Adelantado Trilogy: Book One: Part Two Chapter 1: Cold Stones

Our Adelantado Trilogy: Book One Walkthrough is your perfect companion as you journey to the New World as the Adelantado, the caretaker of the new lands. Harvest food, repair buildings, and seek out new lands in this exciting resource management game. Our Adelantado Walkthrough includes full maps of areas, helpful screenshots, and detailed instructions on how to beat each chapter within the expert time.

Normal Expert Time:  41 minutes
Hard Expert Time:  31 minutes (there are no changes between the two modes except for just doing them quicker)

  1. Upgrade Headquarters
  2. Build a Farm and upgrade
  3. Repair Fisherman
  4. Build Woodcutter
  5. Build Smokery
  6. Build Sawmill and upgrade
  7. Build Watchtower
  8. Build Granite Mine
  9. Build Stonecutter
  10. Pick up resources
  11. Build next Watchtower
  12. Pick up journal page in the forest
  13. Chop log blocking lost altar and pick up speed stone
  14. Break up stone
  15. Pick up silver coins in barrel and loose stones
  16. Talk to Chief's Daughter
  17. Break up stones blocking huts
  18. Build House
  19. Build Silvermine
  20. Build Mint
  21. Repair huts and get speed stone
  22. Build next watchtower
  23. Break stone
  24. Talk to Warrior who wants a jade mask
  25. Head into the Cave

  1. Pick up speed stone
  2. Break bottom left stalagmite for secret page
  3. Break pots for Speed Stone
  4. Break through rocks
  5. Break the fence to rescue Indian
  6. Give Indian food and get Oratory Stone
  7. Pull lever
  8. Pick up Strength Stone
  9. Pull the next lever
  10. Pick up Jade Mask and return
  11. Pick up gold
  12. Upgrade watchtower
  13. Chop down tree for secret page (for some reason this one counts as 2 secrets)
  14. Talk to brave warrior who wants 25 food
  15. Repair totem
  16. Break jars and pick up speed stone
  17. Break stone
  18. Build a woodcutter
  19. Repair a house
  20. Repair warehouse
  21. Head up to altar with goat while waiting for wood
  22. Break through rock at top
  23. Build a granite mine
  24. Build stone cutter
  25. Below warehouse, fill in crack
  26. Repair totem
  27. Open the gate and talk to the Survivor
  28. Build next watchtower
  29. Build sawmill
  30. Build fisherman
  31. Upgrade Watchtower
  32. Fill in crack
  33. Build smoker
  34. Build Woodcutter
  35. Enter passageway
  36. Talk to survivor
  37. Pick up resources
  38. Repair garden
  39. Chop first bush on right for journal page
  40. Fill crack
  41. Build sawmill
  42. Repair totem
  43. Talk to Lonely elder
  44. Repair the fences and hut
  45. Secret by tree in damaged indian hut
  46. Pick up oratory stone
  47. Return
  48. Talk to senior warden who wants 50 food
  49. Repair house
  50. Repair totem
  51. Return to last forest and pick up secret gold
  52. Chop bush for secret tablet
  53. Open chest with oratory stone
  54. Remove the boulder
  55. Build Woodcutter
  56. Build watchtower
  57. Build the boathouse
  58. Repair warehouse
  59. Remove boulder
  60. Upgrade watchtower
  61. Talk to Mentor Chief
  62. Destroy 2 indian huts
  63. Repair totem
  64. Break through log down below boathouse
  65. Break pots and get speed stone
  66. Pay boatman
  67. Rescue Survivor
  68. Break through bushes
  69. Break pot and pick up oratory stone
  70. Talk to the Chief
  71. Talk warrior guard who wants 100 wood
  72. Return head-shaped amulet to the chief
  73. Pick up Golden Artifact Fragment