Hallowed Legends: Ship of Bones: Chapter One: The City

Depend on our Hallowed Legends Ship of Bones Walkthrough to guide your steps as you attempt to discover the secrets of the cursed village of Erlenbourg. But beware, every step you take is stalked by the woman in white who feeds off the souls of the living. Use our detailed instructions, custom screenshots, and puzzle solutions to reveal the truth behind this chilling mystery.

  • Click to talk to the Raven and hear the story of the curse.  When the Raven finishes he will go into Inventory.


  • Click on the plane door and to get the BOARD
  • Click on the water to the right of the plane
  • Click on the box to open and take the FISHHOOK
  • Use the BOARD as a bridge across the water
  • Cross the water to the city gates



  • Click on Henry to talk to him and take the KEY from his hand
  • Go back to the plane and use the KEY to open the bag hanging from the wing of the plane
  • Take the BANDAGE and the TORN PICTURE
  • Go back to the city gates and use the BANDAGE on Henry’s arm



  • Watch the cut scene
  • Click on the skeleton to talk to him and get more torn picture pieces
  • Zoom in on the pieces to reveal a jigsaw puzzle
  • Use the TORN PICTURE to begin the puzzle
  • Drag and drop pieces into place, they will click once they are aligned correctly
  • Get the HANDLE from the skeleton
  • Go back to the plane and use the HANDLE on the plane door



  • Click on the handle to open the plane door.



  • Find all the Hidden Objects listed
  • Click the red steam valve at the top to turn it off and access items in the cockpit
  • Assemble the working lighter from lighter fluid and lighter, click the banana to reveal banana peel, pick up the key to release the handcuffs



  • Use the POT to retrieve water and hang above the fire to get BOILING WATER
  • Go back to the city gates


Boiling Water

  • Use the BOILING WATER on the gates to melt the ice
  • Take the LADDER
  • Use the LADDER to access the scaffolding
  • Take the GLOVES and the SPRAY HEAD


Ships Wheel

  • Click on the lion statue to the left of the gate and use the GLOVES to remove the thorns.
  • Take the SHIP’S WHEEL
  • Click to the right of the gate to zoom in and use the SHIP’S WHEEL to raise the gate
  • Walk through the gate to the city square
  • Watch the cut scene and walk to the cemetery


Rope and Hook

  • Click on the lamppost to take the rope, and get a ROPE AND HOOK
  • Also take the WEED KILLER FORMULA from the lamppost
  • Zoom in on the nest and use the RAVEN to get the GREEN GEM
  • Walk back to the city square


Motorbike Key

  • Click on the drain and take the STONE
  • Use the ROPE AND HOOK to get the MOTORBIKE KEY
  • Click on the moped and use the MOTORBIKE KEY to open the trunk
  • Take the HYDRO-BOOSTER and the PILLS


Hydro Booster

  • Click on the red box by the garage
  • Place the HYDRO-BOOSTER to start the mini game
  • Click on each hydro-booster to change the water level until the levels in two neighboring containers equal the number shown between them.  Red lights will turn green when the proper water level is selected
  • Click on the box again to reveal a new Hidden Object Scene



  • Find all objects in the list – assemble the two halves of the butterfly, use the knife to make half an orange, put the cheese on the mousetrap and use the clock hands to make the bomb
  • Get a HEX KEY
  • Go to the museum entrance



  • Click on the camera and take the FILM
  • Use the HEX KEY to open the camera and take the ZIPPER PULL
  • Use the map to travel back to the plane and use the zipper to open the bag hanging on the wing
  • Take the COINS
  • Use the map to travel back to the museum entrance
  • Click on the skeleton sitting on the steps and give him the COINS and take the BOTTLE
  • Walk back to the city square


Weed Killer

  • Click on the drainpipe and barrel
  • Put the WEED KILLER FORMULA on the wall and place the PILLS, SPRAY HEAD and BOTTLE on the shelf
  • Use the PILLS in the barrel to make green water and fill the BOTTLE with the water then put the SPRAY HEAD on top to get WEED KILLER
  • Walk to the cemetery entrance
  • Click on the ivy on the gate and remove it with the WEED KILLER