Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes: Chapter Three: The Village

Our Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes Walkthrough will guide your steps as you join Vanessa, granddaughter to Abraham Van Helsing, and next in line as guardian for the Order of the Light. Use our detailed chapter-by-chapter instructions, our stunning custom screenshots, and our simple puzzle solutions in our Portal of Evil Walkthrough to help find the stolen runes and stop an ancient evil from escaping before it's too late.


  • Collect the message.
  • Collect the stone figurine.
  • Click the far end of the rope bridge.



  • Click anywhere; speak to the priest.
  • Collect the tranquilizer recipe.
  • Click the building; collect the basket and the symbol.
  • Click the ruins to access a hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Click the lid and zoom into the stone container to collect the acorn, apple and the paper.
  • Collect the machete.
  • Move ahead to the temple entrance.



  • Collect the fence part.
  • Click the right stair pedestal; collect the 2nd stone figurine.
  • Move back once.



  • Click the cage and lay the fence part against the opening.
  • Click the crane; use the machete to cut the rope.
  • Click the cage; use the machete to cut the rope and collect the dart.
  • Move up the stone path to the waterfall.



  • Click the statue.
  • Use the dart on the frog; collect the poisoned dart.
  • Collect the spear.
  • Click the totem head and use the spear on it.
  • Collect the skull 1 / 10 and the root.
  • Move to the temple entrance.



  • Click the clogged fountain.
  • Select the spear to unclog it and collect the 2nd eye.
  • Move to the bridge.



  • Click the stump and use the spear on it.
  • Collect the mushroom.
  • Click the bush and place the basket into it.
  • Click a few berries to collect the berry bunch.
  • Move to the village and click the hut.



  • Place the tranquilizer recipe onto the table.
  • Place the mushrooms, the berries and the root into the mortar.
  • Crush the ingredients using the pestle and insert the poisoned dart.
  • Collect the tranquilizer dart.
  • Use the tranquilizer dart on the tube; collect the blowgun.
  • Move to the temple entrance.



  • Use the blowgun on the guard.
  • Click the tranquilized guard; collect the temple key.
  • Move up to the temple.



  • Click the temple door.
  • Insert the temple key.
  • Move into the temple.