Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Gold Bug: Chapter One: The Pier

Our Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Gold Bug Walkthrough is the perfect detective's dossier on helping you locate the lost treasure of Captain Kidd and sooth LeGrand's biting obsession. In this Dark Tales Walkthrough, you'll find a treasure trove of vital information including custom screenshots, solutions to mini-games and puzzles, as well as detailed instructions to help you crack the code on this classic twist of the famed short story by Edgar Allan Poe.


  • Click the man on the boat to speak to him.
  • Click to speak to the masked man.
  • Collect the boathook.
  • Zoom into the hatch; collect the bag of millet.
  • Click the hatch; collect the red mechanical bug.
  • Zoom into the opening on the pier.



  • Hook the boat using the boathook.
  • Click the chest and zoom in.
  • Dust the sand using the brush.
  • Remove the cork from the glass container.
  • Click the objects on the top left.
  • Insert the tumbler in the middle slot.
  • Click the left arrow.
  • Click and drag the objects.
  • Attach the key parts together.
  • Collect the key; insert tit on the right lock and click the right arrow.
  • Click the paper to get the code: 6 – 8 – 4.
  • Use the code to open the middle lock.
  • Collect the sharp shell.



  • Zoom into the sack.
  • Cut the rope using the shell.
  • Collect the puppy and the yellow gecko.
  • Go back one scene and move forward



  • Zoom into the dog.
  • Give puppy to the dog.
  • Collect the green mechanical bug.
  • Zoom into the gate.
  • Insert the red and green mechanical bugs to trigger a puzzle.


Bug Puzzle

  • Move the bug to its color matched slot.
  • To solve follow this sequence:
  • Red:  right – up – left
  • Green:  up – left – down – left – up
  • Red:  right – up – right – down – right – up – right – up – left
  • Green:  left – down- left – up
  • Red:  right – up
  • Enter through the gate.



  • Zoom into the bird house; place the bag of millet onto it.
  • Collect the red gecko.
  • Zoom into the dog house.
  • Click the bowl; collect the green gecko.
  • Zoom into the drain pipe; click the leaf.
  • Collect the can opener.
  • Zoom into the front door.
  • Insert the green, red and yellow gecko into it to trigger a puzzle.


Gecko Puzzle

  • To solve the puzzle use the following sequence of gecko selection:
  • Red – Green – Pink
  • Click the middle door knocker.
  • Go inside the house.



  • Click Mr. Le Grand.
  • Zoom into the table; collect the pencil.
  • Open the jar lid using the can opener.
  • Collect the pliers.
  • Move through the door on the rear left.



  • Zoom into the window.
  • Collect the handkerchief.
  • Collect the bloody nail using the pliers.
  • Collect the ruler.
  • Zoom into the fireplace; collect the parchment.
  • Zoom into the roll top desk.
  • Use the ruler on the lid.
  • Zoom into the desk; put the parchment onto it to trigger a puzzle.


Parchment Puzzle

  • Find the matching pairs.
  • Collect the deciphered parchment.
  • Move back one scene.



  • Give Mr. Le Grand the deciphered parchment.
  • Pet the dog, Arthur.
  • Move through the door on the right.
  • Chapter-1-12-Gardener
  • Click the gardener.
  • Collect the barn door handle.
  • Click and drag the handkerchief to Arthur.
  • Zoom into the barn door; place the barn door handle onto it.
  • Click the handle.
  • Collect the insect gear 1/ 3.
  • Zoom into the gate; collect the rope.
  • Zoom into the broken ladder.
  • Place the boards onto the ladder.
  • Secure them using the rope.
  • Collect the repaired ladder.
  • Zoom into the gnome to access the hidden objects area.


Hidden Object Area 1

  • Find the pictured items.
  • Click the leaf; collect the wheel segment.
  • Zoom into the sand pile; collect the rake handle.
  • Click the leaf where the wheel segment was found.
  • Click the mushroom pile.
  • Zoom into the rake head; connect the rake handle onto it.
  • Collect the rake,
  • Zoom into the shovel handle.
  • Use the rake on the ivy; collect the spider and the valve.
  • Zoom into the web; put the spider onto it to trigger a puzzle.


Spider Puzzle

  • Move the spider so that it goes over each line one time.
  • Follow the pattern shown.
  • Collect the fly.



  • Give the frog the fly; collect the 2nd wheel segment.
  • Zoom into the spindle.
  • Insert the 2 wheel segments onto the broken wheel.
  • Zoom into the pipe; place the valve onto it.
  • Click the valve.
  • Collect the hammer handle.
  • Go into the barn.



  • Zoom into the workbench.
  • Put the hammer head onto the hammer handle; collect the hammer.
  • Zoom into the basket; collect the leather belt.
  • Zoom into the window shelf.
  • Place the leather belt onto the chisel handle; collect the chisel.
  • Zoom into the axe.
  • Collect the bloody pruner.
  • Put the chisel into the slit; use the hammer on it.
  • Collect the axe.
  • Leave this scene.



  • Put the ladder against the tree.
  • Zoom into the tree branch.
  • Put the pencil onto the branch; place the leaf onto the pencil
  • Chop the branch with the axe; collect the ship.
  • Zoom into the gnome to access a hidden objects area.


Hidden Object Area 2

  • Click the mushroom pile; collect the jug.
  • Zoom into the faucet; put the jug under it.
  • Click the valve and collect the jug with water.
  • Collect the shovel handle.
  • Zoom into the shovel head; attach the shovel handle.
  • Collect the handle.
  • Collect the flower.
  • Use the shovel to dig near the sign.
  • Insert the flower into the hole.
  • Water the flower using the jug of water.
  • Zoom into the frog to trigger a puzzle.


Frog Puzzle

  • Move the frogs around.
  • Use the following pattern to solve:
  • B – D – E – C – A - B- D –C
  • Collect the wave piece.
  • Zoom into the gate.



  • Zoom into the lock.
  • Insert the ship and wave piece to trigger a puzzle.
  • To solve the puzzle use the following sequence:
  • A: 2 x’s
  • B: 2 x’s
  • B: 1 x
  • C: 2 x’s
  • D: 2 x’s
  • Go through the gate.