Hidden Mysteries: Gates of Graceland: Chapter Six: The Stables

Our Hidden Mysteries Gates of Graceland Walkthrough will be your personal tour guide as you search the rambling grounds and vast rooms of the famed Graceland Estate in search of the missing song Elvis wrote for his mother shortly before he died. We've packed this Hidden Mysteries Walkthrough full of everything you need to know to complete the game, including tons of screenshots clearly marked with key locations, solutions to each and every puzzle, and detailed start-to-finish instructions.


  • Zero in on the safe and take the note, which is a continuation of Elvis’ lyrics for his song to Gladys.
  • Then take the WATER HANDLE also sitting in the safe.
  • Exit the office, and head over to the sprinkler system.



  • Place the WATER HANDLE on the sprinkler head and turn the water off. 
  • Proceed forward to the pool



  • Pick up the  WOODEN RUNGS (2/4) sitting on the wall on the far side of the pool. 
  • Note the reel of film sitting on the float in the middle of the pool.
  • Exit back to the sprinkler, then turn right into the trophy room.



  • Grab the WOODEN RUNG (3/4) leaning against the wall at the back of the room.
  • Next glance around the room at the various aspects to the displays that need correcting. 
  • Exit back outside, and head to the building on the right, through what looks like an exercise area, then the next room (which is marked on the map as the racquetball room but which clearly looks like another trophy room) and out the others side to the stable area.



  • Pick up the last of the WOODEN RUNGS (4/4).
  • Note the slight crack in the barrel, the bird sitting on the roof with something in its mouth, and the stubborn house that won’t move. 
  • Release the PIGEON from inventory and watch as it chases the other bird away, forcing it to drop the object in its mouth – but behind the mule of a horse (can you say that and make sense?) You could probably use the nail in inventory to achieve the desired effect of moving it, but that wouldn’t be humane, so for now you have to exit.



  • Return to the exercise room and place the WOODEN RUNGS on the exercise equipment.
  • Click on the bench to move it further up the rungs, which will allow you access to the SLEDGEHAMMER sitting on top of the equipment.
  • Note the unplugged pinball machine and exit the room and head back to the stables.



  • Use the SLEGEHAMMER on the barrel to smash it apart (my, you are making yourself increasingly popular with management) and pick up the reel of film, which will show you a quick cut scene of Elvis horse riding, then pick up the SPUR.
  • Use the SPUR to move the horse and pick up the ALLEN WRENCH.
  • Note the pile of dirt, then head into the stable.



  • Take the SHOVEL and STEP LADDER.
  • Note the MISSING HORSESHOE from the solitary nail above the central stall, and add the NAIL next to it from inventory.



  • Exit back outside to the stable yard and use the SHOVEL  on the pile of dirt.
  • Take the HORSESHOE and place it above the stall, which will initiate the next HOA puzzle inside.


Stall Hidden Object Area

  • Acquire all the items circled in red, after which you’ll receive the GOLDEN EAGLE. 
  • Head outside, go to the racquetball court/trophy room


  • Place the GOLDEN EAGLE on the belt of the white suit on display to the left, and pick up the LEI left behind. 
  • Now head over to the designated trophy room.



  • Zero in on the display to the left, and use the ALLEN KEY to undo the screw and open the frame to remove the misplace GOLD RECORD.
  • Place the LEI in the Hawaiian exhibit at the back of the room. 



  • Head to the shooting gallery and use the STEP LADDER to access the trap door over the entry.
  • Take the GRAMMY CERTIFICATE partly visible, and head over to the racquetball/trophy room.



  • Zero in on the wall to the right and click on the image of Elvis, in amongst all the gold records, and place the GOLD RECORD from inventory in place while placing the BLUE HAWAII ALBUM in inventory. This will initiate the next puzzle.


Record Puzzle

  • The idea with this puzzle is that you need to put the records in chronological order, noting that a number of them have had key numbers removed from the year of issue. There’s some guesswork and logic involved, but what makes the puzzle infinitely easier is that once you’ve placed an album in its correct position it will lock in place and take on an increased glow. So when in doubt, just move an album around until it lights up and locks in place. 
  • See the screenshot for the solution. 
  • Head to the exterior office.



  • Place the GRAMMY CERTIFICATE on the photo copier.
  • Run the machine, take the CERTIFICATE COPY, and head to the designated trophy room.



  • Go to the Hawaiian exhibit and place the BLUE HAWAII ALBUM in the display.
  • Then place the two CERTIFICATES  in the award display to the right. Completing the displays will initiate the next HOA puzzle in the case to the far right.


Display Hidden Object Area

  • Collect all the items circled in red.
  • When complete you’ll receive the SWIM TRUNKS.



  • Zero in on the display case for Hawaii and insert the SWIM TRUNKS.
  • A small box will then open, showing a postcard.
  • Clicking on it will initiate the next little trip down memory lane, this time to Hawaii – wish it was this easy to travel!