Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Gold Bug: Chapter Four: A Look Into the Lighthouse

Our Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Gold Bug Walkthrough is the perfect detective's dossier on helping you locate the lost treasure of Captain Kidd and sooth LeGrand's biting obsession. In this Dark Tales Walkthrough, you'll find a treasure trove of vital information including custom screenshots, solutions to mini-games and puzzles, as well as detailed instructions to help you crack the code on this classic twist of the famed short story by Edgar Allan Poe.


  • Zoom into the camera; collect the crane instructions.
  • Zoom into the chest.
  • Insert the rusty heart into the lock; collect the pirate book and the lighthouse lens part 1/ 3.
  • Move back once.



  • Zoom into the crane.
  • Place the wheel and belt onto it to trigger a puzzle.



  • Move the crates using the arrows and the hook.
  • Solve as shown (A-D).
  • Move across the planks.


Pirate Book

  • Give the fisherman the pirate book.
  • A puzzle will trigger.
  • Move the packages to the color matched areas.
  • Collect the lighthouse door part 2/ 2.
  • Move back once and go up the left path to the lighthouse.


Lighthouse Door

  • Zoom into the lighthouse door.
  • Insert the 2 lighthouse door parts to trigger a puzzle.


Lighthouse Puzzle

  • Adjust the lighthouses to the color matched beams.
  • Solve as follows:
  • E: 2 x’s – B: up – A: up – C: down – D: down – F: 1x – G: 2x’s
  • Move forward into the lighthouse.



  • Click the trap; collect it.
  • Move upstairs.



  • Zoom into the rope; collect the drill.
  • Collect the thick cloth; zoom into the lens beneath it.
  • Zoom into the pedestal; collect the dirty glove.
  • Move back two times.



  • Zoom into the camera; put the thick cloth over it.
  • Click the thick cloth; collect the photo plate.
  • Move back one time.


Hidden Object Area 1

  • Zoom into the doorway to access a hidden objects area.
  • Find the listed items.
  • Click the cabinet; collect the steamship, pumpkin and dragon.
  • Use the drumstick on the drum.
  • Collect the klaxon.
  • Collect a chain.
  • Move into room 12 in the hotel.


Photo Plate

  • Zoom into the cabinet.
  • Put the photo plate into the developer.
  • Collect the lighthouse instructions.
  • Go to the crane; cross the plank to the fisherman.



  • Zoom into the barrel; use the drill on it.
  • Collect the lighthouse lens 2/ 3.
  • Zoom into the gate; place the chain onto it.
  • Click the handle.
  • Move forward through the gate.



  • Zoom into the cattails; click them and collect the bait.
  • Zoom into the boat; collect the lighthouse lens part 3/ 3.
  • Move back two times; go towards the lighthouse and move up stairs.



  • Zoom into the lens.
  • Put the lighthouse lens parts and the lighthouse instructions onto it to trigger a puzzle.
  • Create the lens to match the instructions.


Dirty Glove

  • Hand the dirty glove to Arthur.
  • Collect the oil can.
  • Move upstairs.



  • Zoom into the pedestal; use the oil can on the gears.
  • Click the handle.



  • Collect the machete.
  • Move back three times; move forward two times to the fishing pier.



  • Cut the bushes using the machete.
  • Move up the right path.