Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Gold Bug: Bonus Game

Our Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Gold Bug Walkthrough is the perfect detective's dossier on helping you locate the lost treasure of Captain Kidd and sooth LeGrand's biting obsession. In this Dark Tales Walkthrough, you'll find a treasure trove of vital information including custom screenshots, solutions to mini-games and puzzles, as well as detailed instructions to help you crack the code on this classic twist of the famed short story by Edgar Allan Poe.


  • Zoom into the table; click the teapot.
  • Collect the bowl of water; collect the letter opener.
  • Zoom into the chest of drawers; collect the copper wire.
  • Zoom into Le Grand’s office door
  • Open the latch using the letter opener.
  • Click the handle.
  • Move through the door.



  • Zoom into Le Grand; collect the coin.
  • Zoom into the window; collect the bunch of straw, the hook and the handkerchief.
  • Zoom into the desk.
  • Collect the apple half.
  • Move back one time.



  • Zoom into the table.
  • Place the kerchief onto the table.
  • Click and drag it to dip into the bowl.
  • Collect the wet kerchief.
  • Move back to Le Grand.



  • Zoom into Le Grand and use the wet kerchief on him.
  • Zoom into Le Grand again; collect the garden key.
  • Move back once.



  • Zoom into the door; insert the garden key and click the handle.
  • Move to the right out of the door.


Shed Door

  • Zoom into the shed door.
  • Collect the horseshoe.
  • Move back one time and into Le Grand’s office.



  • Zoom into the desk.
  • Place the horseshoe and the copper wire onto it.
  • Connect the copper wire and the horseshoe; collect the magnet.
  • Move to the shed.
  • Zoom into the shed; put the magnet onto the metal.
  • Go into the shed.



  • Collect the oven mitt.
  • Move to Le Grand’s office.



  • Zoom into the fireplace.
  • Put the oven mitt onto the poker; collect the fire hook.
  • Move back once.



  • Zoom into the mouse trap; use the fire hook to snap it.
  • Collect the cheese.
  • Zoom into the mouse; give him the cheese.
  • Collect the fire medallion.
  • Move to Le Grand’s office.



  • Zoom into the fireplace.
  • Place the fire medallion onto the cat statue.
  • Collect the match.
  • Move back and exit the house.
  • Go into the shed.



  • Zoom into the lantern.
  • Click it open.
  • Use the match to light it and close the door.
  • Collect the rope.
  • Zoom into the workbench.
  • Clear the wood shavings; collect the gem, crowbar and the glue.
  • Move back one time.



  • Zoom into the crate; use the crowbar on it.
  • Collect the gold foil and the wheel.
  • Move into the shed.



  • Zoom into the rafters.
  • Attach the rope, wheel and the hook onto the rope; click the hook.
  • Zoom into the hatch; connect the hook.
  • Move down into the hatch.



  • Zoom into the ledge and click the bricks.
  • Collect the spoon.
  • Zoom into the curtain; click it and collect the curtain.
  • Zoom into the painting; insert the gem and gold foil to trigger a puzzle.


Picture Puzzle

  • Insert the missing pieces to complete the picture.
  • Click the large gemstone when complete.



  • Zoom into the cannon to access a hidden objects area.


Hidden Object Area 1

  • Find the listed items.
  • Click the cloth to collect the core.
  • Light the torch with the matches to collect the fire.
  • Collect a bucket.
  • Move forward to the grotto.



  • Zoom into the winch; place the bucket near the rope.
  • Click the bucket and turn the handle.
  • Put the curtain into the bucket of water.
  • Collect the handle and the wet curtain.
  • Zoom into the totem head; collect the totem eyes.
  • Zoom into the fire; Place the wet curtains onto it.
  • Zoom into the ladder; notice we need a key.
  • Move back one time.


Cannon 2

  • Zoom into the cannon to access a hidden objects area.


Hidden Object Area 2

  • Find the listed items.
  • Use the chalk on the equation to collect the 8.
  • Use the shovel on the “X” to collect the shell.
  • Collect the 2nd apple half.
  • Move back two times.


Tree Trunk

  • Zoom into the top of the tree trunk.
  • Give the gnome the 2 apple halves.
  • Collect the key.
  • Move to the lower level of the shed and move forward to the grotto.



  • Zoom into the ladder; insert the key into the hatch.
  • Go into the cabin.


Desk 2

  • Zoom into the left side of the desk.
  • Click aside the 2 books and the envelope.
  • Open the envelope and collect the note.
  • Zoom into the rafters; collect the chisel.
  • Zoom into the totem top and insert the eyes to trigger a puzzle.


Wings Puzzle

  • Assort the wings from widest to narrowest.
  • To solve switch the wings in the following pattern:
  • J – I , I – H , H-G , G-F,  D-C,  C-B,  B-A,  I –H,  H-G,  G – B , J – E , E – D , D – C , E – D, J – I, I – H , J – I, J – E.
  • Collect the drawer handle.



  • Zoom into the desk drawers.
  • Put the glue and the drawer handle onto it.
  • Open the drawer; collect the roller lock and read the letter.
  • Move back four times.



  • Zoom into the gate; insert the roller lock to access a puzzle.



  • Move the roller through the maze by rotating the discs.
  • Go into the gate.



  • Zoom into the pumpkins.
  • Carve it using the letter opener and the spoon.
  • Collect the hollowed pumpkin.
  • Zoom into the clinic’s doorway.
  • Place the hollowed pumpkin near the barrel.
  • Use the chisel on the barrel; collect the solvent.
  • Move forward into the junk shop.



  • Zoom into the back counter.
  • Click aside the paper; collect the pliers.
  • Zoom into the armor; insert the coin into the slot.
  • Put the emblem on the left armor.
  • Collect the medallion.
  • Speak to the junk dealer.
  • Move back once.



  • Zoom into the gate.
  • Use the solvent and pliers on the lock.
  • Zoom into the gate again to access a hidden objects area.


Hidden Object Area 3

  • Find the listed items.
  • Use the wand on the hat; collect the rabbit.
  • Use the paper on the lamp to collect the ashes.
  • Collect the hippo gem.
  • Move forward.



  • Zoom into the back counter.
  • Put the hippo gem into the hippo; collect the hippo brooch.
  • Give the junk dealer the hippo brooch.
  • Move out the door on the right.



  • Zoom into the doorway; click the hay.
  • Collect the piece of iron.
  • Give Arthur the piece of iron.
  • Use the letter opener on the wet stone.
  • Collect the sharp knife.
  • Zoom into the wagon.
  • Cut the cover using the sharp knife to access a hidden objects area.


Hidden Object Area 4

  • Find the listed items.
  • Click the coffee grinder to get the coffee.
  • Use the nail puller to collect the nail.
  • Collect the broom.
  • Move forward.



  • Give Arthur your broom.
  • Cut the net using the sharp knife.
  • Collect the half rigging.
  • Move back three times.


Hidden Object Area 5

  • Zoom into the room on the left to access the hidden objects area.
  • Find the listed items.
  • Open the basket to collect the carrots.
  • Click the die until you roll a 4.
  • Collect the valve.
  • Go to the shipping dock.


Gang Plank

  • Zoom into the gangplank.
  • Place the valve and the handle on the winch, click the handle.
  • Move forward onto the boat.



  • Zoom into the tarp.
  • Place the half rigging onto the ropes.
  • Crank the rigging to pull the tarp.
  • Zoom into the ships wheel to trigger a puzzle.


Maze 2

  • Move the red button through the maze.
  • Solve the puzzle using the following sequence of arrows:
  • Right – up – right – up – left – down – left 3 times – down – right – down 3 times – right – down.
  • Collect the 2nd medallion.
  • Move back once.



  • Zoom into the gate.
  • Insert the 2 medallions into the lock to trigger a puzzle.
  • Move the levers to the suns.
  • Click the levers as follows:
  • A: down – right – down – left – down
  • B: 2 x’s right – left
  • Go upstairs into the post office.



  • Zoom into the drawer and open it.
  • Open the book and letter to get a clue.
  • Move back two times.


Hidden Object Area 6

  • Zoom into the wagon to access a hidden objects area.
  • Find the listed items.
  • Rip the patch to collect the “M”
  • Click the weather vane to collect the wing.
  • Collect the typewriter button.
  • Move back to the post office.


Type Button

  • Zoom into the desk.
  • Place the typewriter button onto the typewriter to trigger a puzzle.
  • Find the matching pieces;
  • Collect the post office box label.



  • Zoom into the mailboxes.
  • Place the post office box label onto the upper left box.
  • Collect Mike’s letter and Mike’s key.
  • Move back once and go onto the boat.


Mike Key

  • Zoom into the chest; insert Mike’s key into the lock.
  • Click the bottle and the book; collect the amulet.
  • Move back five times.



  • Give Arthur the bunch of straw.
  • Insert the amulet into the slot.
  • Give Mr. Le Grand Mike’s letter.
  • Move forward.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed: Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe’s The Gold Bug Collector’s Edition!