Adelantado Trilogy: Book One: Part One Chapter 4: Through the Swamp

Our Adelantado Trilogy: Book One Walkthrough is your perfect companion as you journey to the New World as the Adelantado, the caretaker of the new lands. Harvest food, repair buildings, and seek out new lands in this exciting resource management game. Our Adelantado Walkthrough includes full maps of areas, helpful screenshots, and detailed instructions on how to beat each chapter within the expert time.

Normal Expert Time: 36 minutes Hard Expert Time: 27 minutes (Changes to the normal walkthrough are in brackets--see image for final starting set-up at the bottom of the page) [NUMBERED] [item]Upgrade Headquarters [/item] [item]Repair Garden (chop bushes near berry bush for more room to build) [/item] [item]Build Woodcutter (placement is super important here--if you can't get 2 sawmills next to the headquarters start over) [/item] [item]Build Sawmill [/item] [item]Build Garden (and upgrade after second sawmill) [/item] [item]Build Watchtower (Build 2nd sawmill) [/item] [item]Repair the next Garden (Build woodcutter between mines) [/item] [item]Build Granite Mine (Clear bushes above last garden and build house) [/item] [item]Build Stonecutter [/item] [item]Build House (done above) [/item] [item]Upgrade 2 Gardens (one has already been upgraded) [/item] [item]Build Silver Mine and Mint [/item] [item]Wait for stone and build Watchtower [/item] [item]Repair House [/item] [item]Chop bushes to get to berries and pots and hidden gold [/item] [item]Repair Woodcutter; there is a secret in a tree so come back later [/item] [item]Build Watchtower [/item] [item]Build Sawmill (already done) [/item] [item]Build Bridge [/item] [item]Build next Watchtower [/item] [item]Open pot for Speed Stone [/item] [item]Repair Farm and Bakery [/item] [item]Find a journal page in bushes near Bakery [/item] [item]Build next Watchtower (Build garden and upgrade over at beginning) [/item] [item]Repair Warehouse (Skip for hard) [/item] [item]Fin an Indian Tablet in bushes [/item] [item]Build House [/item] [item]Build next Watchtower [/item] [item]Chop fallen tree at the ford--very important [/item] [item]Build Totem [/item] [item]Open pots on island for Oratory Stone and gold; find journal page [/item] [item]Talk to Warrior who wants 50 food [/item] [item]Pick up Speed Stone [/item] [item]Build Bridge [gimg]/Adelantado-1/images/Chapter-4-1.jpg[/gimg] [/item] [item]Repair Workers House (Build as ruins are not there) [/item] [item]Fill in swamp [/item] [item]Chop bushes [/item] [item]Talk to Senior Chief [/item] [item]Build Watchtower [/item] [item]Chop bushes to get to passage to ravine [/item] [item]Go through passage [/item] [item]Talk to Survivor to save 5 [/item] [item]One will man the Watchtower [/item] [item]Upgrade Small Camp and Garden [/item] [item]Talk to Ole Totem Pole Watchman [/item] [item]Repair Stone Totem Pole [/item] [item]Build Granite Mine and Stone Cutter, [/item] [item]Repair Sawmill [/item] [item]There is a secret in the tree near Sawmill [/item] [item]Talk to Warrior Guard who wants 50 food, [/item] [item]Pick up Stone Casket and Oratory Stone [/item] [item]Return through ravine once everything is running smoothly [gimg]/Adelantado-1/images/Chapter-4-ravine.jpg[/gimg] [/item] [item]Return to Senior Chief and pick up Speed Stone (also behind him in the clouds are 3 jars you can come back for) [/item] [item]Chop bushes to next section, if you haven't done so already [/item] [item]Repair House (Build another garden and upgrade back at beginning) [/item] [item]Build Watchtower [/item] [item]Fill in the 2 swamps [/item] [item]Open pots for gold and Oratory Stone [/item] [item]Talk to Indian Woman who wants a Boy [/item] [item]Chop bush [/item] [item]Repair House (skip this one) [/item] [item]Build Watchtower (Build) [/item] [item]Fill in swamp [/item] [item]Talk to the Boy and return to Woman, and get Oratory Stone [/item] [item]Repair Totem Pole [/item] [item]Talk to Old Shaman [/item] [item]Chop bushes to find 5 Pink Flowers, Oratory Stone, and Speed Stone in the jars [/item] [item]Find a secret book page near the Old Shaman in the bushes [/item] [item]Open pots for Speed Stone [/item] [item]Build Bridge [/item] [item]Build Boat Yard [/item] [item]Repair Totem [/item] [item]Give gold to the Boatman [/item] [item]Talk to chief who wants the Marble Skull [/item] [item]Talk to Warrior Guard who wants 100 food [/item] [item]Chop through bushes [/item] [item]Pick up the Marble Skull and return to the Chief [/item] [item]Pick up the Golden Artifact Fragment[/item][gimg]/Adelantado-1/images/Chapter-4-2.jpg[/gimg] [/NUMBERED] Initial Building Setup for Hard Mode [gimg]/Adelantado-1/images/Chapter-4-hard.jpg[/gimg]