Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes: Chapter One: The Light

Our Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes Walkthrough will guide your steps as you join Vanessa, granddaughter to Abraham Van Helsing, and next in line as guardian for the Order of the Light. Use our detailed chapter-by-chapter instructions, our stunning custom screenshots, and our simple puzzle solutions in our Portal of Evil Walkthrough to help find the stolen runes and stop an ancient evil from escaping before it's too late.


  • Click anywhere and speak to the guard.
  • Click the car door 2 times.
  • Click the clutch and collect the key.
  • Insert the key into the suitcase.
  • Click the photo and collect the invitation and the tweezers.
  • Give the guard the invitation and collect the screwdriver.
  • Click the gate mechanism and use the screwdriver to loosen the bolts.
  • Click the lid and use the tweezers to dislodge the twig.



  • Go to the end of the walkway and move to the right.
  • Click the scene and speak to Gordon.
  • Collect the stick and move back once.



  • Click the bench.
  • Read the paper and collect the box of matches.
  • Click the dangling key; use the stick on it.
  • Click the ground and collect the key.
  • Move to the end of the walkway and go to the right.



  • Click the door.
  • Insert the key and go into the cathedral.
  • Move forward to trigger a puzzle.



  • Click the ropes in A-B-C order.
  • Collect the cross key.
  • Move back 3 times and turn left at the end of the walkway.



  • Click the harp.
  • Insert the cross key.
  • Click the harp once more to trigger a puzzle.
  • Align the notes as shown and click the chain to play the correct melody.



  • Click the compartment.
  • Collect the map.
  • Collect the pass card.
  • Collect the message holder.
  • Move back once and click the statue to access a hidden objects area.



  • Find the listed items.
  • Select the knife and use it to slice the sack; collect the carrot.
  • Click the newspaper; collect the shovel.
  • Click the urn and collect the star, key and the pencils.
  • Collect the cross.
  • Move to the end of the walkway and turn right.



  • Click the statue on the left and insert the cross.
  • Click the alcove and collect the mosaic part.
  • Notice the symbols on the banner.
  • Move into the cathedral.


Mosaic Puzzle

  • Click the floor mosaic and insert the mosaic part to trigger a puzzle.
  • Align the pieces to the matching background.
  • Solve the puzzle by clicking the disks as follows:
  • B  -  A – C – E – B – B – D - D  - C – E – B



  • Click the mirrors to shine to lights onto the rubies.
  • To solve the puzzle click the three mirrors 2 times each.
  • Move ahead.



  • Create a triangle with the rays.
  • To solve the puzzle click the rubies as follows:
  • A – B – C – C
  • Move ahead.



  • Click the altar.
  • Collect the cube and read the book.
  • Click the bas-relief; insert the cube to trigger a puzzle.
  • Move the cubes to match the photo in the journal.
  • Click the cubes as follows to solve the puzzle.
  • Click the upper left cube 2 times.
  • Click the upper right cube once.
  • Click the lower right cube 3 times.
  • Click the lower left cube 2 times.
  • Collect the UV lamp and the message.
  • Move back 2 times.



  • Click the painting.
  • Click the bottom right corner and select the UV lamp to read the clue.
  • Move out of the close up.
  • Click the statue to trigger a puzzle.
  • Align the statue to match the clue from the painting.
  • Move to the right and into the elevator.



  • Click the newspaper; collect the template.
  • Click the grate.
  • Select the screw driver to unscrew the 4 screws.
  • Collect the statuette.
  • Click the panel and insert the pass card; click the down button.
  • Move ahead.



  • Move ahead to the door and insert the pass card.
  • Move ahead and then turn right into the laboratory.



  • Click the table.
  • Insert the template to trigger a puzzle.
  • Click the images as shown in the pattern above.
  • Collect the half of the diagram.



  • Click anywhere in the scene.
  • Speak to the strange guy.
  • Click the corner to trigger a hidden objects area.



  • Insert the items where they belong.
  • Click the box to insert certain items.
  • Collect the key.
  • Move back once.



  • Click the gate.
  • Insert the key and go through the gate and move left.



  • Click anywhere to speak to Father Benedict.
  • Collect the key.
  • Click the cat; collect the eye.
  • Click the painting 2 times.
  • Collect the dragon, the vinyl record and then read the note.
  • Click the trunk and insert the dragon.
  • Collect the jade dragon figurine.
  • Move back 2 times and move to the left into the wine cellar.



  • Click the gramophone and lay the vinyl record onto it.
  • Click the handle; collect the 2nd half of the diagram.
  • Click the table; collect the 1 / 6 rubies.
  • Move to the round room.



  • Click the floor.
  • Insert the 2 halves of the diagram to trigger a puzzle.
  • Move the slides to match the pattern.
  • Once the puzzle is solved, go downstairs to the portals.



  • Collect the message.
  • Click the center and insert the key into the lock.
  • Move forward through the portal.