Hallowed Legends: Ship of Bones: Chapter Four: The Ice Monster

Depend on our Hallowed Legends Ship of Bones Walkthrough to guide your steps as you attempt to discover the secrets of the cursed village of Erlenbourg. But beware, every step you take is stalked by the woman in white who feeds off the souls of the living. Use our detailed instructions, custom screenshots, and puzzle solutions to reveal the truth behind this chilling mystery.

  • Go back to the museum entrance
  • Use the FUEL on the ice monster
  • Identify five more runes to recharge the book of fire – they are in town center, the backyard, the tree house, the cemetery entrance and the cemetery.


Rune 1

Rune 2

  • Go back to the museum entrance and use the book on the ice monster



  • Click on the spot where the monster was standing and use the RUBBER GLOVES to take the FUSE (3/3)
  • Go back to the garage
  • Click on the fuse box in the back and use the three FUSES to trigger a mini game


Fuse Game

  • The object is to reconnect the power by matching fuses with the same number by running wires through the empty squares.  Use the same number of empty squares as the number on the fuse but the final square (with the fuse) counts, so to connect to fuses with number 4 you would use 3 empty boxes.  Wires cannot cross so each empty box may only be used once.  Undo a connection by clicking on a fuse again to rewire.


Garage Switch

  • With power restored, place the RED BUTTON on the clicker to the right
  • Click the button to access the door on the left, open the door and go through to the junkyard


License Plate

  • Take the BOLT from the car on the right
  • Click on the five visible license plates and use the BLANK PASSWORD NOTE on each to collect the blue and red numbers
  • Go back to the souvenir shop


Numbers Game

  • Click on the cash register and place the NOTE WITH PASSWORD on top
  • The numbers correspond to rows across and vertical columns.  Red numbers represent rows and blue indicate columns.  Find where the blue number (column) and red number (row) intersect and click the box.  For example, to find a blue 4/red 5 go to the fourth column across and the fifth row down.
  • Get the TRUNK KEY
  • Go back to the junkyard



  • Click on the car on the left and open the trunk using the TRUNK KEY
  • Watch the cut scene
  • Go back to the garage


Mini-Game Start

  • Click on the pit under the car and open the mini game
  • Activate the game with the BOLT


Bolt Mini Game

  • Move the colored squares around until they match the order displayed on the top left.  All blocks along the black lines move when one is moved so it is tricky to get them in the right order.  The quickest solution using blocks as shown:
  • A A B A D D C C
  • Look under the hood of the car



  • Use the CONTAINER and fill it with FUEL
  • Put the FLAMETHROWER HANDLE on the device
  • Identify five more runs to relight the Book of Fire.  You will find them in the garage, junkyard, souvenir shop, the backyard and at the museum entrance


Rune 3


Rune 4

  • Once the book is lit, go back to the garage and use it to light the FLAMETHROWER


Ice Dog

  • Pick up the FLAMETRHROWER and use it to shoot the ice monster in front of the museum
  • Gain access to the museum



  • Click on the beam on the right and use the RAVEN to get a SAFE PART
  • Go up to the second floor room



  • Click on the writing desk
  • Take the COLORED CRYSTAL and read the note
  • Open the box and get the KNIGHT FIGURINE
  • Click on the window and find the ARCHIVE AMULET and TOKEN
  • Go back down to the museum hall


Archive amulet

  • Click on the door under the stairs and open it with the ARCHIVE AMULET
  • Find a Hidden Object Scene


HO Scene

  • Find all objects listed
  • Move the gray cloth on the left to reveal a gauntlet, a vase is under the red cloth in the center and find the other vase under the blue cloth on the right
  • Go back to the souvenir shop


Punch Card

  • Click on the device with the colored tokens on the right and use the red TOKEN to get a PUNCH CARD


Knight Figure

  • Go back to the museum and click on the audio guide on the left
  • Use the PUNCH CARD and watch a cut scene
  • Take another KNIGHT FIGURINE
  • Go back to the tree house
  • Click on the board game on the floor.
  • Begin the game by placing the KNIGHT FIGURINES on the board


Knight Game

  • The object is to move the knights to their matching color city.  When a knight is selected, the cities it can move to are lit up.  Click the destination city to move the knight.  If no destination cities are available you won’t be able to select the knight.  The quickest solution using the pieces as indicated:
    • A -> B
    • G -> A
    • E -> G
    • D -> E
    • C -> D
    • E -> C
    • B -> E
    • G -> B
    • E -> G
    • F -> E
  • Take the NAIL PULLER
  • Go back to the garage


Emerald Amulet

  • Click on the pit under the car
  • Use the NAIL PULLER to remove the board and take the EMERALD AMULET
  • Go back to the second floor room in the museum



  • Click on the writing desk and use the EMERALD AMULET to remove the ice on the left
  • Take the CHAPEL KEY