Mystery Of The Ancients: Curse of the Black Water: Chapter Four: Swamp of Sorrows

Our Mystery of the Ancients Curse of the Black Water Walkthrough is overflowing with helpful tips, screenshots, and detailed game instructions to help you save the world from eternal darkness. When a team of archaeologists unearth an ancient beast of legend intent on the destruction of the world, it's up to you to discover the secrets of the island's darkening waters before it's too late.

Secret Stair

  • Examine the first left alcove
  • Pick up the TORCH
  • Examine the second right alcove
  • Pick up the STEP
  • Examine the empty bracket at the bottom right
  • Pick up the HAMMER
  • Place the TORCH
  • Press the 4 torches in the proper order
  • Examine the door
  • You need to stop the stakes from touching the gear
  • If a stake touches it will move the gear back a little or a lot
  • Just keep clicking
  • Exit the door


HOS Matches

  • Do the hidden object scene in the far left corner
  • Blue water:  Use the blue powder on the jar
  • Coffee:  Use the razor on the bag
  • Gold:  Ue the sand on the pan
  • Receive MATCHES



  • Examine the pool
  • Pick up the WOODEN PUZZLE PIECE (1/2)
  • Examine the area under the steps
  • Click on the stones (3)
  • Pick up NAILS and METAL LIZARD (1/2)



  • Go forward
  • Pick up the LANTERN
  • Examine the tree
  • Place the STEP
  • Use the NAILS and HAMMER


 Tree Hole

  • Examine the hole in the tree
  • Place the LANTERN
  • Use the MATCHES
  • Pick up the HANDLE



  • Back up twice
  • Examine the door
  • Place the HANDLE
  • Go left
  • Examine shelves 
  • Pick up the TIN CAN
  • Examine the box to the left
  • Pick up the TWEEZERS
  • Examine the window to the left
  • Pick up METAL LIZARD (2/2)
  • Click on the pot top
  • Pick up SCREWS


 Secret Stair

  • Back up twice
  • Examine alcove on the right
  • Use the TWEEZERS
  • Pick up the WOODEN PUZZLE PIECE (2/2)


 Tree Puzzle

  • Go forward twice
  • Examine the tree hole
  • Swap the tiles to complete puzzle, noting the scratch marks
  • The tiles will darken when they are in the correct place
  • Use your crystal to recharge
  • Use the crystal outside; it will destroy the web


Swamp Statue

  • Go forward
  • Examine the back left statue
  • Place the METAL LIZARDS
  • Rotate the circles so that the stones in line with the lizards are the same color as the lizard
  • Pick up the WHIP


 Elevator Chain

  • Back up 3 times
  • Examine the pond
  • Use the WHIP
  • Pick up the BOLT CUTTER
  • Go right
  • Examine the elevator
  • Use the BOLT CUTTER
  • Go forward


 Furnance Room

  • Examine the floor
  • Pick up the WHEEL
  • Back up once
  • Examine the base of the ladder
  • Place the WHEEL
  • Click on the ladder
  • Examine the top
  • Pick up the HOE


 Swamp Pond

  • Back up once and forward twice
  • Examine the water
  • Use the TIN CAN and receive water
  • Examine the right side of the house
  • Use the TIN CAN and then the HOE
  • Pick up the SMALL KEY


 Furnace Puzzle

  • Back up twice and head left
  • Examine the tool chest
  • Use the SMALL KEY
  • Pick up the KNIFE SWITCH 
  • Head into the elevator
  • Examine the circuit breaker box
  • Use the KNIFE SWITCH
  • Examine the center
  • Use the two gold levers to adjust the water level in each tube
  • Left, +4, -3, -3, +4
  • Middle, +2, -3, +2, +2
  • Right, +3, -4, +3, -4, +3
  • Pick up the CIRCULAR SAW



  • Back up once
  • Examine the grate over the shelving
  • Use the CIRCULAR SAW
  • Pick up the SAW HANDLE 
  • Back up once and forward twice
  • Examine the tree stump
  • Use the SAW HANDLE on the blade
  • Use the SCREWS and the SCREWDRIVER
  • Pick up the SAW
  • Examine the door to the hut
  • Use the SAW


HOS Plank

  • Do the hidden object scene
  • Horseshoe:  Click on the stove door
  • Bell:  Click on the little curtain
  • Blue butterfly:  Use the blue paint on the butterfly
  • Receive the PLANK


Crystal Puzzle

  • Go forward once
  • Use the PLANK
  • Examine the back right statue
  • Use the blue lights on both sides to slide a row back and forth
  • The row won't go past an X
  • One crystal at a time move the rows so the crystal drops down to the center hole
  • 1L, 2L, 4R x2, 5R x2, 4L x2, 6L x3, 6R x2
  • 1R, 4R x2, 4L x2, 6L x2, 6R x2
  • 1R x2, 4R x2, 4L x2, 6L x2, 6R x2
  • Recharge your CRYSTAL
  • Examine the chest
  • Pick up the SUN



  • Back up twice
  • Use the CRYSTAL
  • Examine the wagon
  • Pick up the PLAN


Furnace Cloud

  • Back up once, go right, and down the elevator
  • Use the CRYSTAL
  • Examine the stove
  • Pick up the COAL and CLOUD CHARMS


Statue Puzzle

  • Back up 5 times
  • Examine the base of the statue
  • Place the SUN and CLOUDS
  • Place the PLAN
  • Match the arm positions, sun, and clouds to the plan
  • Pick up the BRIDGE KEY



  • Go forward
  • Examine the bridge
  • Use the BRIDGE KEY
  • Head across to end the chapter