Hidden Mysteries: Gates of Graceland: Chapter Seven: Hawaii

Our Hidden Mysteries Gates of Graceland Walkthrough will be your personal tour guide as you search the rambling grounds and vast rooms of the famed Graceland Estate in search of the missing song Elvis wrote for his mother shortly before he died. We've packed this Hidden Mysteries Walkthrough full of everything you need to know to complete the game, including tons of screenshots clearly marked with key locations, solutions to each and every puzzle, and detailed start-to-finish instructions.


  • Zoom in on the stool to the right and take the TIKI TOTEM.
  • Also take note of the barman’s needs behind the counter.
  • Glance at the missing flowers on the lei around the statue’s neck.
  • Next chat to the barman, who’ll ask you to give him a hand to restock the bar with coconuts and pineapples.
  • Head off to the left.



  • Note the castle and the clue about digging in the sand. 
  • Take the SURFBOARD.
  • Note the coconut in the tree and the fact you need to throw something at it to dislodge it.
  • Also note the seaweed stuck to the rocks at the base of the tree.
  • Proceed forward.



  • Note the turtle that doesn’t want to move – where’s that spur you used on the horse? 
  • Another coconut also waits to be dislodged in the nearby tree.
  • Take the TORCH sitting on the lifeguard seat.
  • Zoom in on the boat by the shore and take the PLASTIC SHOVEL and LIFESAVER.



  • Return to the sandcastle and use the PLASTIC SHOVEL to dig into it – collect the FLOWERS (1/4).
  • Go back to the bar area and head right.



  • Take the APPLE out of the pig’s mouth. 
  • Take the TORCH from inventory and place it in the hot coals to light it.
  • Use it to light the other torches in the area.
  • Note the HOA puzzle to the left and zero in to initiate it.


Table Hidden Object Area

  • Acquire all the items circled in red, after which you’ll receive a PINEAPPLE. 



  • Click on the gates to the right and note the missing totem. Put the one from inventory in place to initiate the next puzzle.


Gate Puzzle

  • The aim here is pretty simply.
  • The jaw section for each totem rotates, giving a choice of three sets of teeth – or none at all in some cases!
  • The basic idea is to essentially match the lower set of teeth with what’s on show on the upper row.
  • Once completed the gates will swing open.
  • Enter.



  • Grab the COCONUT (1/3) sitting on the small table by the deck chair.
  • Note the pineapple in the garden bed to the right, the object floating in the pool, and the machete in the planter on the other side of the pool. 
  • Use the LIFE SAVER to retrieve the FLOWERS (2/4) from the pool. 
  • Now lay the SURFBOARD across the narrow portion of the pool to the left and head across to retrieve the MACHETE. 
  • Use the MACHETE to retrieve the PINEAPPLE.
  • Head back to the baking pig and approach the table on the left to initiate another HOA puzzle.


Table Hidden Object Area

  • Acquire the items circled in red, after which you’ll receive another FLOWER (3/4).
  • Head back to the sand castle.



  • Use the machete to cut the SEAWEED away from the rock.
  • Next head over to the turtle nearby.



  • Give the turtle the SEAWEED, which will entice it away from the tree.
  • Next move the lifeguard chair over to the tree and use it to retrieve the COCONUT (2/3).
  • Head back to the sand castle.



  • Use the APPLE to knock down the COCONUT from the tree to complete your collection.
  • All you need to do now is find the final flower.
  • Head back to the bar.



  • Zoom in on the bar and replenish the stock of fruit, after which the barman will thank you and invite you to watch the TV.
  • Pick up the FLOWER (4/4) and place them all on the lei, which will initiate the next puzzle.


Lei Puzzle

  • The aim of this puzzle is to arrange the lei so that no two flowers of the same color are next to each other.
  • All but the two flowers at either end can be moved.
  • See the screenshot for a solution.



  • When done you’ll see something in the statue’s mouth – it’s a BUTTON for the TV.
  • Put it in place, and watch a scene play out from Elvis’ famous comeback concert in Hawaii.
  • After which you’ll be returned to the present in the trophy room.