Mystery Of The Ancients: Curse of the Black Water: Chapter One: Lost Archeologists

Our Mystery of the Ancients Curse of the Black Water Walkthrough is overflowing with helpful tips, screenshots, and detailed game instructions to help you save the world from eternal darkness. When a team of archaeologists unearth an ancient beast of legend intent on the destruction of the world, it's up to you to discover the secrets of the island's darkening waters before it's too late.


  • Click and watch cut scene
  • Click on SAW on the other side
  • It falls in the water
  • Pick up LONG POLE
  • Examine the water
  • Use LONG POLE to pick up SAW
  • Examine the ANCHOR and pick it up
  • Examine the statue on the left
  • Use the ANCHOR on the concrete
  • Use the SAW on the rebar


Shop Window

  • Go forward
  • Examine the dirt pile
  • Pick up KEY
  • Examine the shop window
  • Use the ANCHOR on the window
  • Pick up the CORAL (1/3)
  • Examine the newspaper on the ground
  • Pick up the CORAL (2/3)
  • Click on the box on the left to open the lid
  • Click on the box again for a hidden object scene


Hidden Object Game

  • Find objects in white
  • Voodoo doll:  Use the Needles on the doll
  • Frown:  Use the rag on the diving helmet
  • Pipe:  Open the book
  • Receive PAPER CLIP


Tool Box

  • Back up once
  • Examine the toolbox
  • Use the PAPER CLIP on the lock
  • Open the toolbox
  • Pick up the CORAL (3/3) and HOOK


Shop Door

  • Go forward and examine the shop door
  • Place the CORAL on the door
  • Turn the rotating circles (2 per section) to match up the coral
  • Choose one coral (the top right coral goes in the bottom slot) and turn the circles until you match the coral pattern
  • Place the coral to lock it in and then move to another coral
  • After finishing, the key slot will open
  • Use the KEY


Cash Register

  • Enter the shop
  • Examine the shelf over the cash register
  • Pick up the CLEANER
  • Examine the cash register
  • Pick up the NAIL
  • Examine the cabinet
  • Place the NAIL in the latch and click on it
  • Pick up the HAND CREAM


Hand Cream

  • Go forward
  • Examine the vase on the left
  • Use the HAND CREAM
  • Pick up the STARFISH (1/3)
  • Examine the corner of the carpet and click on it
  • Pick up KNIFE
  • Examine the mouse
  • Examine the wall where it goes in
  • Pick up the STARFISH (2/3)



  • Go back once
  • Examine the shelf
  • Use the KNIFE on the box
  • Go forward
  • Examine the sparking wire
  • Examine the switch and click it


Wire Cutter

  • Look up the stairs
  • Pick up the WIRE CUTTER


Fish Eye

  • Go back twice
  • Examine the grate in the street
  • Use the WIRE CUTTER on the wire
  • Pick up the FISH EYE
  • Go back into shop
  • Examine the large fish on the wall
  • Place the FISH EYE
  • Pick up the STARFISH (3/3)


Fishing Line

  • Examine the chest to the right of the cabinet
  • Place the 3 STARFISH
  • Click on lid
  • Pick up FISHING LINE
  • Examine the cabinet
  • Place the FISHING LINE and HOOK
  • Pick up FISHING ROD


Fishing Rod

  • Back up twice to pier
  • Examine the barrel in the water to the left
  • Use the FISHING ROD
  • Receive the ROPE



  • Go forward 3 times to the stairs
  • Use the ROPE on the stone disk
  • Click on the rope and the stone will crash through the wall
  • Exit through the hole



  • Pick up the MALLET
  • Examine the bag
  • Click on the papers
  • Pick up the CYLINDER (1/2)
  • Go forward to the right


Light Bulb

  • Examine the barrel top to the right
  • Use the KNIFE on the ropes
  • Pick up the POKER
  • Examine the window
  • Pick up the LIGHT BULB
  • Click on the tarp to expose hidden object scene



  • Find the objects
  • Bird:  Use the grain on the bird house
  • Mirror:  Use the broom on the leaves
  • Cat:  Click on the cat-shaped burlap sack
  • Receive OCTOPUS (1/3)



  • Back up once
  • Examine the basement grate
  • Use the POKER
  • Pick up the OILER


Aquarium Puzzle

  • Back up once
  • Examine the base of the aquarium
  • Use the OILER
  • Click twice
  • In this mini-game, you need to click on the blue and green numbers until they add up to the small gold numbers.
  • Pick up the WEDGE



  • Return outside
  • Go forward to alley
  • Examine the AXE
  • Use the WEDGE and then MALLET in the crack
  • Pick up the AXE



  • Go back once
  • Examine door to the left
  • Use the AXE on the chains and enter



  • Examine shelf on back walk
  • Pick up BRUSH
  • Go outside
  • Examine clogged downspot
  • Use the BRUSH
  • Pick up the FUSE
  • Go inside
  • Examine the fuse box
  • Exchange the FUSE
  • Flip the lever


Light Bulb

  • Go down the ladder
  • Examine the light fixture
  • Place the LIGHT BULB


Hidden Object Game Blowtorch

  • Do the hidden object scene at the back
  • Frog prince:  Place crown on the frog
  • Hanged doll:  Place the doll on the noose
  • Candy:  Click on lid to box
  • Receive BLOWTORCH


Fire Escape

  • Go outside and to the right
  • Use the BLOWTORCH on the fire escape
  • Examine the top of the ladder
  • Pick up the SHOVEL



  • Go back inside the hotel
  • Examine the dirt pile to the left
  • Use the SHOVEL on the dirt



  • Back up 3 times
  • Examine the cash register
  • Pick up the DRESSER KEY and note


Dresser Key

  • Go forward once
  • Examine the dresser to the left
  • Use the DRESSER KEY
  • Click on the drawer
  • Pick up PLIERS



  • Go left and then forward to right
  • Examine the top of the ladder
  • Examine the door
  • Use the PLIERS on the nails over the boards
  • Enter through the door


Empty Vase

  • Pick up the GLOVES
  • Examine the desk at the bottom left
  • Pick up the EMPTY VASE
  • Examine the book
  • Click through the pages
  • Pick up the FISH
  • Examine the case on fire to the right; need to put it out


Glass Cutter

  • Back up twice
  • Examine the drain spout
  • Use the EMPTY VASE on the water
  • Return and use the WATER on the fire
  • Use GLOVES on the glass
  • Pick up a GLASS CUTTER


Key 206

  • Back up twice
  • Enter the hotel
  • Examine the key cabinet in the back
  • Use the GLASS CUTTER
  • Pick up the KEY to room 206
  • Examine the door to room 206
  • Use the KEY
  • Enter the room


Hidden Object Game

  • Do the hidden object scene
  • Compass:  Open the top drawer
  • Hairbrush:  Place the knob on the second drawer and open it
  • Yarn:  Click on the loose floorboard
  • Receive PAPER



  • Examine the bulletin board
  • Pick up the BRUSH
  • Examine the book shelf
  • Pick up FISH
  • Examine the globe
  • Note the symbol
  • Spin the globe to get all the symbols, which will go into your journal


Water Key

  • Back up once
  • Examine the yellow suitcase
  • Enter the first 4 numbers, 7, 5, 3, 1
  • Turn the right number until the case opens (4)
  • Back up once and then forward



  • Examine the column
  • Pick up CYLINDER (2/2)



  • Back up and enter hotel
  • Go down the ladder
  • Examine alcove to the left
  • Click on the plants 4 times
  • Use the CLEANER
  • Use the BRUSH
  • Place 2 FISH
  • Pick up OCTOPUS (2/3)


Cylinder puzzle

  • Examine grid to the right
  • Place the 2 CYLINDERS
  • Match the cylinders with the scraps of paper
  • The remaining one needs to be different from the rest
  • Pick up the OCTOPUS (3/3)



  • Go up the ladder and into room 206
  • Examine the box on the bed
  • Place the 3 OCTOPI
  • Place the OCTOPI so that you have the correct number in each column and row
  • There are multiple solutions; here is one
  • Examine the box
  • Pick up the DAGGER


Paper dagger

  • Back up twice and forward up the ladder and into the room
  • Examine the door to the right
  • Place the PAPER on the floor
  • Use the DAGGER in the door lock
  • Pick up the KEY
  • Use the KEY in the lock
  • Enter the room
  • Watch cut scene