The Beast of Lycan Isle: Chapter Three: Lake Banshee Expedition

Rely on our The Beast of Lycan Isle Walkthrough to see you safely through the darkness that's permeated this isolated Isle. Our full chapter-by-chapter guide will be a comforting light on these dark paths you must tread, where werewolves stalk you from the shadows, waiting to pounce if you let your guard down. Use these helpful hints, detailed instructions, and tons of custom screenshots to help you on your quest to find your missing friend Tara and defeat the Wolf King.


  • Go to the Lake Intersection.
  • Move down the path to the right.


  • Collect the disk and the orb.
  • Move ahead to the shore of Lake Banshee.


  • Collect the harp string.
  • Get into the boat.
  • Go to the right.


  • Collect the orb and the pickaxe.
  • Go up to the lens.


  • Collect the red crystal.
  • Examine the lens.
  • Collect the harp string.


  • Move down and examine the harp.
  • Collect the blue crystal.
  • Move to the lake center and go forward to the left.


  • Collect the harp string.
  • Insert the red crystal into the right slot and the blue crystal into the left slot.
  • Go into the doorway.

Left Mine

  • Collect the orb.
  • Move left toward the mine.

Orb 2

  • Collect the orb.
  • Move to the carving on the right part of the mine shaft.

Circle Puzzle

  • Match the circles as in the relief.
  • Collect the locket.
  • Go into the mine.


  • Collect Tara’s handkerchief.
  • Use the pickaxe on the crystal.
  • Collect the orb.
  • Go deeper into the mine.

Mine Cart

  • Examine the mine cart.
  • Collect the missing chess pieces.
  • Insert the chess pieces into the slots.


  • Find all the sticks of dynamite.
  • Put the sticks of dynamite into the bundle.


  • Find all the detonator pieces.
  • Insert all the detonator pieces.

Tile Puzzle

  • Click the tiles in the color pattern to reach the goal.


  • Examine the new hole.
  • Collect the orb.
  • Leave the mine and go to the woman statue carved in the mountain.

Woman Statue

  • Examine the gravestone.
  • Insert the locket into the gravestone.
  • Collect the orb.
  • Go to the shore of Lake Banshee.


  • Insert the orbs into the large stone.
  • Move to the area under the falls.

Harp 2

  • Collect the harp string.
  • Click the lever.

Stone Harp

  • Move to the stone harp.
  • Put the harp strings onto the harp.
  • Solve the puzzle by making all green lights.
  • Collect the angel key.
  • Move to the lens.


  • Use the angel key on the lens.
  • Move the lens until it points to the castle.