Hidden Mysteries: Gates of Graceland: Chapter Two: Entering Graceland

Our Hidden Mysteries Gates of Graceland Walkthrough will be your personal tour guide as you search the rambling grounds and vast rooms of the famed Graceland Estate in search of the missing song Elvis wrote for his mother shortly before he died. We've packed this Hidden Mysteries Walkthrough full of everything you need to know to complete the game, including tons of screenshots clearly marked with key locations, solutions to each and every puzzle, and detailed start-to-finish instructions.


  • Note the loose brick to the left of the gate, as well as the fact that there’s some missing MUSICAL NOTES from the gate, which you can find on the on the bush to the left.

Gate Puzzle

  • Place the MUSICAL NOTES on the gate to initiate the next little puzzle, which is to simply turn a number of the notes to face in the appropriate direction – note the post card in the journal for the correct orientation.
  • Once done, the gates will swing open invitingly.


  • Okay, now for a novel way to gain access to Graceland. Zero in on the ball sitting atop the brick wall, at which point it will roll off and clobber you, knocking you out.
  • When you come to you’ll see someone gazing down at you – the guard – who’ll have a chat with you and eventually let you wonder on up to the house.
  • Isn’t there an easier way to get in to Graceland other than getting concussed by a 50 pound concrete ball putting an indentation in your head?


  • Approach the house, and note the lion to the left with the missing eyes. 
  • On the bench to the right is another audio reel  – pick it up. Oh no, it disappears on you. See, that’s what concussions to do to you!
  • Next thing you know, you’re watching a video clip and images of Elvis, after which you’ll be left gazing down at a SNOWBALL – add it to inventory.
  • Sitting on the ledge above the seat is a CHISEL – take that as well.

Brick Gate

  • Go back to the gated entrance and use the CHISEL to prize out the brick (obviously the game developer has never done woodwork – wouldn’t a simple screwdriver or the crowbar used earlier have been more appropriate?)
  • Take the KEY hidden behind the brick, and use it to open the guard house by the gate. Enter in.


  • Clicking on the open doorway will present you with the next HOA puzzle.
  • Acquire all the objects circled in red.
  • On completion you’ll be presented with the ESTATE KEY.
  • Pick up the killer STONE BALL lying on the ground nearby, then proceed to the front door of the mansion.


  • Use the ESTATE KEY on the front door and enter inside.


  • Talk to the tour guide, who’ll invite you to head on to the bedroom of Gladys, Elvis’ mother.
  • Proceed through the doorway straight ahead.


  • Open the drawer of the nearest bedside table and retrieve the MATCHES. 
  • Exit the room and head to the right of the foyer


  • Enter the living room and use the MATCHES to get the fire started in the fireplace. 
  • Place the SNOWBALL in front of it to melt it, then retrieve the GOLDEN LOCKET left behind.
  • Note the missing clock face above the mantelpiece. 
  • Note also the empty pedestal by the single lounge chair.
  • Exit back to the foyer and go back to Elvis’ mother’s room.

Mothers Room

  • Go up to the chest of drawers on the left and insert the GOLDEN LOCKET into the music box sitting atop it.
  • When it springs open take the TV KNOB and look at the note from Elvis to his mother.
  • Exit back to the foyer, talk to the guide again, and take the map of the mansion that she proffers. 
  • Head to the right through the living room and forward to the music room.

Music Room

  • Zoom in on the TV and put the TV KNOB in place, then watch the interview with Elvis play out. 
  • Exit back to the foyer and head left, through the dining room and to the right into the kitchen


  • Note the hot skillet on the stove.
  • Open the top drawer to the left and take the GARAGE OPENER and FUSES (1/4). 
  • Also take the WASH RAG laying on top of the tap.
  • Approach the door at the back and note the combination lock – what’s the solution? 
  • Note how Elvis kept mentioning ‘Memphis’ all the time through the interview? Try that. 
  • Proceed through the door into the office.


  • Help yourself to the ELVIS BUST sitting on the organ – might as well pilfer a few precious souvenirs while here, right?
  • While you’re at it, help yourself to the pen on the desk as well – maybe the King used it himself!
  • Zoom in on the fish tank to initiate the next HOA puzzle.


  • Find all the fish circled in red.
  • When finished you’ll receive a GOLDFISH in a little fishy bag!
  • Note the missing organ levers and the controls hidden behind front panel of the desk. 
  • Exit the office and head back to the living room.

Living Room

  • Approach the pedestal and place the ELVIS BUST on it – oh well, so much for the idea of selling it on Ebay.
  • Note the panel that opens up and take Elvis’ social security card – somehow I don’t think setting up a fake ID under the name of Elvis Aaron Presley is going to work, you know?  Maybe you need the number for something else?
  • Head back to the office to find out.


  • Zoom in on the desk and dial in the SS number in the following manner –
    • 1) First three digits across the top row of tumblers
    • 2) Second pair of digits dialed into the second row
    • 3) The last four numbers set on the four toggle switches across the bottom.
  • Take the note and read it, after which you’ll be whisked down memory lane to the NBC dressing room mentioned in the note.