Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes: Chapter Seven: Inside the Vampire Castle

Our Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes Walkthrough will guide your steps as you join Vanessa, granddaughter to Abraham Van Helsing, and next in line as guardian for the Order of the Light. Use our detailed chapter-by-chapter instructions, our stunning custom screenshots, and our simple puzzle solutions in our Portal of Evil Walkthrough to help find the stolen runes and stop an ancient evil from escaping before it's too late.


  • Click anywhere and speak to Giovanni.
  • Click the carriage to access a hidden objects area.



  • Arrange the items where they belong.
  • Click the cabinet and zoom into the compartments to place certain items.
  • Collect the door knocker.



  • Collect the bat figurine.
  • Click the door and insert the door knocker.
  • Click the door knocker to trigger a puzzle.
  • To solve the puzzle click the buttons in the following sequence:
  • B – B – B –A – E – E –C – D – D – D – F – F



  • Click the gargoyle to trigger a puzzle.
  • Arrange the dragons by their matching icon.
  • To solve the puzzle click the icons as follows:
  • A – C –B – D
  • Collect the jewel.
  • Move into the castle.



  • Collect the message.
  • Move upstairs and turn left then enter the door to the main hall.



  • Collect the hammer and the spearhead.
  • Move to the entrance of the castle.
  • Click the carriage to access a hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Click the cabinet; collect the perfume and the notepad.
  • Click the number 1; collect the number 2.
  • Lay the buckle onto the boot; collect the shoe with a buckle.
  • Collect the jack.
  • Move to the hallway.