The Beast of Lycan Isle: Chapter One: Into the Village

Rely on our The Beast of Lycan Isle Walkthrough to see you safely through the darkness that's permeated this isolated Isle. Our full chapter-by-chapter guide will be a comforting light on these dark paths you must tread, where werewolves stalk you from the shadows, waiting to pounce if you let your guard down. Use these helpful hints, detailed instructions, and tons of custom screenshots to help you on your quest to find your missing friend Tara and defeat the Wolf King.


  • Click the alarm clock.
  • Collect the glasses.
  • Click the lamp on.


  • Zoom into the fireplace.
  • Collect the newspaper and the firewood.
  • Put the newspaper and firewood onto the coals.
  • Move to the door.


  • Click the door knob.
  • Move back and try the armoire.


  • Zoom into the suitcase lock.
  • Find the combination.
  • Zoom into the lock and use the numbers from the note to unlock it.
  • Collect the room key.
  • Use the key on the door lock.

Taras Room

  • Look at Tara’s room door.
  • Knock.

Hall Table

  • Examine the hall table.
  • Click the drawer open.
  • Collect the painting piece and the matches.
  • Go into Tara’s bedroom.


  • Zoom into the lantern statue on the table.
  • Light the candle with the matches.
  • Zoom into the pillow on the bed and move it.
  • Collect Tara’s glasses, the note and the handle.
  • Go to your bedroom.


  • Collect the piece of painting from under the bed.
  • Click the corner of the rug.
  • Put the handle into the trap door slot and open it.
  • Collect the strange machine.
  • Examine the armoire.


  • Zoom into the globe.
  • Find all the continents in the scene.
  • Put the continents into their proper areas on the globe.
  • Collect the dagger.


  • Insert the dagger into the armoire door.
  • Collect the note and map piece.
  • Zoom into the panel in the armoire.


  • Find the missing rings.
  • Insert the rings and rotate them until the light illuminates the center.
  • Solve as follows:
  • Rotate ring A 4 times
  • Rotate ring B once
  • Rotate ring C 4 times


  • Go into the hallway.
  • Open the gate and go downstairs.


  • Examine the ledger.
  • Collect the piece of painting.
  • Collect the pencil; use it to the scratch under your name to uncover Tara’s.
  • Examine the stag head on the wall.
  • Collect the eyes.
  • Examine the painting on the wall.


  • Put the painting pieces into the frame.
  • Arrange the pieces to create a coherent picture.
  • Collect the statue piece and the Celtic knot.


  • Examine the display case.
  • Open the lock using the Celtic knot.
  • Collect the necklace.


  • Examine the innkeeper.
  • Switch the necklace with the hotel door key.
  • Examine the door.
  • Open the door with the hotel door key.

Town Gate

  • Go to the village gate.
  • Examine the machine by the gate.


  • Zoom into the door panel and insert the eyes into the sockets.
  • Move the pieces to line up the colors.
  • Collect the piece of map.
  • Click the lever.
  • Go through the town gate.


  • Go up the path to the statue intersection.
  • Collect the wolf disk from the statue base.
  • Move to the left of the statue.


  • Pick up the dragonfly at the green man path.
  • Go right toward the house.

Gate 1

  • Zoom into the gate; collect the note.
  • Go downhill to the church exterior and zoom into the fountain.


  • Move the lily pads and put the runes into the right spots.
  • Collect the owl whistle.

Gate 2

  • Go back to the gate.
  • Insert the owl whistle into the mouth of the statue and click the handle.
  • Go into the gate and zoom into the door.
  • Go back to the village inn.
  • Go upstairs to Tara’s room.

Taras Room 2

  • Examine the lantern statue on the table again.
  • Collect the note.
  • Slide the head of the werewolf and insert the Celtic knot emblem.
  • Go into the newly opened passage.


  • Light the candle using the matches.
  • Click the wall panel open.
  • Zoom into the open panel.

Wire Game

  • Arrange the wires to match the pattern on the note.
  • Examine the pile of luggage.


  • Click the calendar.
  • Collect the blowtorch pieces.
  • Put the blowtorch together and use it to cut the pipes.


  • Examine the safe.
  • Collect the safe pieces.
  • Insert them into the correct slots and open the safe.


  • Find the jewels of the amulet and put them together.
  • Move to the Gateway Path and examine the Standing Stone.


  • Move the puzzle pieces to create the correct shape.


  • Go right at the next intersection to the King’s Path.
  • Collect the moon disk.
  • Move to the Crane Bridge.

Standing Stone Game

  • Collect the dragonfly.
  • Examine the standing stone.
  • Move the puzzle pieces until the shape is created.
  • Go to the Woods Wolf Angel path.


  • Examine the standing stone.
  • Move the puzzle pieces until the shape is created.
  • Go to the church and zoom into the door and collect the dragonfly.

Old Woman

  • Move toward the old woman’s house until you find the standing stone.
  • Examine the standing stone.
  • Move the puzzle pieces until the shape is created.
  • Move to the King’s path.

Amulet 2

  • Activate your Wolf power by clicking the amulet.
  • Insert your hands onto the glowing handprint on the door.
  • Go through the door and upstairs.


  • Collect the disk behind the golden egg.
  • Move forward and go upstairs.


  • Examine the chest.
  • Collect Tara’s watch.
  • Insert the dragonflies onto the chest lock.
  • Collect the statue pieces.
  • Go to the statue intersection.

Statue Pieces

  • Place the statue pieces in the correct spots.
  • Collect the staff.
  • Go back to the Old Woman’s house and give her the staff.


  • Collect the note and follow Brina into the house.

Living Room

  • Click on the power.
  • Move upstairs to the roof top.


  • Collect the moon phase pieces and examine the telescope.
  • Go upstairs to the roof top.


  • Collect the wolf eye and examine the crystal lens.
  • Collect the moon phase piece.
  • Go downstairs and click Brina.

Eye 2

  • Collect the wolf eye from the diorama.
  • Go to the annex.


  • Examine the Wolf head.
  • Collect the moon phase piece.
  • Insert the wolf eyes into the sockets.
  • Explore the new opening.

Fish Game

  • Find the missing fish.
  • Match the fish pairs.

Pipe Game

  • Find the missing pipes.
  • Place the pipes into the correct places.
  • Collect the moon phase piece.
  • Go to the living room and examine the moonbeam collector.

Moon 2

  • Insert the moon phase pieces in the collector and collect the angel key.
  • Go upstairs to the crystal lens.

Lens 2

  • Insert the angel key onto the lens.
  • Move the lens to beam to the church lens.