The Beast of Lycan Isle: Chapter Four: The Castle Tour

Rely on our The Beast of Lycan Isle Walkthrough to see you safely through the darkness that's permeated this isolated Isle. Our full chapter-by-chapter guide will be a comforting light on these dark paths you must tread, where werewolves stalk you from the shadows, waiting to pounce if you let your guard down. Use these helpful hints, detailed instructions, and tons of custom screenshots to help you on your quest to find your missing friend Tara and defeat the Wolf King.


  • Collect the disk and the feather in a jar.
  • Go to the bridge.

Jar 2

  • Put the feather in a jar onto the scale.
  • Go over the bridge.
  • Go to the elevator.


  • Collect the map piece.
  • Move left.
  • Go to the castle gate.


  • Collect the pink wedge.
  • Examine the gate.
  • Examine the tree to speak with Brina.


  • Collect the lever and move toward the elevator.
  • Place the lever and click it.
  • Click the down button.
  • Go into the shipwreck.


  • Examine the podium.
  • Collect the fountain statue.
  • Move into the elevator; press the up button and go to the fountain by the castle gate.


  • Examine the console near the fountain.
  • Collect the disk and the ancient etching page.
  • Place the missing fountain statue.

Statue Puzzle

  • Rotate the statues to face the orb.
  • Rotate statue 1: 3 times.
  • Rotate statue 3: once.
  • Move down into the fountain.


  • Collect Tara’s pen and the orange wedge.
  • Move down into the opening.


  • At the end of the stairs collect the ancient etching page and the fish emblem.
  • Go into the doorway and into the grotto.


  • Collect the skull.
  • Go upstairs and move left.


  • Collect the ancient etching page and the fish emblem.
  • Move downstairs and move to the right across the lava into the dungeon.

Etching 2

  • Collect the ancient etching page.
  • Rotate the wheel.
  • Collect the skull.
  • Examine the iron maiden.
  • Put the fish emblem onto the iron maiden.
  • Collect the sword.
  • Leave the dungeon and into grotto.
  • Go upstairs to castle hall.


  • Collect Tara’s license.
  • Move to the rear of the room.
  • Move into the throne room.


  • Collect the ancient etching page.
  • Insert the sword into the hands of the sword less statue.


  • Examine the rear of the statue.
  • Collect the key.
  • Move further into the room and collect the chisel.
  • Go back to the castle hall.


  • Move upstairs and to the right.
  • Insert the key into the keyhole.
  • Rotate the keys so they match the slots.
  • Rotate them in the following order: 1 – 2 – 3 – 1.
  • Move through the door into the moon chamber on the right.

Etching 4

  • Collect the ancient etching page.
  • Move to the back of the room.


  • Find the lantern and the batteries.
  • Put the lantern to shine more light.


  • Examine the panel.
  • Examine the prints.
  • Find the animal prints.
  • Insert the animal prints into the correct places.


  • Examine the Rams’ heads.
  • Find the stars.
  • Insert the stars to open the door.

Light Puzzle

  • Click the circled buttons to solve the puzzle.
  • Collect the skull.
  • Move downstairs and examine the vault on the wall.


  • Collect the ancient etching page.
  • Insert the skulls.

Skull Puzzle

  • Move the disks to match the symbols on the skulls directly opposite from it.
  • Collect the Cerberus head.
  • Move upstairs on the left to the library.


  • Examine the room with the crystal.
  • Collect the ancient etching page.
  • Collect the drained crystal.
  • Examine the upper level.
  • Collect the ancient etching page.
  • Chisel the statue’s horn to collect the horn.
  • Go to the moon chamber.


  • Put the horn on the lever.
  • Click the lever.


  • Examine the chair.
  • Put the drained crystal onto the chair.
  • Collect the charged crystal.
  • Go to the library.


  • Insert the charged crystal into the slot.


  • Find the missing disks.
  • Click the disks and insert them into the music box.
  • Collect the Cerberus head.
  • Go to the throne room.
  • Move toward the rear of the room.


  • Put the Cerberus heads onto the statue necks.
  • Collect the angel key.
  • Move upstairs and into the passage to the roof.

Crystal 3

  • Examine the crystal lens.
  • Insert the angel key into the lens.


  • Rotate the lens toward the lighthouse.