Haunted Legends: The Undertaker: Chapter 8: Hotel Access

Our Haunted Legends The Undertaker Walkthrough will help you survive the current infestation of the undead, as they roam the streets of this once quaint fishing village helping themselves to whatever or whoever gets in their way. With clear chapter-by-chapter instructions and detailed screenshots showing every hidden object scene and puzzle or mini-game you'll encounter, you'll have no trouble discovering the truth behind this mysterious curse.


  • Zoom into the table; place the form onto it.
  • Place the nugget onto the device.
  • Click the knob; use the flint on the burner.
  • Click the beaker; collect the key.
  • Go upstairs.


  • Examine the lock; insert the key and open the cage.
  • Collect the second fresco part.
  • Pour the rum into the funnel; place the wick on the top and light it using the flint.
  • Examine the safe, insert the handle and click it.
  • Click the lever inside the mechanism.
  • Walk down two times.

Spot Light

  • Zoom into the spot where the light is shining.
  • Move forward when the fog clears.

Cable Car

  • Collect the antenna.
  • Open the cable car door; collect the keys.
  • Cut the deflated ball using the sharpened knife; collect the rubber strip.
  • Examine the hoist and collect the ice axe.
  • Examine the ladder and place the antenna onto it.
  • Examine the chain above the ladder and place the pin onto it.


  • Examine the door; place the lens over the locks.
  • Examine the lock and insert the keys to trigger a puzzle.
  • Inset the keys into the correct locks.
  • Collect the crown scale and the starter.
  • Go to the lighthouse.


  • Examine the ground; place the 2 fresco parts onto the ground.
  • Arrange the pieces as shown to open the grid.
  • Examine the hatch; collect the triangular key and the chain.
  • Go to the cable car.


  • Examine the hoist; place the rubber strip and the chain onto it.
  • Examine the cable car; insert the starter to trigger a puzzle.

String Puzzle

  • Solve as shown above.
  • To solve the second part of the puzzle use this pattern:
  • Right 2 – up 2 – left – up – left and press go.


  • Examine the panel; insert the triangular key into the key hole.
  • Collect the tube.
  • Examine the door.
  • Use the ice axe to remove the ice and access the hidden objects area.

Hidden Object Scene 1

  • Click the sheets; collect the trumpet.
  • Click the bag; collect the keys.
  • Use the bellows on the dust pile; collect the shoe.
  • Use the hammer to crack the owl; collect the scroll.
  • Collect the dolphin.

Hotel Door

  • Zoom into the hotel door; place the dolphin on the rope.
  • Ring the bells as follows: 2 – 4 – 3 – 1.
  • Enter the hotel.