Hallowed Legends: Ship of Bones: Chapter Two: The Cemetery

Depend on our Hallowed Legends Ship of Bones Walkthrough to guide your steps as you attempt to discover the secrets of the cursed village of Erlenbourg. But beware, every step you take is stalked by the woman in white who feeds off the souls of the living. Use our detailed instructions, custom screenshots, and puzzle solutions to reveal the truth behind this chilling mystery.

  • Go into the cemetery.



  • Open the bag next to the tree and take the AMULET and FLASHLIGHT
  • Click on the mausoleum and note the code 1438
  • Go back to the city square


Red Gem

  • Click on the shop window and use the STONE to break the glass
  • Take the RED GEM
  • Use the FLASHLIGHT to see in the window and get the RED SKULL
  • Go to the museum entrance


Stone Steps

  • Click on the stone steps and move the red cloth
  • Click on the numbers 1438 to open the hidden compartment and get the BLUE SKULL
  • Walk to the city gates


Green Skull

  • Click on the lion statue and use the AMULET to open the compartment
  • Get the GREEN SKULL
  • Go back to the cemetery



  • Click on the mausoleum.
  • Put the GREEN, RED and BLUE SKULLS in the holes – place them anywhere, they will automatically fall into place
  • Click on the mausoleum again


Spade HOS

  • Locate all of the hidden objects in the list
  • Put the spade handle on the blade, use the stone in front of the statue on the lid of the coffin to get the star and an axe
  • You receive a SPADE


Blue Gem

  • Talk to the skeleton in the cemetery and give him the SPADE
  • Take the BLUE GEM
  • Click on the statue by the tree for a mini game



  • Put the BLUE, RED and GREEN GEMS in the game to activate
  • The goal is to align three of the same color which will then disappear.  Use the up and down arrow keys to the left to rotate the game and move the gems.  Here is one possible solution:
    • DDDD -> U -> DD -> UDUD -> UUU -> DDD -> UUD -> UDD -> UD


Book of Fire

  • Click on the statue again to take the Book of Fire


Activate Book

  • To activate the book place the runes in their respective locations – cemetery, museum steps, plane, city gates and city square.  Place it over the matching location.  Once all runes are in place the book will be on fire
  • Go to the museum steps and use the book of fire to melt the ice.  Click on the door to go in and get sent back to city square for more runes



  • Once the book is lit, use it on the scene to melt the ice
  • Enter the Souvenir Shop and click on the register


Blank Password

  • Take the KEY and the BLANK PASSWORD NOTE
  • Go to the city square and click on the signpost



  • Place the KEY in the slot
  • Take the TRIANGLE
  • Go back into the shop and click the counter near the register
  • Use the TRIANGE to activate the puzzle


Hexagon Puzzle

  • Rotate the hexagons by clicking on them until they create the picture.  AA  CC  DD  BB  EE  CC  AA
  • Go to the cemetery entrance



  • Click on the mailbox and put the MAILBOX FLAG on it
  • Get the TOOLBOX KEY
  • Use the map to jump back to the city gates
  • Climb the ladder to go up the scaffolding


Toolbox Key

  • Open the toolbox with the TOOLBOX KEY
  • Take the SCREWDRIVER and the NAIL
  • Go back to the souvenir shop



  • Click on the back door
  • Remove the bar with the SCREWDRIVER
  • Remove the spring and go through the door