Mystery Of The Ancients: Curse of the Black Water: Chapter Six: Ancient God

Our Mystery of the Ancients Curse of the Black Water Walkthrough is overflowing with helpful tips, screenshots, and detailed game instructions to help you save the world from eternal darkness. When a team of archaeologists unearth an ancient beast of legend intent on the destruction of the world, it's up to you to discover the secrets of the island's darkening waters before it's too late.


  • Examine the steps at the feet of the statue
  • Pick up the STICK and SWORD



  • Back up and go in the ship
  • Examine the barrels on the left
  • Use the STICK on the crab
  • Pick up the SPIKE (1/2)
  • Examine the tied up obelisks
  • Use the SWORD
  • Pick up the CROWBAR



  • Back out and forward through the door
  • Examine the large clamshell to the right
  • Use the CROWBAR
  • Pick up the STAR
  • Back up and head into the ship
  • Examine the obelisk box
  • Place the STAR
  • Drag the ropes around so that none cross over
  • They will turn blue if they are uncrossed
  • Use the crystal to recharge it



  • Go back up into the boat
  • Use the crystal
  • Examine the bird cage
  • Pick up a SPIKE (2/2)
  • Go back and through the door
  • Use the crystal
  • Examine Poseidon's head
  • Place the 2 SPIKES
  • Listen to Poseidon
  • Examine the shell to the left
  • Pick up the KRAKEN'S HORN
  • Place the crystal in the POSEIDON'S TRIDENT



  • Head forward to battle the creature
  • Use the HORN
  • Go forward twice
  • You will automatically battle the Dagon to finish the game