Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Gold Bug: Chapter Five: On the Pirate Ship

Our Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Gold Bug Walkthrough is the perfect detective's dossier on helping you locate the lost treasure of Captain Kidd and sooth LeGrand's biting obsession. In this Dark Tales Walkthrough, you'll find a treasure trove of vital information including custom screenshots, solutions to mini-games and puzzles, as well as detailed instructions to help you crack the code on this classic twist of the famed short story by Edgar Allan Poe.


  • Zoom into the rope and place the trap on it.
  • Click the rope to fasten it; collect the trap rope.
  • Zoom into the crevice; place the trap rope into it.
  • Click the rope to collect a ring handle.
  • Zoom into the hatch; place the ring handle onto it.
  • Move down the hatch.



  • Zoom into the trunk; open it.
  • Unbuckle the belt; collect the ring with symbols.
  • Collect the iron monkey.
  • Zoom into the skeleton; collect the feather.
  • Zoom into the right rear to access the hidden objects area.


Hidden Object Area 1

  • Find the pictured items.
  • Click the carpet.
  • Collect the lighter.
  • Light the bomb using the lighter; collect the fishing line.
  • Place the fishing line onto the pole; collect the rod.
  • Zoom into the hole in the floor; use the rod to collect the bottle.
  • Collect the tricorn.
  • Put the tricorn onto the pirate’s head; collect the shark.
  • Put the shark onto the box; collect the winch.
  • Put the winch onto the pulley; collect the rapier.
  • Place the rapier and the bottle onto the barrel; collect the full bottle.
  • Put the full bottle onto the scales.
  • Collect the spring.
  • Move back once.


Iron Monkey

  • Zoom into the door; insert the iron monkey to trigger a puzzle.
  • Turn all the rings green.
  • Solve by selecting the following rings:
  • A – D – C – B
  • Move into the captain’s quarters.



  • Give Arthur the feather.
  • Zoom into the desk.
  • Click open the tin and collect the cracker box.
  • Zoom into the game; insert the ring with symbols into the left slot and the spring by the key.
  • Click the key; collect the wings.
  • Move back and move down the hatch on the ship.



  • Give Arthur the cracker box.
  • Collect a cracker.
  • Zoom into the cannon.
  • Put the wings onto the dragon; collect the emerald.
  • Move back once and go into the captain’s quarters.



  • Zoom into the birdcage.
  • Give Polly the cracker; collect the ruby.
  • Zoom into the trunk two times.
  • Insert the ruby and the emerald into the lock to trigger a puzzle.



  • Move the astrology signs above their matching symbols.



  • Zoom into the chest; collect the parchment.
  • Move back 8 times; go into Le Grand’s office.



  • Give Le Grand the parchment.
  • Collect the antidote recipe.
  • Move back once.



  • Zoom into the table; collect the mug.
  • Move to the fisherman on the dock.



  • Give the fisherman the antidote recipe.
  • Move to the ship and go down the hatch into the hold.


Hidden Object Area 1

  • Zoom into the far right corner to access a hidden objects area.
  • Find the pictured objects.
  • Collect the knife.
  • Zoom into the hole; collect the mussel by using the knife.
  • Collect the hook.
  • Give the pirate the hook; collect the patch.
  • Place the path onto the crab; collect the anchor.
  • Collect the pump.
  • Zoom into the cracked wall; use the pump on the balloon.
  • Collect the crystal.
  • Give the octopus the mussel; collect the fish.
  • Use the crystal on the ship in the bottle; collect the ship.
  • Zoom into the grate locks.
  • Put the anchor, ship and the fish onto the matching locks.
  • Collect the oar.
  • Move back twice.



  • Zoom into the boat; place the oar into it.
  • Move forward.



  • Zoom into the sign; collect the fish amulet.
  • Zoom into the skeleton hand; collect the pirate ring.
  • Move back to the captain’s quarters.



  • Zoom into the cabinet.
  • Insert the fish amulet into the lock,
  • Zoom into the fishing line to trigger a puzzle.


Fishing Line Puzzle

  • Untangle the fishing line.
  • Collect the fishing line.
  • Back down twice.



  • Zoom into the dock.
  • Put the gait and fishing line onto the pole.
  • Click the pole to trigger a puzzle.



  • Create sets of three until the right only displays all zeros.
  • Collect the boot.
  • Back out once.



  • Give the fisherman the boot.
  • Collect the fish.
  • Move to LeGrand’s office.



  • Zoom into the fireplace; remove the pot lid.
  • Put the fish into the pot.
  • Use the mug on the potion; collect the hot antidote.
  • Give Arthur the hot antidote.
  • Collect the antidote and give it to Le Grande.
  • Collect a parchment.
  • Zoom into the desk.
  • Put the parchment onto it to trigger a puzzle.  


Match game

  • Match the pairs.
  • Collect the deciphered parchment.



  • Give Le Grande the deciphered parchment.
  • Collect the cane.
  • Move into the first floor of the lighthouse.