Hidden Mysteries: Gates of Graceland: Chapter Nine: Tupelo

Our Hidden Mysteries Gates of Graceland Walkthrough will be your personal tour guide as you search the rambling grounds and vast rooms of the famed Graceland Estate in search of the missing song Elvis wrote for his mother shortly before he died. We've packed this Hidden Mysteries Walkthrough full of everything you need to know to complete the game, including tons of screenshots clearly marked with key locations, solutions to each and every puzzle, and detailed start-to-finish instructions.


  • Note the guitar on stage that needs plugging in – take the WHAMMY BAR.
  • Note also the microphone that seems to be having trouble staying up.
  • There’s also no drumsticks to use on the kit.
  • Head down the back of the stage.



  • Note the sound equipment to the left and the curtains to the right that need tying back.
  • Head outside.



  • Zoom in on the display nearby  and note the FAIR TICKET inside the case – use the WHAMMY BAR to retrieve it. 
  • Note the bolted gate to the left.
  • Use the FAIR TICKET to gain entry to the carnival.



  • Note the yummy popcorn and the game to the right that needs a baseball to play.
  • Talk to the barker, who’ll give you a spiel about bringing him two tickets for a prize.
  • Zoom in on the stall with the maroon canopy to play a bottle game.


Bottle Game

  • The point here is to get a total of three rings on the bottle necks. There’s no cut and dried way of automatically getting it right, you just have to keep playing it until you land one on! You can move to the left or right, and adjust the distance of the throw.  Try setting the ring up for the toss by placing its inner circumference  in a way that it’s perfectly halved by the top of the green barrier (so the top half of the circle will be purple, the lower half green) making sure that you’ve lined the ring up perfectly with one of the rows.  If done correctly, the ring should land on the first bottle of the row you’ve aimed at. 
  • Once done you’ll receive a PRIZE TICKET (1/2).



  • Next, take the FERRIS WHEEL LEVER and put it in place on the control box.
  • Pull the lever down, after which the Ferris wheel will turn and bring down the next passenger car with a pair of BOLT CUTTERS for you to acquire.
  • Head back to the entrance.



  • Zoom in on the gate to the left and use the BOLT CUTTERS to snap the lock.
  • Enter.



  • Take the BAILING TWINE hanging on the rail nearby and the FOOD DISH sitting on the bale in front of the goat.
  • Use the PITCHFORK on the straw to the right to reveal a pair of DRUMSTICKS to place in inventory.
  • Now to find a way to move that pesky goat.
  • What is it with animals constantly blocking the path – horses, turtles – now a goat!



  • Return to the tented area behind the stage and use the BAILING TWINE to tie back the curtain.
  • Move the wooden pail to the side, then the wooden box, revealing a BASEBALL.
  • Pick it up and head back to the midway area.



  • Select the BASEBALL from inventory, then click on the tent to the right to initiate the next puzzle. The point to this game is pretty obvious, which is to knock down all the bottles – all of them! As with the other game, you can adjust the depth of your throw and also move to the left and right. Note the screenshot for an approximate depth to place the ball before firing away. Unlike the typical scenario, with this game you can take as many shots as you like to win. Wish it was this easy in reality – you’d get the stuffed toy every time!
  • When complete you’ll receive another PRIZE TICKET.


Prize Hidden Object

  • Zero in on the barker, and hand him the PRIZE TICKETS.
  • He will then invite you to come forward and approach his booth to select a prize.
  • Doing so will initiate the next HOA puzzle. 
  • Acquire all the items circled in red, after which you’ll be given a TEDDY BEAR.



  • Zoom in on the popcorn machine and use the FOOD DISH to get yourself a serving of POPCORN.
  • Head back to the goat!



  • Put the FOOD DISH on the ground in front of the bale, at which point the goal will move aside for you.
  • Then click on the hose just visible to the right of the chicken and remove the HOSE CLAMP (what, with your bare hands?) 
  • Take the MICROPHONE from the stage in the background,  and head back to the tented area behind the stage.



  • Click on the gift box on the table and place the TEDDY BEAR inside it – the lid will go on, revealing a HAIRPIN for you to pick up.
  • Use the HAIRPIN on the lock for the guitar case and take the GUITAR CORD you’ll find inside.
  • Head up to the stage.



  • Click on the DRUMSTICKS in inventory and place them on the drum kit.
  • Select the HOSE CLAMP from inventory and click on the loose microphone on the right to fix it.
  • Place the MICROPHONE on the top of the mike stand in the middle of the stage.
  • Finally take the GUITAR CORD and plug it into the guitar and amp. 
  • Head back to the area behind the stage.



  • The object with the sound check is to adjust the four knobs so that the needles on both meters get into the green zone.
  • It’s a pretty simple exercise, as the two dials on the left control the left meter, while the two dials to the right control the right meter.
  • See the screenshot for the solution.
  • When done you’ll be taken through a collection of clips and photographs of Elvis, after which you’ll find yourself back in the present in Gladys’ room at Graceland.