The Beast of Lycan Isle: Chapter Two: Church Exploration

Rely on our The Beast of Lycan Isle Walkthrough to see you safely through the darkness that's permeated this isolated Isle. Our full chapter-by-chapter guide will be a comforting light on these dark paths you must tread, where werewolves stalk you from the shadows, waiting to pounce if you let your guard down. Use these helpful hints, detailed instructions, and tons of custom screenshots to help you on your quest to find your missing friend Tara and defeat the Wolf King.


  • Go downstairs to the annex.
  • Collect your glasses.


  • Zoom into the porthole and collect the disk.


  • Zoom into the piano.
  • Press the keys as follows: 1 – 2 – 3.
  • Examine the item that the owl dropped.
  • Collect the hatch key.
  • Examine the door and insert the hatch key into its lock.
  • Turn the key.
  • Go back to the annex.


  • Collect the broken staff and the lighthouse disk.
  • Go to the church and zoom into the church door.

Church Door

  • Insert the lighthouse, moon and wolf disks into the door slots.
  • Enter.


  • Move to the rear of the church.


  • Examine the shields and the sepulture.
  • Open the sword and axe shield.
  • Collect the lens filter.
  • Leave through the door.


  • Collect the bell and the ladder.
  • Move forward and examine the machine.


  • Find the machines missing parts.
  • Assemble the parts to activate the machine.
  • Match the bottom and top wave to open the flower pod.


  • Zoom into the well.
  • Collect the pieces of the hedge clippers.
  • Use them to remove the vines.

Well 2

  • Zoom into the well again.
  • Collect the pieces for the well.
  • Assemble the pieces and collect the water.
  • Collect the full bucket and use it on the flower.
  • Collect the queen of the night orchid.
  • Go into the church.


  • Examine the altar.
  • Collect Tara’s earrings.
  • Put the queen of the night orchid onto the prongs.
  • Move back one scene, go to the left and collect the lens filter.


  • Go back and examine the light reflector.
  • Insert the 2 lens filters into the slots.
  • Move to the right passage.


  • Collect the missing weapons.


  • Collect the flame emblems and place them into the slots.
  • Collect the bell.
  • Move to the left passage.

Bell 2

  • Collect the bell.
  • Place the ladder.
  • Move upstairs.

Bells 3

  • Place the bells; play them according to the order on the gate (1-5).
  • Enter the gate and up to the lens.


  • Collect the moon hammer.
  • Go downstairs.


  • Use the moon hammer on the statue orb.
  • Collect the angel key.
  • Go upstairs.

Crystal Lens

  • Place the angel key on the crystal lens.
  • Move the lens until Lake Banshee comes into focus.


  • Examine the chest.
  • Collect the disk and the sun piece.
  • Go downstairs and to the rear of the church.


  • Examine the door on the sepulture.
  • Insert the sun piece into the empty slot.


  • Examine the bubbling area of water; collect the crowbar.
  • Move to the left side of the room.


  • Collect the star disk and the bloodstone.
  • Open the panel with the crowbar.
  • Zoom into the panel.
  • To solve the mini-game rotate the left wheel two times and the right wheel two times also.


  • Examine the skeletons.
  • Collect the blood stone and the sun disk.
  • Examine the image on the book.
  • Move into the left room.


  • Examine the disk.
  • Collect the missing angels and put them into the correct spots.
  • Collect the missing demons and put them in the correct spots.
  • Collect the tree disk.

Door 2

  • Move to the door.
  • Collect the moon disk.
  • Examine the pedestal.
  • Collect Tara’s necklace.
  • Insert the tree disk into the slot.
  • Back up and move to the right door.
  • Insert the sun disk on the top slot.
  • Insert the moon disk on the lower right slot and the star disk on the lower left slot.
  • Go through the door and to the crypt.


  • Collect the graveyard key and the bloodstone.
  • Go upstairs.


  • Collect the bloodstone.
  • Examine the wall with the amulet symbol.
  • Collect the bloodstone.
  • Back up and examine the shrine.


  • Insert the bloodstones into the slots.
  • Touch the amulet slot to charge the amulet.


  • Unleash the amulet’s power.
  • Move back to the wall with the amulet symbol.
  • Break the thick glass to see the symbols.
  • Back up to the sanctuary and go to the main door.


  • Click the symbols as follows: creature, night and power.
  • Go upstairs to the graveyard.


  • Collect the disk from the owl.
  • Move to the graveyard gate.


  • Open the gate lock using the graveyard key.
  • Go back to the village and go to the police station.

Store Key

  • Ring the bell; a cut scene will trigger.
  • Collect the general store key card.
  • Go to the general store.


  • Examine the door.
  • Use the general store key card on the reader.


  • Collect the mechanical eye.
  • Examine the drink cooler.
  • Examine the cash register.
  • Click 3 – 2 – 5.
  • Move up the secret passage stairs.


  • Examine the surgical bed.
  • Collect Tara’s hat.
  • Insert the mechanical eye onto the eye socket to open the statue’s mouth.
  • Collect the ancient manuscript page.
  • Go to the village gate.


  • Examine the cop.
  • Collect the loaded gun, the map piece and the remote control.


  • Follow the cultist to the Crane Bridge.
  • Lower the bridge using the remote control.
  • Go over the bridge and move left.