Adelantado Trilogy: Book One: Part Two Chapter 3: Among the Pyramids

Our Adelantado Trilogy: Book One Walkthrough is your perfect companion as you journey to the New World as the Adelantado, the caretaker of the new lands. Harvest food, repair buildings, and seek out new lands in this exciting resource management game. Our Adelantado Walkthrough includes full maps of areas, helpful screenshots, and detailed instructions on how to beat each chapter within the expert time.

Normal Expert Time: 42 minutes
Hard Expert Time:  32 minutes (Additional steps for Hard mode are in parantheses; the suggested initial building screentshot is at the bottom of the page)

  1. Repair Fisherman
  2. Repair Smokery
  3. Repair Woodcutter
  4. Repair Sawmill and chop bushes at bottom left for shortcut later
  5. Pick up page in Bush behind Sawmill
  6. Later hidden gold will be exposed
  7. Build Watchtower
  8. Build House
  9. Repair Granite Mine
  10. Repair Stone Cutter
  11. Rescue Survivor
  12. Pick up loose stone
  13. Upgrade Watchtower (Build woodcutter as close to journal page location as possible)
  14. Repair Silvermine
  15. Build Mint
  16. Silver coins in barrel to the right of the Silver Mine
  17. Build Watchtower (Build Garden,upgrade twice, and House)
  18. Rescue Survivor
  19. Talk to Indian Woman who wants 3 Clay Protective Talismans
  20. Repair Stone Totem (Build Woodcutter now)
  21. Build next Watchtower
  22. Chop tree with secret Strength Stone
  23. Find Clay Idols
  24. Upgrade last Watchtower built
  25. Return to Indian Woman, pick up Strength Stone
  26. Chop bushes bottom left (Upgrade  Mint)
  27. Repair Totem
  28. Build Woodcutter near Indian Woman (Build additional sawmill next to original; there should be room now)
  29. Talk to Spirit Speaker
  30. 2 secrets in bushes
  31. Build next Totem Pole and pick up Oratory Stone
  32. Speed Stone in pot (before going into ravine build another house and garden and upgrade if possible)
  33. Go into Ravine
  34. First bush has journal page
  35. Repair Totem Pole
  36. Break rocks
  37. Talk to Chief's Brother wants Ceremonial Vessel
  38. Talk to Survivor
  39. Silver coins next to Survivor
  40. Repair Watchtower
  41. Pick up Oratory and Power Stones
  42. Journal in bush above Survivor's house and hidden gold (2)
  43. Chop log and bush at bottom right
  44. Pick up Vessel
  45. Return and pick up Speed Stone
  46. Exit
  47. Upgrade last Watchtower to level 3
  48. Remove stone blockages bottom right
  49. Talk to Sacred Ground Guardian who wants 100 food (Expert wants 200 food...head back to beginning and chop bushes to make room for another garden and upgrade it twice; also upgrade sawmill once)
  50. Pick up page from the woods
  51. Repair Totem
  52. Pick up Speed and Strength Stone
  53. Build  Garden
  54. Build 2 Workers House
  55. Repair Warehouse (build)
  56. Upgrade garden twice
  57. Repair Quarry
  58. Build Watchtower
  59. Pick up Secret in tree
  60. Build Stonecutter (Upgrade once)
  61. Build Silver Mine
  62. Build Mint
  63. Upgrade the Houses
  64. Build Fisherman
  65. Build Smokery
  66. Upgrade Watchtower twice
  67. Repair Totem
  68. Talk to Elder
  69. Tablet in bush to left
  70. Destroy 5 Caveman Totem Poles
  71. Talk to Warrior Guard who wants 100 stones
  72. Build Watchtower
  73. Chop bushes to get last Caveman Totem Pole
  74. Return to Elder and pick up Oratory Stone
  75. Talk to Traveling Trader who wants 100 wood
  76. Repair Totem lots of food
  77. Build Boatyard
  78. Pay Boatman
  79. Talk to Chief who wants Stone Mask
  80. Talk to Law Keeper who wants 100 bricks (expert 200)
  81. Open Burial Chamber
  82. Flip 1st switch
  83. Break stalagmites at bottom
  84. Flip center levers
  85. Pick up Strength Stone
  86. Flip left lever
  87. Pick up Strength Stone
  88. Flip last lever and pick up Mask and return
  89. Pick up Golden Artifact Fragment

Hard Mode Initial Setup