Plants vs. Zombies HD: Plants in Plants vs. Zombies

Our Plants Vs. Zombies Walkthrough is the essential almanac for raising zombie fighting flora that can withstand the hordes attacking your home. We've made sure to include everything the budding zombie fighter will need including detailed information on the types of plants and zombies you'll encounter as well as videos and strategies for each and every level.


Image Name Sun



Peashooter 100 Normal Standard against which all others are measured Fast


50 None Provides 25 sun Fast
Cherry Bomb 150 High Instant kill of all zombies in 1 square radius (9 squares); single use. Very Slow

Wall-Nut 50 None Impedes forward progress of zombies.  Takes 72 bites.  Pole Vaulter, Dolphin Rider, Pogo, and Ladder Zombies can get over it. Slow
Potato Mine 25 High Single use; delayed action while arming (takes 3 squares of regular Zombie walking); detonates when zombie crosses.  Hint: Use for first zombie before you get the rake and to get Pole Vaulters to jump. Slow
Snow Pea 175 Normal Slows zombies down to half speed (except Zomboni, Screen Door, and Ladder zombies) Fast
Chomper 150 High Eats one zombie, can reach out to 2nd square (around Wall-Nuts); vulnerable to eating by zombies while chewing. Fast
Repeater 200 Medium Fires 2 regular peas at a time; twice the damage but twice the cost. Fast
Puff-Shroom 0 Normal Night mushroom; only shoots over 3 squares Fast
Sun-Shroom 25 None Night mushroom; starts out giving 15 sun and works up to 25.  Fast
Fume-Shroom 75 Normal Night mushroom; delivers 1 damage for every zombie within 4 squares in row; only non-catapult or non-instant-kill that kills Screen Door zombie. Fast
Grave Buster 75 None Removes grave but can be eaten Fast
Hypno-Shroom 75 None Night mushroom; When eaten zombie turns back and kills other zombies whilt still taking hits Slow
Scaredy-Shroom 25  Normal Night mushroom; normal shots; hides when zombie is within 2 squares Fast
Ice-Shroom 75 None Night mushroom; instantly freezes all zombies on screen for 4 shots and then 1/2 speed for a bit longer; singlue use Very slow
Doom-Shroom 125 High Night mushroom; instant kill of all zombies in 2 square radius (25 squares); single use; leaves crater which you can't plant over; single use Very slow
Lily Pad 25  None Place to plant in the water Fast
Squash 50 High Jumps on and kills zombie that is within one square in the row; single use Slow
Threepeater 325 Normal Shoots one pea down 3 rows Fast
Tangle Kelp 25 High Water plant; pulls down and kills zombie it touches; single use Slow
Jalapeno 125 High Kills every zombie in a row; single use Very slow
Spikeweed 100 Normal Zombie takes 5 normal damage over 2 Spikeweeds; mutual destruction on contact for Zomboni and Spikeweed Fast
Torchwood 175 Normal Peas in the lane are doubled in strength as they pass through. Fast
Tall-Nut 125 None Tougher than Wall-Nut; cannot be vaulted or jumped over; Ladder Zombies can use ladder to climb over. Slow
Sea-Shroom Free Normal Night mushroom; water plant;  only shoots over 3 squares Slow
Cactus 125 Normal Shoots thorns and rises up to shoot down air targets, like Balloon  Zombie Fast
Plantern 25 None Night plant; lights up one side of lawn; can be eaten Slow
Blover 100 None Blows away fog temporarily and Balloon Zombies Fast
Split Pea 125 Normal/
Shoots one pea forward and two peas backwards Fast
Pumpkin 125 None Plant around plant to protect it from being eaten Slow
Starfruit 125 Normal Shoots in 5 directions but not down lane it is planted it. shoots when zombies are within  Fast
Magnet-Shroom 100 None Night mushroom; removes buckets, helmets, Digger Zombie's tool Slow
Cabbage-Pult 100 Normal Roof plant; delivers 2 damage by air at half speed Fast
Flower Pot 25 None Roof plant; pots to place plants on the roof levels. Fast
Kernel-Pult 100


Roof plants: Kernels deliver 1 damage at half speed; butter delivers 2 damage at half speed plus freezes zombie for a bit Fast
Coffee Bean 75 None Planted over a mushroom in daytime so the mushroom will wake up; in day levels, it must be selected before you can choose a mushroom Fast
Garlic 50 None Upon eating, zombie will switch lanes Fast
Umbrella Leaf 100 None Roof plant; protects plants in 1 square radius from being picked up by Bungee Zombies Fast
Marigold 50 None Gives coins Slow
Melon-Pult 300 Double Watermelons deliver double damage (4 times a pea per melon but at half-rate) and damages zombies around the hit zombie Fast
Gatling Pea 250 Four X Planted over a Repeater, it will shoot 4 peas at a time Very slow
Twin Sunflower 150 None Planted over a Sunflower, it doubles sun production Very slow
Gloom Shroom 150 Four X Planted over a Fumeshroom; it shoots fumes 4 at a time in a 1 square radius Very slow
Cattail 225 Double Water plant; shoots spikes at double speed; shoots into any lane and downs Balloon Zombies Very slow
Winter Melon 200 Four X Planted over a Melon-Pult; delivers double damage (4 times a pea per melon but at half-rate) and freezes zombies close by Very slow
Gold Magnet 50 None Planted over a Magnet-shroom; it collects coins and diamonds for you. Very slow
Spikerock 125 High Planted over a Spikeweed; does 5 attacks over 1 square to regular zombie; Zomboni won't destroy (until 9th one) Very slow
Cob Cannon 500 High Planted over 2 Kernel-pults in the same lane; aim and shoot into any row for damage in 9 squares; takes over 30 seconds to recharge Very slow
Imitater -- -- Selecting the Imitater will allow you to choose a ghost image of another plant so you can plant twice as fast; only one per level can be used --