Mystery Of The Ancients: Curse of the Black Water: Chapter Two: In Darkness

Our Mystery of the Ancients Curse of the Black Water Walkthrough is overflowing with helpful tips, screenshots, and detailed game instructions to help you save the world from eternal darkness. When a team of archaeologists unearth an ancient beast of legend intent on the destruction of the world, it's up to you to discover the secrets of the island's darkening waters before it's too late.


  • Go forward
  • Examine the broken pavement
  • Pick up STONE
  • Examine the broken urns
  • Click on the leaves 3 times
  • Pick up GRINDSTONE
  • Examine the windows to the right of the gate


Diving Helmet

  • Head left
  • Examine boxes to the left
  • Pick up CHEESE
  • Examine diving helmet
  • Use the WRENCH on the bolts
  • Pick up the PEARL (1/2)
  • Back up


Door Knob

  • Examine the door to the right
  • Examine under the porch
  • Give the animal the CHEESE
  • Pick up the DOOR KNOB
  • Examine the door
  • Use the DOOR KNOB



  • Enter the door
  • Watch the cut scene
  • Examine cabinet to the left
  • Pick up CHAIN
  • Examine counter below
  • Pick up VISE HANDLE
  • Place the CHAIN on the chain saw
  • Examine the vise grip on the right
  • Place the VISE HANDLE
  • Examine cabinet again
  • Use the SCREWDRIVER on the latch
  • Pick up GASOLINE
  • Use GASOLINE on the chain saw
  • Pick up CHAIN SAW
  • Examine the post
  • Pick up the METAL TUBE
  • Use the CHAIN SAW


Blunt Machete

  • The floor fell in
  • Examine the back counter
  • Place the GRINDSTONE
  • Click on the plug
  • Click on the button to turn it on
  • Sharpen the BLUNT MACHETE
  • Click on the LADDER and it will move to the hole



  • Go up
  • Pick up OAR (1/2)
  • Examine desk
  • Pick up WEIGHTS
  • Examine the door
  • Click on handle


Hidden Object Game

  • Do the hidden object scene
  • 25:  Use the pencil on the 2
  • Unicorn:  Place the horn on the unicorn
  • Pumpkin:  Click on the book twice.
  • Receive PUMP



  • Go back (not down) into the road and left to the dock
  • Watch the cut scene
  • Examine the net to the left
  • Use the MACHETE on the net
  • Pick up ACID
  • Examine the broken oar
  • Use the METAL TUBE
  • Pick up the OAR (2/2)


Acid on lock

  • Back up and examine the gate
  • Use the ACID on the lock
  • Head forward



  • Examine the bench to the right
  • Pick up the SCISSORS
  • Examine the fountain
  • Click on the pearl
  • Use the STONE on the fountain
  • Pick up PEARL (2/2)



  • Head left
  • Examine the bench
  • Pick up the GLUE



  • Go forward twice
  • Talk to Steve
  • Pick up the CRYSTAL
  • Examine the bag
  • Pick up the MAP and SEWER KEY


Rubber patch

  • Back up 5 times
  • Examine the cases to the left
  • Use the SCISSORS on the rubber roll
  • Receive the RUBBER PATCH


Stone Token

  • Back up once
  • Examine the case to the left
  • Place the 2 PEARLS on the box
  • Pick up the STONE TOKEN


Stone Token

  • Go right and then forward twice
  • Examine under the bell
  • Use the STONE TOKEN
  • Find all the matching tokens
  • Pick up the CRYSTAL


Rubber Patch

  • Use the map to get back to the sewer
  • Examine the raft
  • Use GLUE on the rip
  • Use the RUBBER PATCH on the GLUE
  • Place the PUMP
  • Click on the handle
  • Place the OARS
  • Go forward