Haunted Legends: The Undertaker: Bonus Game

Our Haunted Legends The Undertaker Walkthrough will help you survive the current infestation of the undead, as they roam the streets of this once quaint fishing village helping themselves to whatever or whoever gets in their way. With clear chapter-by-chapter instructions and detailed screenshots showing every hidden object scene and puzzle or mini-game you'll encounter, you'll have no trouble discovering the truth behind this mysterious curse.

FIre Pit

  • Examine the fire pit; collect the fishing line.
  • Examine the boat; collect the fish whistle and the oar.
  • Zoom into the lighthouse door; collect the knife.
  • Go right.


  • Examine the mechanism; place the oar into the slot to trigger a puzzle.
  • Place the gears into the correct spots.
  • Place the gears as shown and click the crank.
  • Follow the cart.


  • Examine the cart.
  • Click the pickaxe 3 times and collect it.
  • Move forward.


  • Examine the door; collect the shovel.
  • Examine the mechanism to trigger a puzzle.

Pot Puzzle

  • Put 3 liters into the small vessel and 4 liters into a larger one.
  • Solve the puzzle using the following pattern:
  • C – A –C – D – C- A – C - D - D- B - C- D - C – A- C – D –C – A
  • Examine the basket and click it open.


  • Slice the ropes using the knife.
  • Collect the spider repellent and the meat pie.
  • Walk down one time.

Meat Pie

  • Give the rat the meat pie.
  • Click the door open and look through it.
  • Collect the note, the mirror and lighthouse key.
  • Go to the lighthouse door.

Pick Axe

  • Examine the lighthouse door; use the pickaxe on the door.
  • Collect the gear wheel.
  • Unblock the mud in front of the door using the shovel.
  • Insert the lighthouse key into the door lock, enter the door.


  • Examine the fallen cabinet; collect the carafe.
  • Zoom into the hole in the floor.
  • Use the fishing line to collect the rope.
  • Use the shovel in the hole.
  • Go upstairs.


  • Examine the railing; collect the brush.
  • Examine the lamp; collect the rod.
  • Pour the carafe onto the fire to access a hidden objects area.

Hidden Object Game

  • Find the listed items.
  • Collect the ember.


  • Examine the lantern; click it open.
  • Insert the ember and close it.
  • Place the mirror down.
  • Collect the shutter part.
  • Walk down once and enter the door.


  • Collect the wrench.
  • Walk down two times.


  • Examine the fire pit; use the brush on it.
  • Collect the crowbar.
  • Go to the mine pit.


  • Examine the tank.
  • Use the wrench to remove the nuts.
  • Collect the oxygen tank.
  • Examine the door; connect the rope to the right bar.
  • Examine the conveyor belt.
  • Collect the screwdriver and the puzzle part.
  • Place the gear wheel into the groove.
  • Click the lever.
  • Examine the door and collect the driving helmet.
  • Walk down one time.


  • Examine the drum; unscrew the screws using the screwdriver.
  • Collect the air hose.
  • Go to the lighthouse and go inside.

Diving Suit

  • Examine the diving suit; put the air hose, the oxygen tank and the diving helmet with it to trigger a puzzle.
  • Fix the suit as shown.
  • Use the wrench on the bolts.


  • Go underwater.
  • Use the fish whistle under the water.
  • Collect the bottle and the anchor.
  • Move forward, go left, forward and turn right and go forward once more.


  • Zoom into the hoist; collect the hook.
  • Zoom into the end of the rope; connect the anchor to the hook.
  • Walk down three times and go upstairs.


  • Use the crowbar on the boards and move into the area.
  • Use the shutter part on the mushroom.
  • Collect the poisonous mushroom.
  • Access the hidden objects area.

Hidden Object 2

  • Find the listed items.
  • Collect the boat.


  • Go underwater and move forward.
  • Zoom into the hoist and place the rod with it.


  • Examine the table; put the poisonous mushroom on the meat.
  • Collect the poisoned meat.
  • Collect the olive oil.
  • Examine the port hole; click the glass open and collect the dolphin.
  • Zoom into the hatch; insert the puzzle part to trigger a puzzle.

Hatch Puzzle

  • Solve as shown.
  • Go to the deck.


  • Zoom into the railing; collect the flint and the feather.
  • Walk down two times.


  • Examine the fish and give the poisoned meat to it.
  • Open the chest; collect the book and the horn.
  • Go to the deck.


  • Examine the cannon.
  • Use the hook on the lid.
  • Use the horn on the powder to get the horn with gunpowder.
  • Examine the door; use the horn with gunpowder on the lock.
  • Use the flint in the lock.
  • Go to the captain’s quarters.


  • Use the spider repellent on the scene.
  • Examine the books; place the books into the empty spaces to access a hidden objects area.

Hidden Object 4

  • Find the listed items.
  • Collect the dagger.
  • Walk down two times.


  • Examine the barrel; place the bottle down.
  • Use the dagger on the wine cork.
  • Collect the wine.
  • Go to the captain’s quarters.


  • Zoom into the railing; dissolve the coral using the wine.
  • Collect the rasp.
  • Access the hidden objects area.

Hidden Object 5

  • Find the listed items.
  • Collect the needle fish.
  • Walk down one time.


  • Examine the raft; use the rasp on the bars.
  • Click the cover and collect the corkscrew.
  • Go to the captain’s quarters.


  • Zoom into the desk; use the olive oil on the drawer.
  • Click the drawer open and use the corkscrew on the cork.
  • Collect the acid.
  • Zoom into the picture; use the acid on it.
  • Click the cover and move forward.


  • Zoom into the pictures; collect the whale.
  • Walk down one time.


  • Examine the cage and open it.
  • Get the ship by using the feather on the bird.
  • Examine the globe; pour the wine on it and open the globe.
  • Examine the interior of the globe.
  • Put the dolphin, boat, ship and the whale into the grooves to trigger a puzzle.

Globe Puzzle

  • Solve as shown above.
  • Collect the chain.
  • Enter the door.


  • Examine the mirror.
  • Use the chain on the mirror and collect the amulet.
  • Use the amulet on SG.
  • Collect the magic crystal.
  • Examine Mrs. Fisher and then into her belt.
  • Place down the magic crystal and the needle fish to trigger a puzzle.


  • Click the arrows as follows to solve this puzzle.
  • Up – right – down – right – down - right

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Haunted Legends: The Undertaker!