The corn cobs are huge bombs; they will cover 9 squares like Cherry Bombs
  • Center them in the lanes next to the pool
  • Drop butter on heads by touching them to slow them down
  • Better yet, rub your finger continually down right side of the screen
  • Shoot as the first crosses the second square and aim for just past the front edge



  • Your zombies have peashooters and wall-nuts for heads!
  • Wall-nuts will block their shots
  • Choose:  Sunflower, Peashooter, Snow Pea, Wall-nut, squash, Chomper, Jalapeno
  • Plant first column of sunflowers
  • Plant Squash for first zombie
  • Plant Wall-nuts in the 5th column as they come up
  • Plant 2 columns of peashooter
  • Plant chompers behind the wall-nuts
  • Plant extra columns of wall-nuts
  • Dig up peashooters and plant snow peas


It's Raining Seeds

  • This is very similar to a conveyor except the plant will go away after a bit and you don't have to plant if you do not want



  • The zombies are invisible.
  • You can tell they are coming from where the shots stop
  • Use the Ice Shroom to really see where they are
  • You can see splashes in the water when a ducky zombie jumps in
  • You can see them chew on Wall-Nuts


Seeing Stars

  • You need to plant stars in the star shapes
  • Start at the left and work to the right
  • Plants:  Starfruit, Sunflower, Peashooter, Wall-Nut, Squash, Potato Mine, Jalapeno, Cherry Bomb, Pumpkin
  • Plant a column of Sunflowers
  • Plant a Potato Mine for the first zombie
  • Plant a Peashooter in all but the middle row
  • Plant Wall-Nuts or Pumpkins to protect the Starfruits.  You can plant Pumpkins only on Starfruit locations.
  • Plant all the Startfruits
  • Use instant kills if needed.


Column Like You See Them

  • Each plant selected will fill a whole column
  • Plant Melon-pults at the left and
  • In this level there is no shame in letting the Roof Cleaners finish off the final wave
  • Plant the Potato Mine in column 4
  • Plant Tall-Nut in column 7
  • Plant Magnet-shroom and Coffee Bean in column 6
  • Hold onto squash for emergencies
  • Plant Pumpkins over Magnets
  • Keep 5th column open for Jalapenos or Squash
  • Plant first 3 columsn with melons
  • Plant chompers after potato mines detonate



Bobsled Bonanza

Buy Cattails and Spikerocks before trying to win this level

Plants:  Sunflower, Wall-Nut, Spikerock, Spikeweed, Jalapeno, Squash, Lily Pad, Cherry Bomb, Cattail

  1. Plant 4 Sunflowers in the grass rows
  2. Plant Potato Mines at the end of an ice row
  3. Use Squash for 1st Zombonis
  4. Use Jalapenos will destroy the ice tracks
  5. Plant a Lily Pad and then Cattail
  6. At the beginning of any empty grass rows (all grass), plant Spikeweed and then Spikerock
  7. Place Wall-nuts to the right of the Sunflowers, in the 4th column to the right of the Cattail, and at the far left in the empty pool row
  8. Plant 2 more cattails as you can
  9. Your optimal goal is to get 2 sunflowers, 1 Wall-Nut to the left and 1 Spikerock to the right in each grass row; 3 cattails, and 1-2 Wall-nuts in one pool row, 1 wall-nut to the far right in the empty pool row.
  10. Spikerocks will go bad after a while so plant more Spikeweeds and upgrade to Spikerocks in the next column to the left.  You might want to end up with 3 columns of Spikeweeds with as many Spikerocks as you can.
  11. Reinforce wall-nuts as needed


Zombie Nimble, Zombie Quick

Buy Wall-Nut First Aid

Plants:  Sunflower, Cattail, Wall-Nut, Tall-Nut, Jalapeno, Squash, Lily Pad, Potato Mine, Cattail

  • These level is played in what feels like double time
  • Plant 6 - 8 Sunflowers
  • While planting everything else, plant 5 cattails.
  • Plant Potato Mines in the 3rd column
  • Plant 2 columns of Wall-nuts and Tall-nuts, using Tall-nuts as much as possible
  • This goes crazy at the end.


Last Stand

Wait on this one until you have Gloom-shroom and Magnet-shrooms

Plants:  Lily pad, Pumpkin, Coffee Bean, Magnet, Gold Magnet, Marigold, Fume Shroom, Gloom-shroom, Garlic

  • Plant as pictured below.  
  • Plant everything before you start.  You will have to wait for plants to recharge if you plant during an onslaught.
  • Note that the Magnet does not need a Coffee Bean to wake up; the Gold Magnet will do it.
  • This is a hands-free way of making lots of coins. (between 8,000 and 10,000)
  • During 1st onslaught, place Pumpkin over the most endangered Marigold
  • Before 2nd onslaught, place Pumpkin over the righ most Marigolds 
  • Before 3rd and subsequent onslaughts, dig up and replace Garlic.  Place Pumpkins over the Marigolds just to the left of the rightmost ones.


Zombotary 2

See ZombotanyWall-nut Bowling 2

Tall-Nuts destroy a whole lane.


Pogo Party

Wait until you get the imitator.


Dr. Zomboss's Revenge

Same as Level 5-10.