Plants vs. Zombies HD: General Information and Hints

Our Plants Vs. Zombies Walkthrough is the essential almanac for raising zombie fighting flora that can withstand the hordes attacking your home. We've made sure to include everything the budding zombie fighter will need including detailed information on the types of plants and zombies you'll encounter as well as videos and strategies for each and every level.

Welcome to the Plants vs. Zombies Walkthrough.  The iPad version of PvZ is essentially identical to the PC/Mac version.  Therefore if you came here but are playing on a computer, you're in luck.  We'll point out the few differences as we provide all the information you'll need to complete the game with videos and step-by-step instructions for the Adventure mode plus information for the Mini-Games and Puzzles. 

On your tombstone there are several gameplay options.  

Adventure Mode:  50 levels of fun!  Adventure mode is exactly the same on both platforms.  

After the tutorial, you will choose which plants you wish to have available. You will be shown which zombies you will be encountering so that you can choose wisely.

At the left end of the lanes, you have a lawnmower.  The first zombie will set it off and the mower will destroy all the zombies in that lane (or row). If this occurs, you have no defense from any other zombies entering your house. On the pool and roof levels, you will be given the opportunity to purchase cleaners for the same purpose, as lawn mowers do not work in water or on roofs!

On the bottom right is a progress bar.  Note the red flags. These indicate huge waves of zombies so you can be prepared. The progress bar will not show until the first zombie starts out. The game gives you enough time to plant a few times before they come. Also the level usually starts out only with regular zombies and just a few at first.

Peashooters (of all types) only hit the first zombie in the lane, such that the other zombies are protected.  

More Ways to Play (HD) or Mini-Games (PC/Mac)

Mini-Games, Puzzles, and Survival Modes: These will be unlocked as you go along in the PC/Mac version. On the iPad, after the initial games are unlocked, you will need to use your coins to purchase the rest of them.  Note you can buy more coins for a modest amount.    

And those are the basics for playing Plants vs. Zombies. We wish you good luck and hope you enjoy our Plants vs. Zombies Walkthrough!