Adelantado Trilogy: Book One: Part Two Chapter 5: Sunwards

Our Adelantado Trilogy: Book One Walkthrough is your perfect companion as you journey to the New World as the Adelantado, the caretaker of the new lands. Harvest food, repair buildings, and seek out new lands in this exciting resource management game. Our Adelantado Walkthrough includes full maps of areas, helpful screenshots, and detailed instructions on how to beat each chapter within the expert time.

Normal Expert time: 44 minutes
Hard Expert Time:  37 minutes 

Adelantado Trilogy Book One Walkthrough Chapter 5 Map 1

  1. Build Fisherman
  2. Build Smoker
  3. Rescue Survivor who will staff Watchtower
  4. Repair Woodcutter
  5. Repair Sawmill
  6. Page in woods to be revealed later
  7. Build Watchtower
  8. Build Granite Mine
  9. Build Stonecutter
  10. Build Workers House
  11. Upgrade Sawmill, Woodcutter, Fish, Smoker
  12. Page in bush just below lake
  13. Talk to Warrior who wants Clay Idol
  14. Tree just above the Warrior has Speed Stone
  15. Pick up loose stones
  16. Build Silvermine
  17. Build Mint
  18. Upgrade Watchtower
  19. Build House
  20. Return Clay Idol and pick up Speed stOne
  21. Upgrade Watchtower to level 3
  22. Go to Ravine  
     Adelantado Trilogy Book One Walkthrough Chapter 5 Map 2
  23. Repair Farm 
  24. Repair Woodcutter and upgrade before leaving
  25. There will be a secret in the woods
  26. Repair Bakery
  27. Build Sawmill and upgrade before leaving
  28. Pick up silver in barrels
  29. Repair Watchtower
  30. Break stones
  31. Talk to Warrior Guard
  32. Repair Totem
  33. Build a House
  34. Fill in crack
  35. Build Bridge
  36. Pick up Strength Stone on island
  37. Rescue Survivors
  38. Build Quarry
  39. Build Stonecutter
  40. Pick up secret in woods if available
  41. Build Watchtower
  42. Build House
  43. Repair Totem 
    Adelantado Trilogy Book One Walkthrough Chapter 5 Map 3
  44. Build Fisherman
  45. Build Smoker
  46. Repair Warehouse
  47. Repair Woodcutter
  48. Build Sawmill
  49. Build Watchtower and upgrade twice
  50. Page in trees for later
  51. Talk to Traveling Trader who wants 50 food and pick up Oratory Stone
  52. Build Quarry
  53. Build Stone Cutter
  54. Talk to Head Guard who wants 50 food
  55. Talk to left Warrior who wants 50 stones
  56. Pick up Oratory Stone in pot and flip lever and then Strength Stone
  57. Talk to right Warrior who wants 50 stones
  58. Pick up Speed Stone and flip lever to get Oratory Stone
  59. Talk to Shaman
  60. Destroy 5 Cavemen Totem Poles
  61. Repair far right Totem
  62. Go in Pyramid 
    Adelantado Trilogy Book One Walkthrough Chapter 5 Map 4
  63. Give Head Wizard 100 food
  64. Pick up gold
  65. Mountain Wizard wants 50 stones
  66. Pick up Oratory Stone
  67. Speed Stone at bottom right
  68. Earth Wizard wants 50 wood
  69. Flip switch
  70. Pick up Strength Stone
  71. Exit
  72. Rescue Survivor
  73. Talk to Boy who wants 5 flowers
  74. Talk to Old Trader who wants 100 stone
  75. Pick Flowers and Oratory Stone
  76. Return to boy and pick up Strength Stone
  77. Open gate
  78. Go back to first forest while building the next things
  79. Repair Workers House
  80. Build Watchtower and upgrade it twice
  81. Build Garden back near beginning and upgrade
    Adelantado Trilogy Book One Walkthrough Chapter 5 Map 6
  82. Build Boatyard
  83. Power Stone in tree above Boatyard
  84. Talk to Warrior who wants 50 food
  85. Enter Burial Chamber
  86. Pick up gold and Strength Stone
  87. Pay Boatman
  88. Break through Fence
  89. Break rocks
  90. Repair Totem
  91. Build Suspended Bridge
  92. Pick up Strength Stone
  93. Break through more rocks
  94. Rescue Survivors
  95. Page in bushes on pathway
  96. Secret in bush below "farm" in Indian area
  97. Break through the rocks in the back
  98. Talk to Great Warrior
  99. Repair everything
  100. Pick up Oratory Stone
  101. Talk to Chief who wants Silver Idol
  102. Talk to Old Attendant
  103. Repair Stone Totem Pole (need 150 each food and stone}
  104. Pick Up Idol and return to Chief
  105. Pick up Golden Artifact Fragment