Haunted Legends: The Undertaker: Chapter 4: Welcome to the Fort

Our Haunted Legends The Undertaker Walkthrough will help you survive the current infestation of the undead, as they roam the streets of this once quaint fishing village helping themselves to whatever or whoever gets in their way. With clear chapter-by-chapter instructions and detailed screenshots showing every hidden object scene and puzzle or mini-game you'll encounter, you'll have no trouble discovering the truth behind this mysterious curse.

Hidden Object

  • Access the hidden objects area.

Hidden Object 2

  • Click the top hat and collect the card.
  • Click the ant next to the top hat and collect the acorn.
  • Click the bat in the top left; collect the clover.
  • Use the file on the rod; collect the wire.
  • Collect the trowel.

Rose Scale

  • Examine the pavement; collect the rose scale.
  • Pour the cement and use the trowel in the bucket.
  • Place the paving stones onto the wet cement.
  • Move forward.


  • Examine SG.
  • Collect the note.
  • Pour the watering can onto the seeds.
  • Collect the empty watering can.
  • Climb over the wall and go up the stairs.


  • Zoom into the cannon; collect the fuse.
  • Click the cannon’s lid.
  • Walk down two times.


  • Examine the cart; collect the sieve.
  • Click the chest open and collect the iron glove.
  • Zoom into the door; click the debris away and collect the sea dragon scale and tobacco.
  • Examine the guard’s hut; collect the awl.
  • Go up the tower and upstairs.

Iron Glove

  • Collect the barb wire using the iron glove.
  • Examine the sack and use the awl on it.
  • Collect the brass knuckles.
  • Walk down one time.


  • Examine the door on the right.
  • Insert the wire into the lock and enter the door.


  • Examine the man and use the tobacco on him.
  • Zoom into the gun rack and collect the crow scale.
  • Zoom into the window; collect the leaf.
  • Examine the lantern; crack the glass with the brass knuckles; collect the glass shard.
  • Collect the file with the handkerchief.
  • Walk down twice.


  • Examine the guard’s hut.
  • Collect the chain by using the file on the chain.
  • Walk down two times and move right.


  • Examine the door on the right side.