New Yankee in King Arthur's Court 2

Our New Yankee in King Arthur’s Court 2 Walkthrough will be your companion as you return to the time of kings, knights, and magic in this challenging time-management game. Finding yourself transported back to the time of Merlin is nothing compared to the task now before you: discovering the location of the legendary Fountain of Living Water. You must race through forty levels of increasingly difficult challenges in order to collect the gold necessary to advance. Our step-by-step instructions, custom edited screenshots, and video solutions for each and every level will aid you in your quest, so the only question is: Can you manage it?

Thank you for joining us at our New Yankee in King Arthur's Court 2 Walkthrough, where you’ll find all the information needed to help John, our hero from the first game, and his wife Mary, who has joined him, as they battle their way to the Fountain of Living Water. We have provided you with step-by-step instructions and video solutions to beat every level in record time. We hope you enjoy our New Yankee in King Arthur's Court 2 Walkthrough.


How to Play:

Workers:  No notification of how many workers you have; if they are in the goal you can figure out how many you have by subtracting

Food is collected from tomatoes or wheat and can be increased if you have a windmill by 10 if you have a mannaged windmill

Wood is collected by chopping down trees and can be increased if you have a sawmill by 10 or removing wood blocks, costing 50 food for 50 wood.

Gold is collected from gems and can be increased if you have a foundry by 10.

Tree--costs 10 food, receive 20 wood

Tomatoes/wheat patches--receive 20 food

Gold-costs 10 food, receive 20 gold

Mana--collected from the well in batches of 20 mana

Windmill 30 wood--takes a worker but will increase the food output to 30 plus an occasional basket

2 workers increase production by 20 (doubling it)


Achievements--These are not in order of appearance on the list

  1. Repair the Living Water Spring (part of game)
  2. Destroy the ice castle of Napoleon (game)
  3. Destroy the Advisor's Tower with your first shot
  4. Allow enemies to capture your workers 5 times
  5. Allow 5 workers to fall in love with the succubus at once
  6. Dig out the abandoned altar on any levels (?game)
  7. Remove at least 6 stone blocks on level 4
  8. Do not use the bell on level 5
  9. Freeze 4 workers at the same time on level 5
  10. Drive away 25 skeletons on level 8
  11. Complete level 9 not using the Windmill
  12. Do not allow a missile hit a worker on level 10
  13. Do not get hit by a single tower shot on level 17
  14. Collect all gold on level 20
  15. Cut down all trees on level 22
  16. Use less than a minute to find all workers on level 22
  17. Gather 200 tomatoes on level 24
  18. Do not use wells on level 25
  19. Use the sword to drive away 15 witches on level 26
  20. Let goblins cut 5 trees on level 27
  21. Do not use watchtowers on level 27
  22. Clear all wood blocks on level 30
  23. Complete level 31 not using the Acceleration altar
  24. Gather 300 units of mana on level 32
  25. Gather 300 units of bread on level 34
  26. Do not start more than 2 fires at once on level 36
  27. At one stroke, kill 3 succubae on level 38
  28. Complete all levels with gold trophies
  29. Complete all levels with gold and silver trophies.
  30. Complete all levels