Haunted Legends: The Undertaker: Chapter 7: A Look into the Lighthouse

Our Haunted Legends The Undertaker Walkthrough will help you survive the current infestation of the undead, as they roam the streets of this once quaint fishing village helping themselves to whatever or whoever gets in their way. With clear chapter-by-chapter instructions and detailed screenshots showing every hidden object scene and puzzle or mini-game you'll encounter, you'll have no trouble discovering the truth behind this mysterious curse.

Hidden Object 1

  • Collect the hammer and the ax.
  • Use the axe to chop the log and collect the firewood.
  • Collect the silver and the bottle.
  • Use the hammer and break the lantern; use the silver inside the lantern to get the fire silver.
  • Click the furnace open and insert the firewood.
  • Use the fire silver on the firewood.
  • Collect the hose and place it onto the broken hose.
  • Examine the bottles and place the bottle into the holder.
  • Collect the bottles in the pattern shown; add the drops as shown in the clue.
  • Collect the oil.


  • Zoom into the well.
  • Place the chain into the well and connect the chimney brush onto the chain.
  • Collect the jetton commandant.
  • Enter the door.


  • Zoom into the commandant.
  • Give the jetton commandant to him.
  • Collect the scroll from him.
  • Examine the safe; place the handle on it and click the handle.
  • Examine the hatch; use the oil on the hatch to trigger a puzzle.


  • Solve as shown above.
  • Go to the market.


  • Examine the table; sharpen the knife on the grinding stone.
  • Collect the sharpened knife.
  • Examine the net.
  • Collect the net on the left side by cutting it with the sharp knife.
  • Move forward.


  • Examine the stump; use the sharpened knife to cut the rope.
  • Examine the trap in the water and click it open.
  • Collect the note in the bottle and the handle under it.
  • Walk down one time.


  • Zoom into the table; place the net onto it.
  • Use the sharpened knife to cut the net and move the fish aside.
  • Collect the shell scale and the key.
  • Go to the dock.


  • Zoom into the lock on the boat’s side; insert the key and click it.
  • Collect the harpoon and the scoop.
  • Go to the commandant’s quarters and go through the window.
  • Click the hidden objects area.

Hidden Object 2

  • Click the furnace and collect the log.
  • Click the chest open and collect the knife.
  • Use the knife to cut the bellows.
  • Collect the spring.
  • Get the hook by using the rope in the hole.
  • Collect the flint.


  • Use the harpoon on the manhole cover.
  • Examine it.
  • Collect the fish scale and the handle.
  • Examine the mechanism and insert the gear wheel and the handle.
  • Lift the boat.
  • Examine the boat.
  • Use the board with the tar on the boat.
  • Use the scoop on the water in the boat.
  • Place the oar into the boat to go across.


  • Examine the ship.
  • Collect the rum, the note and the firewood.
  • Zoom into the fire pit; collect the boulder.
  • Place the firewood into the pit; use the flint on it.
  • Place the potassium chlorate crystal into the fire to scare away the wolves.
  • Zoom into the lighthouse; collect the broken shovel.
  • Move right.


  • Examine the wall.
  • Click the wall and collect the fresco part.
  • Put the broken shovel under the rails.
  • Use the boulder on the shovel.
  • Collect the lighthouse key.
  • Walk down one time.


  • Examine the lighthouse door.
  • Insert the lighthouse key into the lock.
  • Click the numbers 4 and 7 and click the handle.
  • Enter the lighthouse.


  • Examine the cage and click it open.
  • Collect the form.
  • Click the bar and collect the hook.
  • Click the hatch open and zoom into it.
  • Use the hook on the lever to open the stairs.
  • Move up the stairs.


  • Examine the telescope.
  • Remove the lens and collect it.
  • Zoom into the railings and collect the pin.
  • Use the flint on the candle and collect the wick.
  • Zoom into the crate.
  • Use the hammer to remove the nails.
  • Collect the tulip scale and the lever.
  • Walk down two times and move right.


  • Place the lever onto the switch and click the lever.
  • Collect the nugget.
  • Go to the lighthouse.