Hallowed Legends: Ship of Bones: Chapter Three: The Backyard

Depend on our Hallowed Legends Ship of Bones Walkthrough to guide your steps as you attempt to discover the secrets of the cursed village of Erlenbourg. But beware, every step you take is stalked by the woman in white who feeds off the souls of the living. Use our detailed instructions, custom screenshots, and puzzle solutions to reveal the truth behind this chilling mystery.


  • Click on the lawnmower and take the CHAPEL KEY
  • Go back to the cemetery



  • Click on the chapel door and place the CHAPEL KEY in the upper hole
  • Get the SWITCH
  • Go back to the souvenir shop



  • Click on the jukebox, put the SWITCH in the opening and click to play a recording
  • Watch the scene and get an OIL CAN
  • Go into to the backyard



  • Click on the shed door and use the OIL CAN on the padlock
  • Click to open and take the LOCK
  • Enter the shed



  • Find all object listed
  • Put the chicken on the egg to hatch a CHICK, click on the PAPER SWAN to make it fly down, move the cloth from the mirror to reveal the GHOST
  • Take the RAKE



  • Click on the skeleton in the backyard and give him the RAKE
  • Pick up the FAN from under the pile of leaves
  • Go back to the city square


Garage Door

  • Click on the garage doors and use the FAN to dissipate the fumes
  • Take the HAMMER
  • Go back to the backyard


Tree House Ladder

  • Click on the broken ladder on the tree trunk
  • Click on the board to straighten, use the NAIL and HAMMER to fix in place
  • Go up the ladder to the tree house



  • Click on the trunk lid and take the DRY BRUSH
  • Zoom in on the table and take the RUBBER GLOVES and RED BUTTON
  • Read the note on the table
  • Use the RAVEN to unlock the box on the table
  • Get the FILE
  • Use the map to jump back to the city gates and climb the scaffolding



  • Place the DRY BRUSH in the jar of solvent and take the CLEAN BRUSH
  • Go back to the cemetery



  • Click on the gravestone and use the FILE to remove the CHAIN
  • Go back to the souvenir shop



  • Click on the easel and put the clean brush on the painter’s palette
  • Take the PALETTE
  • Go into the backyard and climb the ladder to the tree house
  • Click on the telescope to look through and watch the cut scene
  • Look through the telescope at the city and note the colors of the banners on the towers from left to right (red, yellow, blue, purple)
  • Click on the trunk and place the PALETTE on the lid



  • Paint the locks in the same order as the banners (from left to right – red, yellow, blue, purple)
  • Open the trunk for a hidden object scene


Trunk HO

  • Find all hidden objects in the list
  • Place the wind-up key on the mouse, put the ice cream in the cone and put the lens in the sunglasses
  • Take the ROPE
  • Go back to the city square.



  • Click on the motorbike
  • Place the ROPE on the rear wheel rim and the MOTORBIKE KEY in the ignition
  • Click on the garage door and attach the rope
  • Go back to the motorbike and put the CHAIN on the front wheel
  • Secure it with the LOCK
  • Click on the key to start the engine and open the garage door
  • Go into the garage



  • Click on the shelf in the back and take the HOISTING JACK and WRENCH
  • Zoom in on the pit under the car and take the GAS CAN
  • Go back to the cemetery entrance


Cemetary Gate

  • Click on the fence and use the FILE to get the FENCE PIECE
  • Click on the red sign and use the WRENCH to remove the bolts
  • Use the RUBBER GLOVES to get the FUSE (1/3)
  • Go back to the souvenir shop
  • Click on the fallen cabinet next to the cash register



  • Use the HOISTING JACK to raise the cabinet
  • Go through the door to find a hidden object scene


Skeleton HOS

  • Find all objects in the list
  • Use the bat on the floor to the left to smash the glass jar and get the HOSE.  Move the skeleton by clicking on the glass heads to relocate the wig and the skeleton will follow.  Behind the skeleton assemble the bears to make a FAMILY OF BEARS, take the candle from the floor near the chair and place in the CANDELABRA.
  • Take the HOSE
  • Go back to the backyard



  • Click on the lawnmower and use the FENCE PIECE to stop the blades
  • Use the RUBBER GLOVES to remove the FUSE (2/3)
  • Place the GAS CAN next to the lawn mower and attach the HOSE
  • Take the FUEL