Mystery Of The Ancients: Curse of the Black Water: Chapter Five: Last Step

Our Mystery of the Ancients Curse of the Black Water Walkthrough is overflowing with helpful tips, screenshots, and detailed game instructions to help you save the world from eternal darkness. When a team of archaeologists unearth an ancient beast of legend intent on the destruction of the world, it's up to you to discover the secrets of the island's darkening waters before it's too late.


  • Examine window to the right
  • Pick up WOODEN OCTOPUS (1/3) and RADIO DIAL


Radio House

  • Go forward twice into the house
  • Try to go up the stairs
  • Click on the wood                                 
  • Pick up WOODEN OCTOPUS (2/3)
  • Examine the radio
  • Pick up the CIRCULAR WOOD PIECE (1/2)
  • Place the RADIO DIAL
  • The goal here is to get up to 5
  • Turn on the radio
  • Twist the 2 knobs to the highest result
  • Flip the switches and keep those that go high on
  • Pick up the WIRE
  • Examine the map on the wall
  • Use the COAL to get a code


Outside House

  • Back up twice
  • Examine the window
  • Use the WIRE
  • Pick up the WOODEN EYE
  • Go forward
  • Examine the fence post to the left
  • Place the WOODEN EYE
  • Pick up STONE TOOTH


Door Puzzle

  • Back up once
  • Examine the carving over the door
  • Place the STONE TOOTH
  • Using the code from the map in the house, swap the teeth around


Mask Room

  • Head left through the door
  • Examine the red mask
  • Pick up the BRUSH
  • Examine the window
  • Pick up the EMPTY JAR and KING


HOS Magnet

  • Click on the curtain to the right
  • Do the hidden object scene
  • Quiver: Use the curtain tie on the curtain.
  • Yin and Yang: Click on the scroll
  • Treble clef: Use the tomahawk on the wall.
  • Receive the MAGNET


Radio Room

  • Back up and forward twice into the house
  • Examine the broken lantern to the left
  • Use the MAGNET
  • Receive the EARRING
  • Examine the spider web in the shelves
  • Use the BRUSH
  • Pick up the WOODEN RING


Map Room

  • Back up twice and go left
  • Examine the red mask
  • Place the EARRING
  • Pick up the KNIGHT
  • Examine the right mask
  • Place the WOODEN RING
  • Turn the outer ring to match the inner ring (three times)
  • Pick up the WIZARD


Figurine Puzzle

  • Examine the chest
  • Place the WIZARD, KNIGHT, and KING
  • Swap the figures around to match the rooms
  • Pick up the OCTOPUS


Entry Key

  • Head back once
  • Examine to the right of the door
  • Place the OCTOPUS
  • Pick up the KEY


Upstairs Window

  • Head forward twice
  • Examine the box on the stairs
  • Use the KEY
  • Pick up the SLING SHOT
  • Head back once
  • Examine the upstairs window
  • Use the SLING SHOT
  • Examine the window again
  • Pick up the MERMAID STATUE
  • Go back twice
  • Examine the window to the right
  • Place the MERMAID STATUE on the box
  • Click on the box
  • Pick up the STONE HORN



  • Head forward once
  • Examine the stone statue
  • Place the STONE HORN
  • Pick up the WOODEN OCTOPUS (3/3)
  • Examine the upstairs window


Octopus Puzzzle

  • Place the 3 WOODEN OCTOPI
  • Switch the disks around and then rotate them with the arrows to get them to match the background
  • Use the background colors to help
  • They will lock when they are in place
  • Pick up the ROPE
  • Back out


Rope Down

  • Examine the cliff
  • Use the ROPE on the branch
  • Go down
  • Examine the stone to the left
  • Pick up the FISH


Bridge Down

  • Back up twice and head left
  • Examine the window
  • Place the FISH
  • Back up once, go forward, and down the rope
  • Examine the stone to the left
  • Place the PUZZLE PIECES
  • Trade the pieces within in each circle to match up with the outsides and complete the picture
  • The bridge will go up


HOS Glass

  • Do the hidden object scene
  • Eclipse:  Place the moon on the sun
  • Handprint:  Click on the wooden beam
  • Ballerina:  Click on the lid of the cup
  • Receive the GLASS
  • Back up
  • Examine the upstairs window
  • Use the GLASS on the teddy bear
  • Pick up the BUTTON


Door Puzzle

  • Go down the rope again
  • Examine the far door
  • Place the BUTTON
  • Click on the gold bar and see what pictures drop down
  • Change the pictures above or below to match


Pirate Ship

  • Go through the door
  • Examine the well edge to the left
  • Examine the far door
  • Examine the box
  • Pick up the CANNON HANDLE



  • Examine the cannon
  • Place the CANNON HANDLE
  • Examine the center of the ship near the anchor
  • Place the EMPTY JAR down
  • Place the WOODEN CARVING in the jar
  • Receive the JAR WITH TERMITES
  • Back up 3 times and enter the house
  • Examine the boarded up window
  • Use the JAR with TERMITES
  • Pick up the HOOK



  • Return to the cannon area
  • Examine the well edge
  • Use the HOOK on the chain
  • Pick up the HOOK AND CHAIN
  • Examine the cannon
  • Place the HOOK and CHAIN in the cannon
  • The cannon will move and shoot on its own
  • Examine the stern and go up
  • Examine the chest
  • Pick up the KNOB
  • Examine the jar to the right
  • Pick up the HOOK
  • Place the KNOB on the drawer and click
  • Pick up DOMINO (2/3)
  • Examine the desk
  • Pick up the SKULL TOKEN



  • Go down back to the cannon
  • Examine the side of the ship
  • Use the HOOK
  • Pick up the DOMINO (3/3)
  • Examine the door and the box
  • Place the SKULL TOKEN
  • Pick up the RIFLE SCOPE


Domino Puzzle

  • Go back up
  • Examine the skull and crossbones
  • Place the 3 DOMINOES
  • Hint:  Place the double crystal domino on the right of the top square
  • Pick up the BULLETS
  • Examine the chest
  • Place the RIFLE SCOPE and BULLETS
  • Pick up the SNIPER RIFLE
  • Go to the cannon
  • Use the SNIPER RIFLE on the cargo net
  • Shoot the cannon at the barrels


HOS Shackle

  • Enter the side of the ship
  • Loaded crossbow:  Use arrow on crossbow
  • Pirate ship:  Use pirate flag on the ship
  • Plumed hat:  Use the feather on the hat
  • Receive the SHACKLES



  • Go back twice and up into the boat
  • Examine the shark skull
  • Use the SHACKLES
  • Pick up the OCTOPUS
  • Go back once and forward once
  • Examine the skeleton to the right
  • Click on the hand
  • Place the OCTOPUS
  • Turn each disk to match up the tentacles
  • Pick up the KEY


Captain Trident

  • Go back once and up
  • Examine the skeleton
  • Use the KEY on the container on its chest
  • Pick up the TRIDENT
  • Go back once and forward to the door
  • Use the TRIDENT
  • Enter the door to end the chapter