Adelantado Trilogy: Book One: General Information and Hints

Our Adelantado Trilogy: Book One Walkthrough is your perfect companion as you journey to the New World as the Adelantado, the caretaker of the new lands. Harvest food, repair buildings, and seek out new lands in this exciting resource management game. Our Adelantado Walkthrough includes full maps of areas, helpful screenshots, and detailed instructions on how to beat each chapter within the expert time.

[b]Adelantado Trilogy: Book One[/b], from the makers of [i]Roads of Rome[/i], is a great cross between that game and hmmm, maybe, the [i]Westward Kingdoms [/i]series or [i]Totem Tribe.[/i] Game Modes: Choose how fast you want the timer to run out to get Expert times. On the Hard Mode, you usually get 10 minutes less to finish the level and have much, much less in the way of supplies lying around. This Walkthrough is written for Normal and Hard modes. Upgrades: You cannot upgrade until Chapter 4. Hints: [LIST] [item]You cannot save this game in the middle of a chapter and they can last up to 45 minutes so be aware.[/item] [item]You cannot demolish buildings.[/item] [item]Workers can pick up boards and pick berries [/item] [item]Your character wields the sword, so you can open barrels and pots, break throughbushes, pick up meat, and interact with characters. [/item] [item]Time keeps going when you are looking at menus [/item] [item]Watchtower warriors and building workers are taken away from the worker count [/item] [item]Red arrows indicate a target to be built but not enough suppplies [/item] [item]Green arrows indicate a target to be built with enough supplies [/item] [item]Build lots of buildings at the beginning for supplies, the earlier the better. [/item] [item]Try to keep worker count above 10 [/item] [item]Build production buildings as close to possible to a warehouse.[/item] [item]You can cancel an action by simply clicking on the red X.[/item] [/LIST]